120+ Beautiful Vietnamese names for girls with meanings

120+ Beautiful Vietnamese names for girls with meanings

Vietnamese culture is one of the richest in the world, with an extensive collection of beautiful baby girl names. Vietnamese names for girls are usually from nature, including animals, flowers, and other aspects considered valuable in society, such as morality and spirituality. So, which are the best names to go for?

Vietnamese names for girls
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Getting a name for your baby girl is a precious moment since it will be part of her identity for the rest of her life. Therefore, it should go beyond the conventional naming process of searching for meanings that embody a rich sense of morality and belongingness.

That is why meaningful Vietnamese girl names are perfect for your child. However, before making the bold decision, ascertain you check out as many monikers as you can. You never know what will impress you out there.

Vietnamese names for girls

Most Vietnamese female names are curated to suit every occasion and moment of a child's life. If you are searching for a moniker in this culture, you probably understand and appreciate the deep sense of belongingness associated with it.

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Common Vietnamese girl names derived from nature

Before deciding on the name to give your baby girl, it is advisable to research and understand the implications associated with the moniker. That way, you will appreciate the value of the name.

There is no better direction to take than going for Vietnamese girl first names derived from nature. You can never go wrong with nature, and you’ll likely be spoilt for choice once you start exploring the collection.

  • A’nh: Ray of light
  • Cam: A little girl that emanates warmth
  • Ca,nh: Scenery
  • Chi: A tree branch or twig
  • Diep: Leaves
  • Giang: Fresh and flowing
  • Ha: Flowing river
  • Hong: Pink rose
  • Lam: Jungle
  • Lan: From the mountains
  • Lieu: Willow
  • Nam Ha: South River
  • Lang: Exotic and sweet
  • Liêu: Paddle
  • Suong: Translates to fog
  • Trieu: A wave in the sea
  • Tuyen: Blizzard
  • Thu: Season (autumn)
  • Thuy: Life or water
  • Vân: Expanse and cloud
  • Xuân: Season (spring)

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Beautiful Vietnamese girl names associated with personal attributes

Vietnamese female names
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How about attractive short names for your baby girl? Vietnamese culture has the shortest, most beautiful names that can best suit your child.

Interestingly, people adopt characters or behaviours represented by the meaning of their names. So, if you want your child to have the desired trait, then the following Vietnamese baby girl names associated with personal attributes will give you some good ideas.

  • Anh: Wise
  • Bian: Private
  • Binh: Calm
  • Cai: Girlish
  • Cais: Always happy
  • Diu: Gentle, tender, and mellow
  • Do’an Vien: Happy reunion
  • Duyen: Amiable or graceful woman
  • Dung: Beautiful
  • Hanh: Gorgeous and honest
  • Han: Faithful and moral
  • Hien: Calm
  • Hie’n: Nice and quiet
  • Hong: Pink rose
  • Kiêu: Lovely and graceful
  • Ke’t Nien: A year of unity
  • Kie’u: Graceful or beloved
  • Khuyen: Wise
  • Lanh: Peaceful, joyous
  • Linh: Kind spirited
  • La’nh: Gentle
  • Le: Shyness and humbleness
  • Minh: Smart person
  • Mychau: Fantastic
  • Nu: beautiful
  • Nhung: Velvety
  • Ngon: Understanding
  • Sang: Noble person
  • Suong: White and pure
  • Tham: Elegant, distinct woman
  • Tai: Gifted, affluent
  • Tam: Heart
  • Tha’m: Discreet grace
  • Thao: Grass, but can also mean kind, sweet, and nice
  • Thi: Poem
  • Thuy: Friendly and gentle
  • Trang: Intelligent or serious person
  • Trinh: One who is pure, virtuous, and virginal
  • Tu: Luxurious, elegant, and outstanding
  • Vinh: Magnificence

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Female Vietnamese girl names inspired by colour

Vietnam is well known for its biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes that have defined the region for years. So, of course, nature-inspired names are a great idea, but have you ever thought about names inspired by colours? Check out the various Vietnam name meanings that represent colour and find one suitable for your child.

  • O’ng: Translates to ‘rose pink'
  • Hy’unh: Yellow
  • Huyen: Jet black
  • Kim: Gold or golden
  • Thanh Ha: Teal river
  • Tuyet: Snow white

Food-inspired Vietnamese names for girls

common Vietnamese girl names
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Choosing a name can be a daunting task, especially knowing that the child will need to grow with the pride of the identity. Hopefully, there can be an easier way by borrowing from other cultures. Although unorthodox, you can settle on Vietnamese names inspired by food, and you have a fantastic collection to choose from.

