Types and benefits of garden eggs

Types and benefits of garden eggs

Unfortunately, many people are yet to discover the magic in consuming garden eggs regularly. The few people who have tried adding them into their diet have already realized their health benefits. Garden eggs nutritional values are astronomical. This article outlines the health benefits of consuming gardens. But first, let’s discuss the varieties of garden eggs.

Types and benefits of garden eggs

Types of garden eggs in Ghana

Many people are very familiar with Solanum melongena garden egg which looks like a pear and is purple. However, there are very many varieties of garden plants in several parts of the globe. In the past, garden eggs were only available in China and India. They were later introduced to Africa and Europe.

The following are the types of garden egg and their characteristics.

  • Solanum melongena: Pear shaped, purple and 9 inches long.
  • Indian eggplant: These are small, purple and have a green calyx.
  • White varieties: These garden eggs are white and are round.
  • Japanese garden egg: long, light purple, have a purple calyx and a very tender skin.
  • Ghostbuster: Is white skinned and sweeter than the ones that appear in purple.

These are just but a few types of garden eggs or egg plants. Their skins can appear in light or dark pure, white, gold or striped. Moreover, the length and size varies. Egg plants usually grow in hot areas with consistent moisture and can be destroyed by frost.

Garden eggs health benefits

Can be used to prevent and treat throat infections. Garden eggs usually contain antimicrobial components that help in preventing sore throats and any other type of infections.

Types and benefits of garden eggs

Garden eggs help in weight loss. One of the most significant nutritional values of garden eggs is that they contain high fiber content. Fiber prevents the accumulation of fats around the body and thus the fruit is definitely good for weight loss.

Garden eggs help in keeping the liver healthy. The contents of garden egg are essential in preventing disorders of the liver and also improving on its functioning. It is therefore wise to consider consuming garden egg as opposed to taking medicine to cure disorders. You should use garden eggs leaves to make juices or in food for best results.

Garden eggs are stress relievers. Stress is really detrimental to the health of a person. Garden eggs promote proper functioning of the nervous system such that a person is able to handle difficult situations.

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Garden eggs can be used to treat and manage diabetes. A crucial garden eggs benefit is that it helps in controlling blood sugar level. People with diabetes can easily control sugar levels by consuming garden eggs stew. To accomplish this, one must take it often.

Garden eggs and pregnancy: Garden eggs have almost all the nutrients that a pregnant woman would require. At this time, what is consumed by the woman is meant to sustain her and the fetus. A garden egg has vitamins, minerals and antimicrobial elements among others. All these are required for the good health of the mother and the unborn child. As such, expectant mothers are advised to include garden eggs vegetable in their diets often.

Types and benefits of garden eggs

Sauce prepared using garden eggs

Garden eggs treat colds and coughs. Constant colds and coughing can be very irritating. However, if a person makes a habit of eating garden eggs, they can bring to an end such horrible situations.

Garden eggs promote healthy functioning of the respiratory system. They help in preventing lung infections and diseases such as bronchitis. However, one needs to eat garden eggs every now and then.

Listed above are just but a few benefits of garden eggs. They depict that indeed garden eggs can boost the immune system of a person thus promoting a quality life. Due to such benefits, garden eggs production in Ghana has increased.

Should you want a healthy life with decreased medical visits, consuming garden eggs is the way to go!

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