Sister Deborah Explains Why She Flew To London To Support Medikal At His O2 Concert, Video

Sister Deborah Explains Why She Flew To London To Support Medikal At His O2 Concert, Video

  • Musician Sister Deborah opened up about why she accepted the offer to perform with Medikal at his headline concert at Indigo at the O2 in the UK
  • She stated she was invited by the rapper, who she termed as her friend and sweet ex, and she accepted the invite because they have songs together
  • Many people applauded her for her maturity during the interview with Kwadwo Sheldon
  • spoke to a counsellor about exes being friends and the importance of boundaries

Ghanaian-Italian songstress Sister Deborah has opened up about why she accepted the offer to perform at rapper Medikal's headline concert at Indigo at the O2 in London on May 3, 2024.

Sister Deborah, Fella Makafui and Medikal
Sister Deborah, Fella Makafui and Medikal in photos. Image Credit: @sisterdeborah, @amgmedikal and @fellamakafui
Source: Instagram

Sister Deborah spoke about why she joined Medikal at his headline concert in London

In an exclusive interview with Kwadwo Sheldon, Sister Deborah said that she did not show up for the concert and perform with Medikal to cause confusion or rift between the rapper and his supposed ex-wife, Fella Makafui.

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"It was basically to support my friend slash, my sweet ex. I wanted to come here to support, and he also wanted me on the show," she said.

She stated that the rapper, who is also her ex-boyfriend, invited her to his sold-out concert, and she did not have any problem with it because they have songs together and he is her friend.

During the interview on Kwadwo Sheldon's YouTube Channel, the YouTuber told her that there were speculations going around that she and Medikal were back together since the rapper had come out to say that he and Fella Makafui were divorced.

In response, the African Mermaid, as Sister Deborah is affectionately called, stated that the boys, who were spreading such rumours, wished they were dating her.

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"If you think about it, we've performed after our breakup before. We did Sowutuom together. We did Cold & Trophies together, We did Too Risky together," she said.

Below is a video of Sister Deborah explaining why she flew to London to support Medikal.

Reactions to the interview snippet of Sister Deborah talking about why she flew to London to support Medikal

Below are the opinions of Ghanaians on the remarks Sister Deborah made concerning why she flew to London to support Medikal at his Indigo at the O2 concert:

richardce0 said:

But true truth he take do am

samiratusakara said:

Sis Debby, I don’t know why I love your interviews, You answer questions nicely and respectfully ❤️

m.kesewaa__ said:

She’s so beautiful my goodness!

suzikeni said:

Debby get the last laugh

vantw31k said:

Proper enlightened woman

solazeautosleek said:

Derby is a smart girl. Love her answers ❤️

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_mizosam_ said:

When you get the last laugh

hiddentreasurecloset2 said:


thatshaihillgirl said:

why won’t anyone love @sisterdeborah

Counsellor explains the importance of boundaries between exes

Speaking to counsellor Eben, he noted that there was nothing wrong with former lovers being friends or working on projects together.

'He noted that as long as there are romantic boundaries and both personalities align, it is fine, especially in the case of Medikal and Sister Deborah.

"It's ok depending on the kind of people involved and their ability to set romantic boundaries, especially if both of them or one is married."

He also noted that if one of the exes is married or in a serious relationship, there should be clear communication with the other partner if one is dealing with their exes.

"It's better if their marriage partners accompany them in such a meeting in order to clear doubts and be a witness in case of any allegations."

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