Schools in Ghana: Best in 2020

Schools in Ghana: Best in 2020

The Deputy Minister, who is in charge of the General Education, came up with the best possible methods to rank the best schools in Ghana. The main reason for the government to classify schools was to ensure that the headmasters in the particular schools work efficiently. This also would set a competitive environment in the entire education sector in the country.

20 best schools in Ghana 2018

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Best secondary schools in Ghana

Prempeh College (Kumasi)

Prempeh College won the national Science and Maths Quiz in 2015 and 2017. In 2016 the famous school became the first school in Africa to gain world Robotics competition commonly known as the Robosfest. Over the years Prempeh has appeared in news having won other robotics awards. In 2016 they represented Ghana, in the world Robotics competition that was held in New Delhi India.

The former president, John Kufuor(Ghana) KweisAhwoi Former Prime Minister, FlitzBaffour, a television producer and media consultant and also the managing director of Tropical Vision Storm, Maxwell Kofi Jumah, Former Mayor of Kumasi, to mention but a few are the notable alumni of the school.

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In sport Prempeh has also curved its niche as one of the best schools in Ghana. They are known for their continuous victory in ball games and athletics.

Prempeh College boys’ school is located in Kumasi the Capital City. Its name comes from the then king of Ashanti (Asantehene) Sir Osei Tutu AgyemanPrempeh II. He gave out the land where the schools stand as a donation. It was started in 1949 by the community ruled by the king.

Holy Child School

The girls’ school also known as Angel hill/Monks is renowned for its consistent output in academics. The school’s motto is, Facta Non Verba, meaning, actions not words. It has its praises across Africa being amongst the top ten in overall female production. It was ranked in 2003.

Chronically, it was established in 1946 by the Roman Catholic Church to provide education to the Catholics in the locality. Holy Child was created a few years after the establishment of Mfantsim School In 1876

Prempeh College courses, houses, alumni, address

St. Peter’s Boys Senior High School (Nkwatia)

St Peters boys’ school is outstanding in performances in sports, academics, and various competitions. In years 2000 and 2005, the school won the National Mathematics and Science Quiz (NMSQ). It produced a team that won the brought not only the trophy home but also mapped the Eastern Region of Ghana as the first to take the NMSQ in the area.

In sports, St Peters has produced many icons in the country particularly the priceless basketball players that are in the Kwahu zone. The school has an excellent football pitch, tennis courts, hockey pitch, an athletics oval basketball and volleyball pitch. Many students have represented the region in Super Zonal Sports festivals

Among its pronounced alumni: Ken Attafuah the renowned head of National Identification Authority and a criminologist, Osseo KweiMensah Bens who has been a majority leader in the parliament of the new Patriotic party had the grace of studying at St. Peters Boys High School.

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The school was started in 1956 after the land was donated to its founders, Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) by the settlers of Nkwatia.

20 best schools in Ghana 2018

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Accra Academy

In the recent years, Accra Academy has over and over, taken its place in the top ten list in the academic performance. Statistics show that up to 60% of its students make it to the tertiary level education. Additionally, it has had an input of close to 50%of the total University population in Ghana.

Commonly known as Aca Old Boys, the Alumni of Accra academy are notable. Chief justices, Fred Kwasi Apaloo, Edward Kwame Wiredu and Samuel Azu Crabbe, studied in Accra Academy. Daniel Francis Annan, Edward Doe Adjaho, Peter Ala Adjetey, all speakers of the parliament are Old boys.

The head of state Gen Joseph Arthur Ankrah also went through the school. The list is long, with attorney generals, ministers of state, prominent people all from Accra Academy. This credits it amongst the best secondary schools in Ghana.

10 top private senior high schools in Accra

Opoku Ware School

Opoku Ware, also known as OWASS, is known for its splendid performance in academia and other noncurricular activities.

Prof Kwame Ahwoi, who was a former NDC minister of State, is a former student of OWASS. Others include Okyerema Asante, Ohene Karikari a national athlete and Africa, number one sprinter during his time, Pro Christian Nsiah, an Olympic Athlete and Business Economics professor at Black Hills State University. Jacob Osei Yeboah who vied for the presidency in 2012 elections as an independent candidate and many more are all its alumni.

