Emelia Brobbey Teaches Ras Nene English During Interview, Video Gets Many Laughing

Emelia Brobbey Teaches Ras Nene English During Interview, Video Gets Many Laughing

  • Emelia Brobbey hilariously taught Ras Nene how to speak proper English during an interview she had with him
  • The actress asked Ras Nene questions in English, but Ras Nene tried responding in Twi, but Emelia barred him from speaking Twi, forcing him to speak English
  • The pair engaged in hilarious banter as Ras Nene tried his best to speak English as Emelia corrected him

Ghanaian actress Emelia Brobbey took on the role of an English teacher for her guest, Ras Nene, during an interview.

Emelia Brobbey
Emelia Brobbey and Ras Nene Photo Source: emeliabrobbey
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Emelia Brobbey posed questions to Ras Nene in English, to which he attempted to respond in Twi. However, Emelia playfully insisted that he respond in English, leading to a series of amusing exchanges.

Ras Nene, who was initially caught off guard, attempted to answer in English. As he tried to communicate in English, he made several funny mistakes, and Emelia was quick to correct him, further making the interview humorous. The pair’s banter was entertaining to watch. Folks who watched the interview reacted with funny comments, pointing out the chemistry between the two.

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Emelia Brobbey and Ras Nene spark reactions

YEN.com.gh gathered some reactions from social media users.

bismarkadu915 said:

Ohh allow him to speak Twi sister

Worry About Nothing commented:

Please speak English ahh wo se na me kum nipa

Hadassah said:

Can you remember him?. Aka will kill us oo

Mr_OK commented:

But let’s mixes . Aka is a whole mood

Jozy wrote:

Aka is intelligent even without english .....respect to him

Albert Leslie Asare reacted:

She is even correcting him but he is still replying like that was a conversation ! Can you remind me ! Not can u remember me !

Gyimah said:

where is the uk accent from all of a sudden emelia eii

Ras Nene tells Emelia how he escaped prison

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In another story, Ras Nene, in an interview with Emelia Brobbey, narrated how he narrowly escaped prison in his younger days on the streets.

The actor mentioned that he was arrested by the police for smoking a hard substance but managed to flip the case on its head in court.

Ras Nene narrated how he and his crew used to do bad things in the streets before he found God and acting.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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