Ghanaian Woman In The UK Spotted Selling Waakye In Her Car Boot, Netizens React To The Video

Ghanaian Woman In The UK Spotted Selling Waakye In Her Car Boot, Netizens React To The Video

  • A Ghanaian woman has been spotted selling Waakye on the streets of the UK inside a car
  • In a video trending video on X, the woman was seen serving some customers Waakye in leaves
  • Netizens who came across the video were impressed by the woman's hustle as they shared their opinion on her Waakye business

A Ghanaian woman based in the UK has taken advantage of the cravings for African food by her fellow countrymen and women to start a Waakye business in a car.

In a video making rounds on social media, the unidentified woman was spotted serving a queue of Ghanaian men and women Waakye, one of the popular foods from Ghana.

Ghanaian woman in UK sell Waakye in car boot
A woman taking out food from her car boot (left) & a Waakye (right) Photo credit: Getty Images & MK waakye/Facebook
Source: UGC

The woman was heard mentioning some condiments she serves her Waakye with while attending to the customers who were gathered around her.

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"I have fried plantains and delicious egg stew. My Waakye is very hot," she was heard saying in Twi.

Aside from the condiments she mentioned, there was also a large bowl containing what looked like assorted meats and another for fried fish. Theere was also gari in a small nylon rubber.

While some customers were captured enjoying their Waakye in the leaves, others waited patiently for their turn to be served.

The caption accompanying the video sighted on X (formerly Twitter) by gave a hint into what inspired the woman to start seeing waakye in her car.

"This is UK. Woman selling from her car. You can make excuses to start that business or just do it!" the caption read.

Netizens react to the video

When her video emerged online, netizens who saw it on the X page of @JasperZiggle shared varied opinions, some of which are listed below.

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@ChingamPhoto said:

"the difference between uk then ghana be the currency."

@JasperZiggle replied:

"Also their environment ain't dirty."

@ODiggie also said:

"She prolly might be the only one doing that so profit nkoaa."

@naa_adobeaa commented:

"Wow this is amazing."

@AmooroGeorge also commented:

"That’s so great never give chance to any opportunity."

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