St Augustine’s College

It is the most prominent senior high school in the whole of Ghana. In the recent years, the school has produced many influential people in the society. Lieutenant, General Arnold Quainoo who served in the armed forces, Professor Kwesi Botchwey who served the most extended period as a minister for finance went through the school. Proffesor Clifford Nii Boi Tagoe who was once a Chancellor in the University of Ghana is an alumnus of St Augustine, To name but a few.

Bishop Herman College contact details

The highly structured institution is located in Cape Coast. Presently, the school has drawn the attention of the world due to being an academic giant.

20 best schools in Ghana 2018

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Mfantspim School

This school was founded by Methodist and is situated in Cape Coast Ghana. It is the one amongst the first schools to be established in Ghana. The school was founded on 3rd April 1876 with James picot as its first principal. In 1896 its name was changed to Mfsantspim School has produced icons, in the country and the entire globe. Kofi Annan, former prime minister, Mohamed Ibn Chambas, former president of the Ecowas commission, the then vice-president Amissah Arthur, Nobel prize winner, also a former Secretary-General, United nations Kofi Abrefa to mention but a few are all Alumni of this prestigious institution.

Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School

PRESEC has a long list of performance record in the recent decades. They rarely lost a competition. They have worn an award in, VRA 50th anniversary inter schools Debate Competition in 2011. Two students from the school represented Ghana in the international Junior Science Olympia and brought home a bronze medal in the year 2010

Best private senior high schools in Ghana

PRESEC participated and won the Sprite Ball Inter-Schools Basketball Championship after winning with a 10-8 against the defending champions during the tough finals.

Students from PRESEC brought home a trophy after winning the National Science Math Quiz for the 4th time consecutively in 2008. The school has stood out as an unvarying competitor in academics, sports, and the creative world. This ranks it among the best schools in Ghana.

Wesley Girls High school

Wesley Girls’ High school is the place to be. It is apparently the best school in Ghana. Having started with 25 girls, in 1836 Wesley girls high school has come out as a remarkable performer institution. The profile of the school has changed interestingly in the contemporary years ranking it the top in the country. This is due to its news and Internet visibility, alumni activities and their strength, student’s performance and their competitive nature, and the quality education offered in

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Some of the big names that went through the school include Ama Ata Aido, a former Minister of Education, and an award-winning author. The first female pilot in Africa Melody Millicent Danquah. Judge and the very first Female director, International Labor Organization, United Nations Mary Chinery-Hesse, The first ever female, Peace Ayisi Otchere, CEO of The multinational telecommunication company in Ghana as the first woman, Lucy Quist the first female Secretary to the Cabinet Mercy Yvonne, and Debrah-Karikari all studied at Wesley High school.

20 best schools in Ghana 2018

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Keter Senior High Technical School (KETA)

In 2011 KETA won the national Constitutional Game competition. In 2014, Ketasco won the Montreal protocol National quiz competition that had been organized at Olar Senior Secondary School. Ketasco has won the Volta Regional Championship in the Constitution Game for four times.

Academically the famous school has been ranked amongst the top performing schools in Ghana over and over in the recent years. This credits it the honor of being number 9 amongst the best schools in Ghana.

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Best primary schools in Ghana

Here are the top primary schools in Ghana;

Joy Standard Junior High school

The school, junior as it is has produced numerous students who have even proceeded to the tertiary levels. Most of the alumni from this school got posted in the best schools in the country, and this is what has earned it a reputation as one of the best junior high schools in Ghana.

Seven Great Princes Academy

It was founded by seven devoted teachers led by Raphael A brown. The aim is to provide quality preparation for students to join High School.

Advent Reform Institute

It is famous for its outstanding excellence in academics. The pupils who go to the school have shown brilliant performance in the tertiary schools they join.

Great Victory Academy

Three hundred and twelve students have auspiciously made it to the tertiary levels with a distinction in the school. The school is commonly known for the provision of quality education. It is entirely registered and accredited by the Ministry of Education

Adisadel College Houses

St Peters International High School

The productive institution admits children of the age 12-14.They offer Integrated science, Building and design technology and ICT English Mathematics as compulsory subjects. At the end of three years, a student is supposed to take a national exam, organized by the West Africa Exams Council (WAEC) or the Basic Education Certificate Examination B.E.C.E. This bridges the students to senior high school.

20 best schools in Ghana 2018

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Accra Grammar School (AGS).

Accra International School is also known as premier international school. It admits students from across the world, from the age of 2-18. It was established in 2007 and has been at the forefront in offering quality education.

