How Fella, Jackie Appiah, Tracey Boakye and 5 others Battled it Out in First Class

How Fella, Jackie Appiah, Tracey Boakye and 5 others Battled it Out in First Class

  • Ghanaian female celebrities are on a whole new level when it comes to flying in comfort
  • Celebrities like Jackie Appiah, FellaMakafui amongst others travel on first-class flights
  • These celebrities are constantly putting their luxury flights moments in our faces with photos they share on social media

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Celebrities in Ghana understand luxury and living it as far as flying first class to destinations around the globe is mentioned. It has become a culture in this dispensation for many celebrities where everyone paints an image of comfort and good living for themselves.

For these celebrities, they simply don’t care how much it may cost even if it means breaking their bank accounts to share plush photos of themselves flying right: the first-class way.

Choosing first-class means opting for ultimate comfort and being spoiled while flying and this is what has become the practice for our dear Ghanaian celebrities especially the females have brought unto the 'market'.

How Fella, Jackie Appiah, Tracey Boakye and 5 others Battled it Out in First Class
Fella, Jackie Appiah and Hajia 4real.source: instagram/@fellamakafui @jackieappiah @hajia4real
Source: Instagram

Celebrities like Fella Makafui, Jackie Appiah, Hajia 4 real, Tracey Boakye amongst many others, are the pacesetters when it comes to this flying culture.

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Not only do they fly in comfort but they also put their luxury flight lifestyle in our faces by flooding our timelines on social media with high-quality photos of themselves comfortably relaxed in their seats in designer labels to mention but a few.

Today, brings to you the battle of the first class: photos of how Fella, Jackie Appiah, Tracey Boakye and 5 others proved riches with their flights.

1.Jackie Appiah

2.Fella Makafui

3. Tracey Boakye

4. Sandra Ankobiah

5.Salma Mumin

6. Juliet Ibrahim

7. Hajia 4real

8. Emelia Brobbey

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