  • Da'o: Blossom
  • Lang: Sweet potato
  • Lê: Pear
  • Hong Hanh: Pricot blossom
  • Mai: Cherry blossom
  • Thom: Sweet smelling

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Celestial Vietnamese girl names

Many of the names given to children are symbolic of an occasion, a geographic feature, or a notable landmark in the community. However, have you ever considered celestial names? Why not give your child a beautiful Vietnamese celestial name? It would hold significant meaning.

  • Am: Lunar
  • Hai: Living ocean or sea
  • Ha’ng: Angel in the full moon
  • Hanh Phu’c: Blessing from above and happiness
  • Nguyet: Moon
  • Nhu: Gentle, peaceful, like a calming wave
  • Phuong: Orientation’ in terms of geometry
  • Thanh: Bright, sunny, light, or pleasing to the ear
  • Thien: Heavenly
  • Tien: Fairy, spirit, or angel
  • Truc: Wish
  • Tuyen: Angel and is a variation of the name Tien
  • Tuye’n: Line’ or it can mean ‘ray

Excellent Vietnamese names for girls based on flowers and trees

When you look at monikers from different cultures, you will realize that flowers and trees have been a great inspiration for many of them. And the Vietnamese culture is no different as they have many meaningful names derived from these beautiful nature elements. Which ones are the best?

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  • Chi: Tree branch
  • Cuc: Chrysanthemum
  • Dao: Peach blossom flower
  • Diêp: Tree with red leaves
  • Hanh: Apricot tree, also upright or happy
  • Hoa: Type of flower
  • Hue: Flower
  • Huong: flower perfume
  • Huong: Rose (flower) or pink
  • Hwa: Flower
  • Kim Cuc: Yellow chrysanthemum
  • Lan: Orchid or magnolia
  • Liên: Lotus (the national flower)
  • Liêu: The willow tree
  • Mai: Cherry or apricot blossom or plum flower
  • Sen: Lotus, also a symbol of purity
  • Thuy: Pussycat willow, also friendly and gentle
  • Truc: Bamboo

Vietnamese female names from mythology

Vietnamese baby girl names
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Another great way to source Vietnamese girl first names is to go for ones sourced from mythology. You cannot go wrong if you take this direction, as most have deep meaning.

  • Çu Co: Fairy princess who was the Great Mother of Vietnam
  • Den: Ba Den is the Black Lady who protects people from danger and illness
  • Kho: Ba Chua Kho is the goddess of the marketplace
  • Hang: Full moon with an angel
  • Liu Hanh: Goddess of the sky and lightning; one of three Holy Mothers
  • Loan: A mythical lucky bird from the Chinese
  • Mat Ga Trong: Sun goddess
  • Nguyêt: Goddess of the moon or the moon
  • Phuong: Phoenix, one of the four sacred creatures
  • Qui: Turtle, one of the four sacred creatures
  • Thien: Heavenly
  • Thoai: Goddess of water; one of three Holy Mothers
  • Thuong Ngàn: Goddess of the forests, agriculture, cooking and childbirth; one of three Holy Mothers
  • Tiên: Angel or fairy
  • Trang Chim: Moon goddess or moon swan
  • Trung Nhi: Sister to Trung Trac, these sisters rebelled against the Chinese around AD 39 and are folk heroines
  • Trung Trac: Sister to Trung Nhi; she led the rebellion against the Chinese
  • Xu: Ba Chua Xu is the goddess protector of refugees

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What is the most popular female name in Vietnam?

Some of the famous female names in Vietnam include Linh, Trang, Anh, Thu, Nyung and many more.

Remember that Vietnam is home to a vibrant culture, and so are the names, derived from nature, celestial beings, flowers and much more. Therefore, if you are looking for a suitable moniker, you can use the different categories to search for something extraordinary for your daughter.

What are common Vietnamese names?

According to Wikipedia, Nguyen is the most common Vietnamese surname. Other common names used by both genders from the Vietnamese people are Anh, Dung, Hanh, Hoa, Hong, Khanh, Lan, Liem, Nhung, Duy and Xuan.

Vietnamese names for girls are rich in concepts and strong cultural meanings. They tell a story of stardom and prepare the children for a life of meaning. So, make sure you get your child a name that best suits your taste and one that will propel them to prominence.

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