Yaa Pono Biography Facts

Yaa Pono Biography Facts

Where does Yaa Pono come from? How did he get so famous? Being in the limelight, his life is the subject of public scrutiny. Very few people know all the details behind this famous musician's rise. The story of Yaa Pono is an inspirational tale of talent, hardwork and success.

Yaa Pono

Who is Yaa Pono?

What is Yaa Pono’s real name? It is public knowledge that Yaa Pono’s home town is Tema. What most people do not know is Yaa Pono’s name; Solomon Andu Antwi and the story behind his stage name . His first name Yaa means a female born on Thursday and his adopted name PONO means Prince Of No Origin.

Yaa Pono’s date of birth

His birth date is still a mystery. This makes him very unique and controversial.

The feminine nature of his stage name has also brought controversy but he says that he will not change his name as this is part of his personal brand.

This strategy seems to be paying off as he is known for his uptown hiphop, dancehall, and afrobeat genres in music. Pono first appeared in local radio and competitions and made his first move in the studio in the year 1995. He also did a mix tape in 2007 which was received well in Ghana and was a big hit. He worked with other artists like Sarkodie, Guru and Chris Waddle. He joined the Pidgin records label in 2009 which made him broaden his career and his songs were heard as he teamed up with the best music producers at the time. Pono showed great determination as a young artist.

Yaa Pono

Yaa Pono

Yaa Pono’s biggest hit was in 2013, a song named amen, which was a tribute to the famous afrobeat king Fela Anikulapo Kuti. He also released an album in 2013 called sea blue. His recent songs include Sokoo, Streetboy, Gbe Naabu, Noko and Sika Duro.

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Known for his charisma and a sense of style, Yaa Pono’s tribe plays also plays a large role in his music as his use of the Akan language is impeccable. The fact that he can speak his mother language fluently shows that he is indeed original.

Pono has toured a lot in Ghana mostly in Accra and Kumasi and has performed in many music festivals like high vibes. Yaa Pono’s awards include the 2011 record of the year song good morning –MTN Ghana music awards, 2014 best traditional artist song- Amen and Tare Tare Virgin Ghana music awards and 2014 best hiplife music video song- amen 4syte Tv music awards

Yaa Pono’s Wealth

What is Yaa Pono’s worth? Report states that this musician who owns a private jet has a net worth of around 2 million US dollars annually

Yaa Pono’s house and cars

Does Yaa Pono have a car? These are perhaps the biggest proof of the artist’s financial success in the music industry. His latest car Mercedes Benz is an eye catching ride as it’s the updated version and just one of the fleet of Yaa Pono’s cars.

Yaa Pono's car

Yaa Pono's car

Yaa pono is undoubtedly one of the best Ghana has ever had. With this increased popularity, Pono will definitely release more songs and expand his music career. He is a role model to upcoming musicians, well able and we know that he will not disappoint his fans.

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