List of radio stations in Kumasi

List of radio stations in Kumasi

With the rise in technology, many people have resulted in spending most of their time on their television and computers. However, listening to radio remains one of the most engrossing things you can do during your free time. Some studies have even shown that listening to radio gives us more pleasure than using your computer or watching TV all day. The radio is more inclined to our day to day lifestyle and this is why most people tend to be happier when listening to the radio than when watching TV. In this post, we take a look at some radio stations in Kumasi and their locations. By reading this article you’ll know more about your favorite radio stations in Ghana and their owners. So let’s get started by looking at the radio stations in Kumasi.

List of radio stations in Kumasi

Radio stations in Kumasi

Kumasi is the home of many local radio stations. There are actually over 40 radio stations operating in the Ashanti region. This plus all the Ghana radio stations in Accra, Sekondi-Takoradi, Cape coast , Tema and other cities makes a total of about 481 Fm radio stations.

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Here are some of the most popular radio stations in Kumasi:

1. Nhyira FM - 104.4 MHz

Nhyira FM is a private radio station located in Kumasi. The station is owned by Multimedia Group Limited. Multimedia Group has other brands such as Joy FM (a radio station in accra), Adom FM, Asempa FM, Hitz FM and Luv FM. The radio station was formally called Invisible FM which later changed to Nhyira FM when it was acquired by Multimedia Group Limited. The name Nhyira FM means blessing from the Akan language. The station uses Akan language for communication.

Nhyira FM programmes are a mix of sports, music, entertainment and news. Nhyira FM is known for its best sport show which is hosted by Bright Kankam Boadu also known as BKB. He has won major awards such as Ghana’s Best Sport Show Host in 2014. Bright Kankam Boadu a favorite speaker who attracts many listeners.

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You can listen to Nhyira FM online. At my Joy online you’ll have the ability to choose from a wide of radio stations to listen to such as Luv FM and TV stations in Kumasi such as Adom TV to watch.

2. Kessben FM - 93.3 MHz

Radio stations in Kumasi
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Kessben Radio Station is favorite radio station to many. The Kessben radio is a member of Kessben group of companies. Kessben started its journey back in 2004, making it among first radio station in Kumasi.

The radio station has programmes which provides information in talks, news and entertainment to its listeners. Its programmes caters for all ages and classes of people in Kumasi. Kessben has a huge number of listeners – the radio station is able to attract an audience of over 1 million listeners.

Kessben FM has one of the best gospel shows. Starting with Aseda Mmre in the morning, which refreshes the souls of many Christians then MOGPA an intercession program. These two programs keep the listeners connected to God by renewing their faith. For more information about Kessben FM you can visit the official website.

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3. Luv FM - 99.5 MHz

Luv FM is one of the English speaking radio stations in Kumasi . It is one of the few popular English speaking stations in Kumasi.

Luv FM is a private radio station that is owned by the Media group company limited. It provides the latest Ghanaian news and breaking news, interesting talks and the best mix of songs. Luv has proved itself among the best English stations, in 2017 Geopoll ranked it in the 9th position as the station with most listeners in the region.

4. Metro FM - 94.1MHz

List of radio stations in Kumasi

Metro FM is a private radio station established in 2012. The Metro radio station was established by Mr. Deen Samson. . The main languages used in are Twi and English. Metro FM is most loved due to the cool rnb and hip hop songs that are played. The following are some of the popular programmes at Metro FM:

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  • A & M Sports
  • Morning Mix
  • Aye Hu
  • Live Worship
  • Metro Drive
  • Music Interlude
  • Preaching

You can listen Metro FM for the best mix-tapes news and entertainment

5. OTEC FM - 102.9MHz

Otec FM is a private radio station in Ghana. The radio station is owned by Oppong Twumasi Electronic company limited. Oppong Twumasi Elctronic company also operates a journalism school in Kumasi known as Otec School of communication studies.

OTEC FM is popular for its morning show. The morning show is hosted by Nana Kwabena. This is because the tackles diverse informative topics which range from farming to business to political and economic issues among others. OTEC FM plays a wide range of music. You can listen OTEC radio online

Visit the OTEC website for trending news.

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6. Angel FM - 92.3MHz

List of radio stations in Kumasi

Angel FM is a radio station located in Kumasi. Angel FM is popular for its informative talks and analysis of premier league soccer among other major sporting events in the world. The radio station covers in-depth analysis of players, football clubs and much more in the sporting world.

7. Ultimate FM - 106.9MHz

Ultimate FM is an English radio stations in Kumasi and also one of the new radio stations in Kumasi. The radio station is owned by EIB Network, a leading media group which owns several radio and TV stations in Ghana.

The radio station has one of the best morning shows. The morning breakfast show is hosted by Lantam Papanko and Chantel Anombas. Ultimate FM also plays one of the finest country music with its hottest Dj Lambidge Ben.

Visit the Ultimate FM website for more details. You can also read some of the top stories from the website.

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Other popular and new radio stations in Kumasi are

  • Freedom FM -87.9
  • Radio Zuria FM - 88.70
  • Radio Lynk - 90.50
  • Mighty Radio - 91.10
  • New Mercury FM - 91.50
  • Garden City Radio - 92.10
  • Boss FM - 93.70
  • Sikka FM - 89.5
  • Focus FM - 94.3
  • Fox FM - 97.9
  • Y FM - 102.5
  • Ashh FM - 101.1
  • Silver FM - 98.3
  • Hello FM - 101.5
  • Jem FM - 105.7

Kumasi online radio stations

Kumasi online radio

To address the need of radio station listeners in Ghana there are several online radio stations that have come up. Whether you are in your home town or abroad you can now listen to your favorite radio station as long as you have good internet connection.

You can listen to most of your favorite radio stations on the following websites:

1. gives you the freedom to choose from the category of radio station you’ll want to listen to, whether sports, news or even entertainment. You also have an option to choose the language you want to listen to such as Twi or English.

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Surfmusic is one of the best websites when it comes to listening online radio station. The site arranges all the radio stations in an alphabetic order which makes searching for radio stations easier. Some of the radio stations you can listen to are Luv fm, Kessben fm and many others.


Streema has unlimited number of stations you can listen to. Here you’ll find your local radio stations such as Nhyira, Kessben, Metro, Otec, Angel and many others from Kumasi.

Other online radio website pages you can use for listening radio stations are live online radio and

Listening to radio is one of the pleasurable things you can do at your free time. And with the list above you have a wide range of radio stations in Kumasi you can choose from. You can visit the online links if you are not within Ghana and wish to listen to a Ghanaian radio station.

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