Grace Preparatory School.

The school is located in Mataheko, Kanashie Accra. The junior institution has produced students who preceded to the senior's schools both in the country and even beyond. The pupils from the institutions go on to top in the prestigious schools they join.

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Takoradi International School

The outstanding junior school was set up in 1998. Since then it has paved a way towards success in the contemporary academically competitive country. It offers quality education for kindergarten to 11 years of age. What makes it rank amongst the best 10 schools in Ghana, is the handiwork by the tutors in the school.

Vicande School

A couple Victoria and Andrews founded the school. Vicande is named after them. Its capacity is above 1000 students. It admits pupils 12-15 years, 6-12, and 3-5 years all in distinct levels. It appears in the list of the best primary schools in Ghana severally.

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20 best schools in Ghana 2018

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The Morning Star Junior School

Morning star began dimly with seven students who had joined the preschool and had in over the years, shined all over Ghana. It offers refined education to kids in kindergarten to- 9th grade. It is one of the best cycle schools in Ghana today.

Top ten best schools in Ghana

Entirely, Ghana has been an actively academically competitive Nation. The events to keep the students on toes in performance have also played a role in helping determine the best schools in Ghana.

In sports, there are schools that are unbeaten. In Academics, there are those that always top. In Creativity, there are those that have a stream of it. But there are those that are good in everything. Teachers, parents, and students work tirelessly to ensure that the schools retain their position in the niches they have created for themselves.

British International School

The school has raised attention from all the country, and over the years due to the consistent, refined and quality education they give. They are aimed at providing unique pure education to all its clients.

Wesley Girls High school.

This premier Girls’ School was pronounced as the School of the last Decade by Interpol GH. Since 2005 Wesley Girls’ has been in top-3 countrywide and produced the six the top students in WASSCE. While other schools appear in the top and disappear, Wesley Girls High School has maintained her glory over the years and proved itself over and over again.

20 best schools in Ghana 2018

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St. Augustine’s College (Cape Coast)

This institution has produced some influential people in Ghana and has continued to make the students discover much from themselves. It has drawn media attention having beaten other schools in all areas. The Managers and teachers of the school believe that the sky is the highest limit.

Presbyterian Secondary Boarding School

Presbyterian Boys Secondary school is a beehive of excellent outputs and diverse graduates. The School has brought up talents, in science, construction, Arts, leadership sports and many other disciplines since its establishments in 1938. Reverend Timothy Nicholas Clerk, the founder missionary would take pride in his idea if he was alive today. Did he know the school would come to be known as best SHS schools in Ghana?

Bishop Herman College

It was named after Augustine Herman, a Bishop in Keta Diocese. Among the schools Bishop Herman planted, BIHECO is the best has proved itself over the years. The school is known for its outstanding performance in both academics and production of disciplined students.

Kumasi Anglican Secondary School (KASS)

KASS offers not only a broad range of curriculum but also a managed extracurricular activity that has seen the school to its favorite position today. Consistently the school has produced notable citizens, in leadership, arts, and science and social developments. If there is a school an institution ought to benchmark is KASS. It has all you would wish to find in an elite school.

20 best schools in Ghana 2018

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St. James Seminary and Secondary School

St James has been named as the best science school during the best teacher’s award and also named as the best school in Ghana.

It has been at the frontline in other areas too.

T.I Ahmadiyya School- (Amass, Kumasi)

Apart from being in all Ashanti Schools Soccer Competitions, the school has also produce VIP people like Abdul Wahab Adam, national president in the Ahmadiyya Mission, in Ghana. Diana Yankey, a holder of a gold medal in years 1989 and 1990 in the Athletics African Championships.

Sos-Herman Gmeiner International College (HGCIC)

This renowned international school stands in Terma Ghana. Its systems backbone is the Pan African philosophy aimed at mentoring young talented students who go on to top the tertiary schools they join across the globe.

Recently it has sent graduates to the University of British Columbia, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Cape Town and the University of Edinburgh.

ST Thomas Aquinas

St Aquinas has topped in both curricular and Co-curricular events in entire West Africa, for an unusual amount of years. It also has a rich chronicle of performance. It was the best s.h.s in Ghana in 1974, 1973 and 1972 respectively in advanced level Certificate Examination. In the year 2013, St Thomas fought her way to being the first maiden edition, for the Science and Technology.

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