20 sentimental good friend tattoos with deep meaning to symbolize your deep connection

20 sentimental good friend tattoos with deep meaning to symbolize your deep connection

Many people will associate with you when it only benefits them and disappear the moment you need their help. However, there is that one friend who will stick with you all the time, whether it is in good times or bad ones. These are the people you need to bring closer to you because they will have your back without expecting anything in return. As a result, they are worthy of sentimental good friend tattoos because that is a connection that lasts a lifetime.

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meaningful deep best friend tattoos
Sentimental good friend tattoos. Photo: @jherellejaytattoo, @baileyjst, @mahnaz.tattoo.art, @sosssink on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

You’ve probably heard of the saying that friends are the family we get to choose for ourselves. However, we don’t really choose friends, but they bring themselves into our lives because they would be close to us if they did not want to. If you and your friends are looking for the best sentimental tattoo ideas, then you should start with those things that bring you together.

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Sentimental good friend tattoos

These are the no matter what, no matter where tattoos to dedicate to your friends. They are meant to show that your friend will always come first, no matter what. Such tattoos focus on communicating what your friend means to you, and they can be like:

1. GPS coordinates tattoo

sentimental good friend tattoos
GPS coordinates tattoo. Photo: @jaieahrx
Source: Instagram

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Best friends can have a tattoo that incorporates GPS coordinates of a special place. This can be the place where they first met, their favourite hangout spot, or a place they dream of visiting in the future. By looking at this tattoo, you are instantly reminded of your friend and the things you like to do together.

2. Cartoon character tattoo

sentimental good friend tattoos
Cartoon character tattoo. Photo: @tattooedbydevon
Source: Instagram

This tattoo idea works best for friends who were childhood friends. Each friend picks a favourite cartoon character, and the other gets a tattoo of that character. This tattoo will surely bring you closer to your friend whenever you are missing him.

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3. Image tattoo

sentimental good friend tattoos
Image tattoo. Photo: @aileentattoo
Source: Instagram

The best way to celebrate your friend is to have a tattoo of his/her image. If you want to take the tattoo to the next level, you can have an image of both of you together. Such a tattoo will work best on your hand or chest.

4. Infinity knot tattoo

sentimental good friend tattoos
Infinity knot tattoo. Photo: @terezamaresovatattoo
Source: Instagram

You have chosen a good friend tattoo because you believe the friendship will last forever. As a result, you can celebrate this friendship with an infinity symbol tattoo. There are many versions of this symbol to choose from.

Meaningful deep best friend tattoos

These are friendship tattoos that carry a deep meaning that only you and your friend may understand. This is not something that you will start regretting tomorrow because friendships should last a lifetime. The best meaningful deep best friend tattoos can be based on ideas like:

1. Puzzle tattoos

As best friends, you can opt for one tattoo that will be split into two. Your tattoo will be one piece of the puzzle, and your friend’s tattoo will be the other half. This means that none can be complete without the other.

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2. Key to open heart

sentimental good friend tattoos
Key to open heart. Photo: @evelinemonroetattoo
Source: Instagram

This tattoo idea has to be implemented with your friend in order for it to make sense. One friend will have a tattoo of a heart with a keyhole, and the other will get a tattoo of a key. It means that your friend knows all the secrets of your heart, and you are confident that they can guard them.

3. Animal tattoo

The characters of our friends are best represented by various animals. If your best friend is fierce, you can have a lion or a wolf tattoo to represent him. If you want to depict his humility, then you may go for an animal such as a dove or a rabbit.

4. Memorial text tattoo

Such tattoos are meant to honour departed friends. It can be a short bible verse, prayer, poem, or something that reminds you of her. Such a tattoo can be placed on your wrist or chest where it is easily visible.

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Small BFF tattoos

If you were asked to talk about your friend, you will probably write an entire book, but what you share can be represented in a small tattoo. A simple image or word can be enough to describe the relationship you have with your best friend. Below are examples of small BFF tattoo ideas:

1. Friends script tattoo

sentimental good friend tattoos
Friends script tattoo. Photo: @sachintattooist
Source: Facebook

You and your friend can have matching tattoos of the word friends. This idea can be tweaked in many ways to match your preferences. For instance, both tattoos can be written in the same font or different fonts for each person. The tattoo can also be put in matching body parts or different places, depending on your agreement.

2. Swear symbol tattoo

Friendship is a serious commitment that is enforced through actions. The swears diagram symbolizes the promise of loyalty to your friend no matter what. The tattoo can be placed on the chest to illustrate that it is something that will always be close to your heart.

