Full guide on how to cuff jeans: 5 best style ideas to roll your jeans

Full guide on how to cuff jeans: 5 best style ideas to roll your jeans

Jeans are trousers or pants made of denim or dungaree material. Historically, the denim used to make jeans was not pre-shrunk. That means you'd have to buy excessively long jeans pants. You'd cuff or roll up the excess fabric at the ends of the legs until you attained the desired length. How did they cuff these jeans? Discover a comprehensive guide on how to cuff jeans.

how to cuff jeans
Different styles of cuffed jeans. Photo: @denimdaysfestival, @denimhunters, @rambam_eindhoven on Instagram (modified by author)
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Jeans are sewn at the base of the legs to keep the material from fraying. If your trousers are too long and you want them shorter, you may get them trimmed or cuffed. What does cuffing your jeans mean? Cuffing is a functional technique to make your jeans the desired length without cutting and sewing.

Full guide on how to cuff jeans

Cuffed jeans assist in highlighting footwear while channelling both classic and current trends. What is the proper way to cuff jeans? Here are the best style ideas to roll your jeans.

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The single cuff

how to cuff jeans
A man with brown boots and single cuff style. Photo: @shaking.boots
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This style is the most basic and casual cuff. It is a classic option that is versatile and easily attractive. Follow the steps below to make a single cuff.

  1. Grab the hem of your trousers and fold it upward so that the underside is visible, around one to two inches.
  2. Ensure the cuff is uniformly crisp throughout by smoothing the newly added edge.
  3. The interior denim weave and the opposing stitch should now be visible, subtly contrasting the exterior hue.

The double cuff

how to cuff jeans
A man with white shoes and a double cuff style. Photo: @sir_tadius
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After you master the single cuff method for cuffing jeans, achieving the double cuff requires one more step. The following are some steps on how to roll up jeans to achieve a double cuff.

  1. Fold the hem of your jeans upwards by one to two inches to make the underside visible, or make a single cuff.
  2. Ensure the cuff is uniformly crisp throughout by smoothing the newly added edge.
  3. To fold the double cuff, take the hem facing upward and bring it back into the trousers, tucking it into the already-created cuff.

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The wide or high cuff

how to cuff jeans
A woman with high- cuffed jeans. Photo: @cuffcheckdenim
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Avoid wearing this cuff if you're a short person since it will highlight your height. The design works best with heavier-weaved, looser pants. The following are some steps on how to cuff baggy jeans.

  1. Fold the hem of your trousers up to four inches, displaying the inside of the trousers.
  2. You may smooth up the cuff line for a tidy appearance or leave it rough and jagged for a rockabilly effect.

The pinwheel cuff

how to cuff jeans
A man with a cuffed trousers. Photo: @shopify
Source: UGC

Compared to the earlier cuff styles, the pinwheel design is more intricate. It is, however, a fantastic way to cuff jeans.

  1. Take about an inch of the bottom between your thumb and fingers where the seams on your jeans meet, and draw it tight against your ankle.
  2. Pull the material tightly against your leg, producing a diagonal line of excess material.
  3. Fold up the now-tight hemline, carefully smooth out and tidy the cuff line between every fold.
  4. Continue cuffing until the pinwheel cuff is neatly tucked in.

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The skinny roll cuff

how to cuff jeans
A lady with a skinny roll cuff. Photo: @Coralcactusboutique
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Women's jeans might have a slim fit or a snug fit. Therefore, a double cuff may appear clumsy at the bottom. So, you should lengthen a single cuff. Boots would complement this design nicely. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to cuff straight-leg jeans.

  1. To make a slim cuff, take the finished seam and fold it up a little at a time.
  2. Smooth out the narrow cuff and refold it.
  3. Repeat step 2 until you get the required length. Avoid folding too much to prevent the cloth from bunching around the ankles.

How to cuff jeans with boots

How do you cuff high tops with jeans? Pairing jeans with ankle boots is popular, but if the jeans aren't a great fit, they can bunch around the ankles. The broad cuff fits perfectly with boots. Avoid tapering cuffs like the pinwheel roll and the thin roll.

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How to cuff jeans women's style

While there are several ways to cuff jeans, particular cuffs work well for tight jeans and others for wide-leg jeans. Naturally, distinguishing between the two is critical to avoiding a gaffe.

How to cuff jeans for sneakers

Cuffing jeans with trainers is simple since they are frequently adaptable and look excellent with most cuffs. The slender and pinwheel rolls are ideal because they complement the trainers' small and narrow design. A double cuff might also work, depending on the style you're looking for.

How to cuff wide-leg jeans

If you are wondering how to cuff wide-leg jeans for women's style, they are typically not cuffed, mainly if they are fit and flare. However, knowing how to cuff mom or boyfriend jeans is essential. The single or broad cuff would be the ideal approach to cuff them.

This will demonstrate a relaxed approach without appearing overly sloppy. Be careful not to cuff your legs too much; otherwise, they will appear short.

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How to cuff skinny jeans

Many individuals let the cloth gather at the ankles if unaware of how to cuff it. While it is one of the options, it is not clean. Knowing how much flesh you want to expose and how thick the material is the best approach to figuring out the correct way to cuff skinny jeans.

The primary and double cuffs work nicely, but the narrow and pinwheel rolls are designed for tight jeans. This produces a neat, tapered appearance on the legs while removing all excess cloth.

Is cuffing jeans in style 2023?

Cuffed jeans are one of the season's hottest styles. They provide an attractive structure to any ensemble, whether worn with heels or your go-to pair of shoes.

Above is a complete guide on how to cuff jeans. The focus of attention is mostly on your ankles when wearing well-fitting jeans. How you cuff and hem your jeans largely dictates how well they appear.

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