15 best websites to download music legally 2020

15 best websites to download music legally 2020

Music has been around since the dawn of mankind. Although the types of music have evolved since man first sought entertainment, the reason for music is still the same. Music brings people together and also works wonders for the mood. Since music is essential to all, it makes sense to be able to access it whenever you want. This is why everyone should know which websites to download music from.

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There are very many websites where people get their music. Unfortunately, not all of them are accessible. They require a certain amount per month, which is not sustainable for many people. But don't fret. There are also very many websites out there where you can download your favourite song for free.

Free music downloading sites

Most people are wary of free music downloading sites. This is because most of them are illegal and could get you into a lot of trouble. Even if you manage to get your song, your download will open up your device to various malware attacks since the songs' source cannot be trusted. However, music download sites that are free and legal also exist. They include:

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1. SoundCloud

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SoundCloud is the biggest website for free music. It offers streaming services, where you can listen to a song without having to download it. There is also a download button right there if you want to download the song to listen to it later, even when you are offline.

Another reason why the website is a favourite for many is that it allows any user to upload songs; this means that you will have a steady stream of good music.

The vast collection of songs that the site has is the main reason why everyone loves it. However, not all the songs are downloadable, as there are some cases where the person that uploads the song disables this option. This is not very common and the music collection that can be downloaded is still quite considerable.

2. ReverbNation

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Another website that has a lot of users is ReverbNation. It is designed specifically for independent artists and gives them the platform to meet and collaborate with experts. Because of this, those who use this website to get their free music have a steady stream of new music at hand. The music library is also quite considerable because of this.

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The site has millions of artists from many countries and cultures, so the songs' diversity will allow you to explore. To download music from ReverbNation, you first have to create an account. The account creation is also free of charge.

3. Jamendo

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If you prefer indie songs or cover songs, Jamendo is for you. It boasts of the biggest cache of upcoming talent as this is the go-to site for aspiring singers who wish to get their music out there and get themselves heard. On the site, you can stream any of these songs and download them for free. The singer benefits whenever you download a song from the website or the app.

This is also a perfect place to get music if you need a soundtrack. The music on the site is royalty-free and also different from what people usually hear. This guarantees that whatever you are going to use the music for will turn some heads. The website is available in over six languages so you can explore music in different languages.

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4. SoundClick

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Even though the music library on SoundClick is not as large as some other sites to download music, it is still significant. Whether the music is free or not depends on the artist. Most artists give their music away for free, and these are the ones you should look for. You will need to create an account to be able to get free music from the artist directly.

The site also released an app that has a hassle-free platform. You can stream songs, download them, create playlists, and even interact with the artists who are putting out the music.

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5. AudioMack

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AudioMack is another excellent mp3 music download site. There are many songs on the website, and you can listen and download them whenever you want for free. The layout of the site and the mobile application is very user friendly. The music is divided into genres, so you can find the song that you want very fast.

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6. Last.fm

Last FM
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Last.fm is a bit different from the other free mp3 music download sites. It is an internet radio service. This means that it is a site that plays many good songs, similar to how the songs are played on a local radio station. You can also download songs that are played on there for free.

Unfortunately, the music library is not diverse, but you will find some really good songs there. This service's upside is that you don't need to create an account to access the songs. You can also get the app in the app store and on google play store.

7. YouTube

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YouTube is a well-known music app, but people only know the video streaming aspect of it. It is possible to download songs from YouTube though the process is a bit complicated. The first disadvantage is that you cannot download all the songs since some are not downloadable. However, don't lose hope because there are several tricks you can use to get songs.

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First, you can search for songs while using the "creative commons" filter, and you'll be able to download them. You can also go to the creator studio and then to the audio library and download your favourite songs. Some users upload mixes and mashups of famous songs, and they have free download links in the video descriptions. You can use these links to get the mashup and listen to your songs from there.

8. Free Amazon Music Store

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Almost everyone has bought something from Amazon or at least heard about it. The company has started including digital products like games and even songs in their sales. You can go on Amazon and buy whichever song you want to listen to.

They also have a large repository of free songs on their site and their app where you can get those songs for free. The only disadvantage of this is that you will not be able to access any of the latest songs. However, if oldies are your thing, then this is the best for you.

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9. Internet Archive

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Internet Archive is the biggest archive on the internet right now. Also, you can get anything in there for free. You can get software, movies, music, audio books, and even podcasts. If you need anything that is a softcopy, you can get it on the Internet archive.

However, due to the sheer volume of the contents, locating a single song takes a lot of time. The process would be easier if the site's categorization was functional, but sadly it isn't. Therefore, you should be prepared to do some digging to find the songs you want to listen to.

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10. Vimeo

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Just like YouTube, Vimeo is a trendy video streaming site. It has a music store where artists sell their mp3 songs at a price. However, there are several ways you can get music for free. Search for a song and include the tag "creative commons." You will be led to a page that offers free songs and music where you will download any song you want. You will have to sign up to access this page.

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11. SoundOwl

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On SoundOwl, almost everyone can share their music. Whether you are a blogger, an artist, or a label, you can post your music. This is good news for you since there is a lot more music to listen to. Also, since the site allows both popular and upcoming artists to upload their music, you can discover some very good gems there.

12. NoiseTrade

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NoiseTrade is among the best websites to download songs. It doubles up as a social network for people who love music. On the site, you can download your favourite artist's song for free and listen to it. This is only possible if the artist is also a member of the website. The artists earn through tips given when a fan likes one of their songs. Creating an account is free, so do that and enjoy a wide variety of music.

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13. Free Music Archive

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What makes the FMA unique is that you can download and stream any song you want, and the songs have been curated into playlists. The playlists are made by music lovers, radio stations, and even music labels. You do not have to register to the site to be able to access their music library. You can also make your playlist so that other users can get a taste of what you like.

14. MusOpen

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MusOpen was started to provide free music to the masses. You can get a lot of songs, recordings, sheet music, and other audio resources. All of them are free of charge, and there are no copyright restrictions on them. Most of them are intended to be used for educational purposes, but you can find some cool songs that you like there and jam to them.

15. PureVolume

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PureVolume is also a network of music lovers. Here artists have their profiles where you can get to know more about them. The artist also decides whether they will charge for their music or not. Most of them choose not to, so there is a huge library of songs waiting for you to listen.

To get the songs, you only have to create a free account and then support the artists by upvoting their song. This makes it an excellent website to download music from and interact with the song's creator.

A good song can make your day better instantly, and when you need to cry, a sad song can help you do exactly that. Music describes human emotions in unfathomable ways, and each song has its purpose. This is why having a list of songs easily accessible whenever you need them is so important. Therefore, you should find some good websites to download music from and start curating your perfect playlist.

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