Who is Yemi Alade? Her story and top trending songs

Who is Yemi Alade? Her story and top trending songs

Yemi Alade whose full name is Yemi Eberechi Alade is a famous Nigerian songwriter and Afro-pop singer. Yemi Alade is famous for her amazing music hits but most people became aware of her when she won the Peak Talent show in the year 2009. For her fans Yemi is also a style icon . This post will give you detailed information about the famous Afro-pop singer.

yemi alade

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Yemi Alade –Profile

yemi alade age

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  • Born: 13th March 1989 in Abia State, Nigeria.
  • Age: 29 years As on 2018
  • Origin: Nigeria
  • Marital status: single
  • Occupation: Singer
  • Famous for: Her hit songs including “ Johnny”
  • Net worth: No reliable information was found on any of the public sites regarding Yemi Alade net worth. Though the Afro-pop star is very popular in Nigeria so we can assume that she earns millions.
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/KingYemiAlade
  • Twitter: twitter.com/yemialade
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/yemialade

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Yemi Alade biography

yemi alade biography


Yemi Alade, the Nigerian Afro-Pop singer was born on 13th March 1989 at Abia State, Nigeria. Yemi Alade age as of now is 29 years. Yemi was born to James Alade and Helen Uzoma. Her father James Alade is of Yoruba origin and her mother from lgbo origin and thus makes Yemi Alade a “lgbo-yoruba girl”. Out of the seven children of James and Helen, Yemi Alade is their fifth child.

Yemi Alade education

The education life of Yemi Alade started at St Saviour British Primary School where she obtained her primary education. The singer then went to victory Grammar School which was situated in Lagos. Yemi then went to the University of Lagos and obtained a degree in geography.

Yemi Alade family

Yemi is not married yet and thus her family revolves around her father and mother. Yemi father name is James Alade and her mother is Helen Uzoma.

Yemi Alade awards

The following are awards which Yemi Alade was nominated for and also some which she has won:

1. MTV Africa Music Award for best Female 2016 and 2015 (winner)

2. The Future Awards Africa Nigeria Prize for Music 2016 ( winner)

3. City People Music Award for Best Collabo of the Year 2015 (nominated)

4. The Headies Award for Hip Hop World Revelation of the Year 2015 (winner)

5. Nigeria Entertainment Award for Female Artist of the Year 2015 (winner)

6. The Headies Award for Best Performer 2018 ( winner)

7. Independent Music Award for best album- World Beat 2016 ( winner)

8. Late Ambassador Segun Olusola NBMA for Artiste of the Year- Female 2016 (winner)

Yemi Alade career

Yemi Eberechi Alade started her musical career and made the first debut with a group of all girls called as Noty Spices in the year 2005. The songwriter and singer caught Nigerians' eye after she won the Peak Talent Show in the year 2009. After becoming popular in her musical career she released her first single song “Fimisile”. Yemi Alade signed with Effyzzie Music Group in the year 2012 and released her song “Ghen Ghen Love”. Yemi Alade in July 2013 released her romantic afro song “Bamboo” which hit the world of music in a moderate way but became a popular wedding song. Towards the end of 2013, Yemi Alade broke all her records when her song “Johnny” hit the internet. The song “Johnny” not only got popularity in Nigeria, but it became a international hit. Jonny dominated the music list of Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Liberia, South Africa, Uganda, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe and other countries also. Yemi has been featured in many magazine cover pages and does stage performances around the globe. She has sung many songs with many other singers such as Shina Peters, Mary J Blige, Becca, Wizkid, May D, Yemi Sax and Waje. In March 2014 Yemi Alade teamed up with Clarence Peter, the award-winning cinematographer to give a good and justified video to her world-famous song Johnny. The song has over 88 million views. Yemi has given the world many hits and her fans can expect more from her.

Yemi Alade songs

yemi alade songs

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Some of the selected singles from Yemi Alade music are listed below. Check these out:

  1. "Ghen Ghen Love" released in 2013
  2. "Fimisile" released in 2009
  3. "Johnny" released in October 2013
  4. "Na Gode" released in July 2015
  5. "Classic Girl Freestyle" released in 2015
  6. "Koffi Anan" (Freestyle) released in January 2016
  7. "Kom Kom (ft. Flavour)" released in May 2016
  8. "Africa (ft. Sauti Sol)" released in July 2016
  9. "Want You" released in July 2016
  10. Tumbum" released in November 2016
  11. “Get Through This (ft. Mi Casa)" released in 2017
  12. “Knack Am" released in 2017
  13. “Single and Searching” released in November 2017

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Yemi Alade albums

yemi alade albums

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Below is the list of the popular music albums done by Yemi Alade for the people of Nigeria or it will be more appropriate if we say for the worldwide population.

