KNUST MPhil programmes, admission requirements, and fees 2021/2022

KNUST MPhil programmes, admission requirements, and fees 2021/2022

Are you looking for an institution for your graduate studies in Ghana? Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is an ideal institution for Masters programmes. Each of the six colleges at the university has vast, diverse and customised offerings for students transitioning from undergraduate to PhD. Also, all KNUST MPhil programmes are open to both Ghanaians and international students.

KNUST MPhil programmes
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Like other universities in Ghana, KNUST has a unique way of vetting students for MPhil programmes. While the university has the freedom to change its admission procedures (based on trends in the education world), most of its requirements have remained constant over the years. Also, the Kumasi-based university is synonymous with fairness in its admission process. Each student has an equal opportunity in the selection process.

Available MPhil programs at KNUST

As a three-tier system comprising colleges, faculties, and departments, the university has successfully created many study areas for MPhil students. They include:

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  • Agriculture and natural resources
  • Art and built environment
  • Humanities and social science
  • Engineering
  • Pure sciences
  • Health sciences

Each of the above colleges has tens of MPhil programmes. For example, the college for art and built environment has 12 MPhil programmes. In total, the university has close to 100 programmes.

Admission requirements

The applicants interested in KNUST MPhil programmes must meet these requirements:

Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent

When applying for any MPhil programme, one must have a Bachelor’s degree from a KNUST or recognised institution. Alternatively, a Bachelor’s degree equivalent is acceptable, especially for international students.

First-class or second-class division

Since the MPhil programmes require a lot of research, applicants must be academically talented. So, the university gives first-class and second-class division students the priority. In some unique cases, the university may also give other students admission if they show potential in their application.

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However, if you have a second class (lower division), you must attend an interview organised by the KNUST reviewing committee. If the committee invites you for an interview, you must prepare adequately to secure a spot at KNUST.

How to apply for KNUST MPhil programmes

KNUST MPhil programmes
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The next stage is to apply for a programme of your choice if you meet the above admission requirements. To apply:

Go to either Ecobank, GCB, or Consolidated Bank Ghana (CBG) and purchase an eVoucher for GH¢250.00. From the electronic voucher, you will get a PIN and an application number. The two numbers will give you access to the KNUST application page.

On the KNUST application page, apply for the MPhil program of your choice. Print two copies of the applications and send them to the School of Graduate Studies after verifying that all the details are correct. Also, attach copies of your certificates, transcripts, and any document that may improve your chances of securing a spot in KNUST (as an applicant).

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The process is different for international students. If you are an international student planning to pursue an MPhil programme at KNUST, use the application link to generate logins. The application fee for non-Ghanian students is $200. Also, you must email all your documents to the university for consideration.

If you meet all the requirements, the university will send an acceptance mail. However, the university can reject your application if the reviewing committee is not convinced about your abilities. If KNUST rejects your MPhil application, you can reapply when they reopen applications.

Duration of MPhil programmes

MPhil students at KNUST have the freedom to select their study mode. The three options include:

Two years for full-time students

If you are planning to be a fulltime student, all the programmes take two years. The students do research and other program-associated activities in two years without a break.

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Three years for part-time students

KNUST also accepts part-time students in the MPhil programmes. However, students under part-time study mode must be ready to do research and complete other programme-related obligations in three years.

Distance learning

Unlike the above two options, Distance Learning does not have time limits. The MPhil students under this programme can graduate in two or three years depending on factors, such as classes scheduling challenges and students’ availability.

KNUST MPhil programmes fees

KNUST MPhil programmes
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While the university has different fee structures for students depending on their area of study, the recently released fee schedules for postgraduate freshers are harmonised. While the fees are provisional, the university may only make minor adjustments.

The KNUST MPhil fees depend on one’s area of study. The cost ranges from GH₵ 5,371.05 to GH₵ 13,966.00 per academic year. The difference in fees is mainly due to programmes’ training approaches and resources. For example, a programme such as Intellectual Property (MIP) has a different teaching approach to Social Science.

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The same case applies to international students on MPhil programmes. Students will pay between $2,500.00 to $9,312.50 depending on the programmes. However, the difference between the projected fees is mainly on tuition since the university charges a constant figure for thesis and oral exams.

Besides the standard fees, the regular MPhil students will pay GH₵ 1,310.05 for extra services such as examinations and general amenities. For international students, the service fee is $1,550 (GH₵ 8,897). The service fee will, however, reduce in the final year.

The extra service fee does not include residential payments. Depending on your study mode and nationality, the residential fee is different. For example, international students interested in the university’s residency facilities will pay from $1,000.00 to $1,200.00 in the 2021/2022 academic year. Like other items in the fee schedule, the residency fee will reduce in the subsequent years.

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Unlike undergraduate studies, the university does not have scholarship opportunities for MPhil studies. However, KNUST accepts students sponsored by corporations and interest groups.

KNUST postgraduate courses and fees for distance learning students

KNUST MPhil programmes
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The university offers close to 60 MPhil programs through its Institute of Distance Learning. The university has more than ten IDL Learning Centers spread across Ghana. While the centres may not give MPhil students the same experience, such as regular programs, the distance learning programs incorporate technology, such as e-learning, for better delivery.

The availability of programmes at each of the centres depends on different factors. However, the main determiner is the number of students qualified at a particular centre. For example, if the AKUSE – VRA Academy centre does not have enough students for a program, the qualified few students may opt for another IDL centre such as SUNYANI – the University of Energy and Natural Resources.

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All the KNUST Distance MPhil programmes meet the Ministry of Education’s threshold on graduate studies. The only difference between regular programmes and Distance Learning is (the approach to) learning, examinations and project management.

If you have any questions about IDL, you can call the front desk on 0247-274661, 0500-482885, or 0322491138. Also, you can email the IDL representative through

The university has become one of the best choices for graduate students. KNUST MPhil programmes are not only diverse but also a gateway to PhD studies. KNUST graduates can, therefore, pursue further studies in Ghana and abroad. shared on 14th May a step-by-step guide on how to use UEW student portal. The portal contains exclusive academic databases that are readily accessible for both prospective and continuing learners.

Through the portal, new and continuing learners can now inquire, register, pay fees, and access all vital information concerning their academics. UEW scholars can now achieve their academic goals at the comfort of their homes.

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