Cape Coast University school fees for graduate and postgraduate programs

Cape Coast University school fees for graduate and postgraduate programs

Cape Coast University school fees is still a mystery to many however we have the fees for you. The university of Cape Coast is among the best universities in Ghana located in the Cape Coast Region. This university was founded back in 1962 with the aim of providing quality education for the graduate teachers. Throughout the years, the university has expanded and it trains doctors, health practitioners, and top ranking ministers.This post takes you through the UCC fees and also the graduate and post graduate courses offered and so much more.

Cape Coast University school fees
UCC distance education fees
School fees for Cape Coast University
UCC fees for continuing students

The university is committed to ensuring that each student is well equipped for the outside world. The school motto is truth our guide and this university ensure that the results are very genuine meaning that every graduate from this university has worked for their degree. The Chancellor is Sam E Jonah. Currently the university has over 67,000 undergraduate students and over 5,000 post graduate students. The school is well equipped with playing grounds, well equipped with a spacious library and many more. The school has a strong team that works together to ensure that all the student are very well equipped.

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Once you want to major in a various course, feel free to visit the university for adequate knowledge about the course that you want to take and the requirements that are necessary.

University of Cape Coast departments

The university is made up of 5 colleges, they include:

1. College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences

This college is basically for students who take up bachelors in Agriculture and Agriculture related courses.

2. College of Education Studies

This college is made of of all students undertaking education. Students can do a combination of subjects like Mathematic and History and they can also choose to major in one. Education is a very essential part in every public university and every year Ghana trains a big number of teachers.

3. College of Humanities and Legal Studies

This college offers all the humanities courses and also law. From this college students are in a position to understand the Ghanaian law and also interpret the constitution and everything that pertains to it. University of Cape Coast has brought up very outstanding lawyers, ministers and also leaders of the nation.

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4. College of Health and Applied Sciences

This college is made up of students who are undertaking Bachelor of Science in health sciences and also applied sciences. Students in this College are in a position to do practical and the University is equipped with equipments.

5. College of Distance Education

This college is responsible for distant learning at University of Cape Coast.

All these courses are different and they offer quality education. UCC student fees is paid to the respective department.

Modes of study University of Cape Coast

A student has the ability to choose the mode of study that he/she prefers. It can either be regular part time or distance learning. The regular study involves full involvement in the classroom. Students show up during the day to be taught from morning to evening. This mode of study is the best for fresh undergraduate students. The part time mode of study is mostly set for the post graduate. They have an option of studying during weekends. Lastly, the university is equipped with technology so students from other countries can practise distance learning. The students have to apply for this using their original documents. All students should also be in a position to follow the instructions as provided by the university if at all they want to study at this particular university.

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UCC sandwich programme

The University of Cape Coast offers a sandwich programme for students with practical courses. In these cases the theoretical and the practical parts are normally interwoven. Such that an individual does theory in a year or two then he/she goes for a practical at an industry or an area that they gain practical knowledge. Students in the sandwich programme or those who desire it should always be alert because the university opens a timeline for the application. UCC fees for continuing students in this programme is updated each semester.

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UCC admissions

After a successful application to the university, all students are welcomed with a nice matriculation ceremony. They are introduced to the university, the colleges and the heads. The students are then required to register their units and learning starts from there. The University always ensures that students are comfortable. The university also provides a good learning environment for every student.

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University of Cape Coast admission fees

To apply to the university online, all you have to do s to buy a scratch card. The scratch cards are available at the cashier’s office at the university, post offices in Ghana, University of Cape Coast Accra office and also at the University’s distance learning centres. The scratch cards go for GH₵ 220 for undergraduate, and 120 US dollars for the international students. The post Diploma students pay GH₵ 230 for the scratch cards. Each scratch card has a unique number that every student is required. The scratch cards can be bought by a visa card this applies to the international students. The deadlines for buying the cards and applying are always communicated.

For the online applications, students are required to provide the necessary mandatory information. The best thing about the application process is that there are instructions that will guide you into filling the admission form. Once you apply, you should know that practical examinations dates are normally announced. This applies for medical students and those taking physical sciences. Once you fill the application form, make sure to attach the copies of passports and result slips. The documents are then forwarded to the school head of academic affairs. Once a student is qualified for the course that they want, the school produces a list of the students and the students are normally contacted.

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UCC student fees
University of Cape Coast admission fees
UCC medical school fees
UCC distance learning fees

School fees for Cape Coast University

Below are the UCC fees 2018-2019. For undergraduate students taking Bachelor of Arts either in communication, theatre studies and music and dance fees for fresh and continuing students the UCC fees is from GH₵ 2100-2900. This amount of course is the tuition fees and it varies each year. Non-resident students pay relatively less because the fees exclude hostel fees provided by the university. Mostly fresh students are admitted and they are assigned hostels within the school compound that they can stay.

For students wishing to take up science courses like medical laboratory science, forensic science and nursing the UCC medical school fees range from GH₵ 2500-4000. Education students pay fees ranging from GH₵ 2300-3000. For Humanities or education, business, science and agriculture including Entomology, master’s students pay tuition fees of between GH₵ 3800-4500. PhD students pay more around GH₵ 4300-4900. Other courses offered at the postgraduate level include nursing, aquatic science, biomedical science and many more.

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These are not the only courses offered at the University of Cape Coast. There are other courses that have emerged and if you want to know more about them you can visit the school website or the school itself and find out more about the courses offered nod their fees.

UCC distance learning

Distance learning is available at UCC. With improved technology, students can now learn from their homes away from school. The lecturers are also very professional with the students. All distance learning students have the ability to gain access to the portal and access the exams. The students also have to forward their exams on time and ensure that they read all the notes. Fees for distance learning do not include accommodation. Fees for UCC distance learning is indicated below;

UCC distance education fees for fresh, continuing and final year students

Here is the list of UCC distance learning fees:

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  • Diploma-Basic Education GH₵ 2110, GH₵ 1179, GH₵ 1720
  • Diploma Business administration-GH₵ 2451,GH₵ 1697, GH₵ 2057
  • Post-Diploma B.Ed GH₵ 2153, GH₵ 1762
  • Post-Diploma Business administration GH₵ 3034, GH₵ 2609
  • Post Diploma BSc in VOTECH, GH₵ 1726, GH₵ 1457, GH₵ 1890
  • Postgraduate diploma mentoring- GH₵ 2773, N/A, GH₵ 2217
  • BBBA/Bsc in Business administration GH₵ 2436, GH₵2046, GH₵ 2490
  • BSc IT, GH₵ 2046, GH₵ 2490.
  • Med maths, science and English GH₵ 3463,GH₵ 3109.
  • MA in mentorship by distance GH₵ 3463, GH₵ 3109
School fees for Cape Coast University
UCC fees for continuing students
UCC fees
Fees for UCC distance learning
UCC student fees

All the fees stated above are not static because they can change as per the university policy. Students have already been admitted for the September intake and for students who wish to join this university can apply next year or for the next intake. To get more knowledge about the various intakes, visit the school website and find out more. This university does not only support school work but also there are other extracurricular activates. The students are supposed to get the admission forms from the school website.

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Cape Coast University contacts

Phone numbers; +233 (0)332 13903 or +233 (0)332137904.

Fax: +233 [03321] 32484


Join the Cape Coast University and experience the good learning environment that the university offers, quality education, and also professionalism at a whole new level.

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