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3. Birthday tattoo

Your friend won’t forgive you if you forget his/her birthday. Luckily, you no longer have to set your reminder for a birthday that is one year away because a tattoo can accomplish the same job. Having your friend’s birthday as a tattoo will remind you of a special day every time you see the tattoo.

4. Fingers crossed for timeless friendship

Sentimental good friend tattoos
Fingers crossed for a timeless friendship tattoo. Photo: @designs_by_vicky2004
Source: Instagram

An image of crossed fingers signifies a hope that only positive things will happen in the future. Fingers crossed, tattoos represent the hope that the friendship will not only be lasting but will also continue to be beneficial to both parties.

Matching bestie tattoos

You can have matching tattoos for 3 friends or even more, depending on how big your circle of friends is. The idea is to create an inseparable bond through a common thing that can unite all of you. The best matching bestie tattoo ideas include:

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1. Beautiful feather

Matching tattoos can be lovely, especially when they are beautiful objects. Feathers make birds beautiful and are used as decorations for other objects. Matching feather tattoos are perfect for girls because they depict the beauty of their friendship.

2. Angel wings

sentimental good friend tattoos
Angel wings tattoo. Photo: @angeloctopus
Source: Instagram

Angel wings are one of the most famous tattoo ideas, especially for people who are religious. They signify God’s protection round the clock. To spice things up, a single wing is inked on each hand so that when you and your friend bring your hands together, it completes the pair of wings.

4. Matching hearts

sentimental good friend tattoos
Matching hearts tattoo. Photo: @pollytatttoo
Source: Instagram

This is a simple tattoo idea that conveys a deep message of love. You and your friend can get matching heart tattoo designs on similar or different body parts.

5. Crown tattoo

sentimental good friend tattoos
Crown tattoo. Photo: @karma_tattoo_studio_jaipur
Source: Instagram

If you are both born to be leaders, then you and your friend can opt for matching crown tattoos. The crown is used to signify the respect you have for one another. It also represents your aspirations as people destined for greatness.

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Ride or die best friend tattoos

There can never be a secret between you and your ride-or-die friend because he is everything to you. Such friends are like blood brothers because they know everything about you. Ride-or-die best friend tattoos are used to show the inseparable bond you share. The tattoo ideas that can represent this great friendship include:

1. Ride or die script

sentimental good friend tattoos
Ride or die script tattoo. Photo: @Flick tattoo
Source: Facebook

Using the phrase rise or die as a script for your tattoo can be effective in celebrating your friend. You can have your friend’s name written below the words.

2. Celtic friendship knot

sentimental good friend tattoos
Celtic friendship knot tattoo. Photo: @kstrobs
Source: Instagram

The Celtic friendship knot brings to life the spirit of true friendship. It is depicted with endless intertwined lines. It, therefore, represents the enduring bond between best friends.

3. Holding hands

sentimental good friend tattoos
Holding hands tattoo. Photo: @illisit
Source: Instagram

What are friends for if not for holding our hands and showing us the way when we are lost? Best friends can get holding hands tattoos to show that they will always be there for each other regardless of how life turns out.

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4. Best friend constellation tattoo

sentimental good friend tattoos
Best friend constellation tattoo. Photo: @pinkie_tattoo
Source: Instagram

A constellation tattoo always looks fascinating. Friends can share in this mystery by having matching tattoos. This idea will hold water when both of you are interested in stars, or the particular constellation you choose means something personal to both of you.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the symbol for best friends? Interlocking hearts, two crossed arrows, and infinity symbols are used to depict friendship.
  2. What flower is drawn in a BFF tattoo? The zinnia is a flower that means friendship to many people because of its yellow colour.
  3. What colour is used to represent best friends? The yellow colour is usually used to mean friendship.
  4. Can best friends get matching tattoos? Best friends can opt for matching tattoos, complete opposites, or slightly related ones.
  5. Where can I put a BFF tattoo? Anywhere on the body, but the best parts include the wrist, fingers, and ankle.
  6. What is the significance of a feather tattoo? It represents trust, freedom, strength, and honour.
  7. Which body part is the least painful to get a tattoo on? The outer shoulder and the outer arm are some of the places considered less painful for a tattoo.

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A good friend is a person who will know what you are thinking without you having to say a word. He or she will not go a day without talking to you. Since you have grown fond of each other, it is okay to have sentimental good friend tattoos to cement your relationship.

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