7 Profitable business ideas in Ghana in 2020

7 Profitable business ideas in Ghana in 2020

In spite of many Ghanaians being educated, many of them are still jobless. Relying on employment to earn income has become a nightmare. As such, it is wise that people consider business ideas with low investment and high profit. Do no waste your time anymore blaming the government or the economy. Try out the business ideas in Ghana listed below.

Profitable business ideas in Ghana

Profitable business ideas

Self employment is not for the faint at heart. Here are a few ideas for the aggressive Ghanaian who is willing to venture into the business field.

Online jobs

Luckily, many Ghanaians are literate and can now access the internet without much struggle. There are very many activities that one can do online to earn money. Blogging enables one to market their products as well as those of other people. One only requires being creative to attract a wide following. Several companies are offering data entry, editing, copywriting and virtual assistant jobs. Interestingly, you do not have to move from where you are to get these jobs. All you need to do is apply for them or create them as well depending on your skills. This is a small business idea from home that people should try out.

Running errands

Nowadays, people have become very busy creating comfortable lifestyles for themselves. As such, they do not have time to carry out small activities like shopping, cleaning their houses, picking their kids from school or delivering items among others. This is a lucrative business opportunity and people need to start searching for such jobs. If you run errands for two to three people, you can earn some considerable amount of money. Later on, you can establish your business.

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Mobile make-up artist

If you are a makeup artist or are planning to be one, it is time you perfected your skills. Many people want services delivered at their homes. As modernity continues to become part of life, people want to look fabulous even for the smallest events. All you need is a makeup kit and then locate your customers. If you provide quality services, you will not have to look for them. Instead, they will look for you. Makeup artistry is a lucrative business in Ghana 2020.

Profitable business ideas in Ghana

Livestock keeping

Animal products such as beef, fish, mutton, chicken and milk will never go out of the market. First, people use them on a daily routine. Second, they are raw materials for many companies. You should probably consider rearing poultry, cattle, sheep and fish. The returns are huge if the business is run well. This is one of the best products to sell in Ghana today.

Hawking in offices

Many companies in Ghana do not provide employees with all the meals in the course of the day. The surrounding hotels especially in urban centers can be very expensive for these employees to access them daily. As such, selling to them well packaged foods and drinks would make their work easier. You just have to observe hygiene and also prepare delicious meals. Hawking in offices is a simple business in Ghana that can translate to huge profits.

Profitable business ideas in Ghana

Selling fruits and making juices

Ghana has a wide variety of fruits. As people become more aware about healthy living, fruits and fresh juices have become preferences for many people. Setting up a simple but hygienic fruit station can become a very impressive business. This is one of the best small scale business in Ghana.

How to make quick money in Ghana

If you want to earn quick money, you should probably try betting for companies like SoccaBet. However, it’s a gamble and you could end up losing a huge amount of money.

There are very many business opportunities in Ghana. The ideas listed above require a very low investment and are also excellent business ideas for beginners. Do not be left behind as people make money.

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