  1. King of Queens which was released in 2014 was the debut studio album of the singer Yemi Alade, produced by the Effyzzie Music Group on 2nd October 2014.
  2. Mama Africa was released on 25th March 2016 with the meaning of The Diary of an African Woman which is the second album of the Nigerian songwriter and singer Yemi Alade.
  3. Black Magic was the recent album of Yemi Alade which was released on November 2017.

Yemi Alade music videos

yemi alade music videos

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Some of the music videos of Yemi Alade are shared below:

1. Johnny – album (King of Queens )– released in 2014

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2. Bum Bum - album (King of Queens )– released in 2017

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3. Tumbum - album (Mama Africa)– released in 2016

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4. Na Gode is Yemi Alade gospel song - album (Mama Africa)– released in 2016

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5. Africa - album (Mama Africa)– released in 2016

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6. Kom Kom - album (Mama Africa)– released in 2016

7. Ferrari- album (Mama Africa)– released in 2016

8. Nakupenda- album (Mama Africa)– released in 2016

9. Kissing - album (King of Queens)– released in 2014

10. Marry Me - album (Mama Africa)– released in 2016

11. Koffi Anan - album (Mama Africa)– released in 2016

12. Sugar n Spice - album (Mama Africa)– released in 2016

13. Single & Searching - album (Black Magic)– released in 2017

14. Charliee - album (Mama Afrique EP)– released in 2017

15. Pose - album (King of Queens)– released in 2014

16. Taking over me - album (King of Queens)– released in 2014

17. Knack Am - album (black Magic )– released in 2017

18. Go Down- album (Black Magic )– released in 2017

19. Get Through This - released in 2016

20. Heart Robber - album (Black Magic )– released in 2017

21. Temperature- album (King of Queens)– released in 2014

22. Gucci Ferragamo- album (Mama Afrique EP)– released in 2017

23. On top of the world – Yemi Alade 2018 new release song

24. Do as I do - album (Mama Africa)– released in 2016

25. Duro Timi- album (King of Queens)– released in 2014

26. Tangerine- album (King of Queens)– released in 2014

27. Mama- album (Mama Africa)– released in 2016

28. Conquer - released in 2016

29. Kelele- album (Mama Africa)– released in 2016

Yemi Alade hair styles

Yemi Alade is not only famous for her songs but she has never failed to be a fashion icon for the young generation with her hairstyles. Though the Nigerian singer Yemi Alade’s favorite hairstyle are Bantu and Mohawk knots, she never stops experimenting with new hairstyles. Check out some of her best hairstyles you would surely love to copy.

1. Mohawk knot with hair extensions- In this hairstyle the middle of the hair remains longer than the side hair. The side hair is either pinned down or often shaven to draw more attention towards the middle hair. Yemi is currently going with this hairstyle and she is looking awesome in this style. See the photos of Yemi with Mohawk hairstyle.

yemi alade hair styles

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2. Afro Mohawk- Another way of doing Mohawk. In this hairstyle, the weave is generally used to from more of the curly hair texture (afro) . We have seen this hairstyle in her album Mama Africa and definitely, she rocks in the video with her hairstyle. You can also find her in this hairstyle in her Ferrari Music Video.

yemi alade 2018

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3. Bantu knots- This type of knots are made by twisting hair around the straight braids or twists. Anyone can make Bantu knots as it is very easy to make and good to style with and Yemi loves this hairstyle a lot. She styles Bantu knots with both her natural hair and also with extensions.

yemi alade hair styles

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4. Head wraps or headgear- This is also a Yemi’s hairstyle. Though this hairstyle is not one of her regulars she looks stunning and gorgeous.

yemi alade biography

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5. Twists or braids: One of the most popular hairstyles for the Nigerian people is the twist and braids with extension hair. So you can understand why Yemi would choose it. This hairstyle can be taken as the third favorite hairstyle of the Nigerian singer Yemi Alade. For sure Yemi loves to play with the different colors of braids.

yemi alade hair styles

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6. The Bob: We have seen the Afro- Pop singer in this hairstyle just a few times. You can get this hairstyle with the fringe and leave the rest of your hair in the same length. The perfect look in this hairstyle is when the hair stops just at the jawline and the hair fringe stays above the eyebrows.

yemi alade songs

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7. Braided Mohawk- In the given photographs you can see that Yemi has shown different variation of Mohawks. In this type of Mohawk, the braid sides are flattened and the middle portion draws the main attention.

yemi alade hair styles

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