List of web hosting in Ghana

List of web hosting in Ghana

The 21st century has come with expansion of education in different parts of Africa has called for more demand for information. The information found on printed materials like books is not enough to provide the diverse knowledge that the society needs. Sometimes, books may not be available for all people to read. Where else can we get information that will help solve our daily problems? Probably, the answer for most people will be the internet. The question however remains on how does the internet provide this information and who put it on the internet. The internet allows people to share information in an organized manner which is why the concept of web hosting in Ghana is relevant. These websites need to be placed at a specific location in a process called web hosting. Web hosting service is usual done by a specialized companies. This article will narrow to look at the various web hosting companies in Ghana.

Best web hosting in Ghana


List of web hosting companies in Ghana

Ghana has web hosting companies in numbers which provide hosting services for the many websites which are available in Ghana and beyond. The following list represent's the various companies located in Ghana which carry out web hosting activities. This list is as follows:


When you are looking for the most excellent web hosting company in Ghana, web4africa will be the best option for you. It is the oldest company in Ghana with a lot of experience and has hosted very many websites in both Ghana and other countries. It's physical address is 14 Kaale street, contact +233 24 4937935. It provides all web services with high experience unlike all the other web hosting companies in Ghana. It currently provides one the best web hosting services in Ghana. This company has been in existence since 2002, with its major duty being providing its customers with all round services of ensuring good internet service on their websites.

Best web hosting in Ghana

Source. Disrupt Africa

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Dtech Ghana

This is yet another web technology firm which was established in 2006 mainly to address the issues of poor e-commerce services in Ghana. It’s one of the best web hosting companies in Ghana. It offers a variety of services including mobile money services, payment gateways among other services. Other major reasons behind the formation of this company was to ensure provision of good internet services to the people of Ghana , respect for clients, rewarding hard work, encourage innovation among other services. It has also encouraged web and internet technology development in Ghana and neighboring countries. Dtech is located at Kumasi, Ashanti region 23302 Tel +233 322 390 858. Its general email address is Dtech is also one of the cheapest websites and offers an amazing internet technology services to all its clients.

Best web hosting in Ghana

source:Website Ghana

Services offered by Dtech company;

Email marketing, marketing in social media, domain registration, giving logos and corporate identity, problem recovery services, persuasive copyright, design custom webs alongside re-branding services. This has made Dtech to be a more popular company in Ghana.

OGDweb host

Any successful entrepreneur who values internet marketing must have heard about this. OGHweb is an excellent web hosting company with 24/7 services from highly trained personnel. The motto of this company is affordable web hosting and designing webs. Fully management of this company is done by The contact number for this company is +2330248100617. According to customer review, OGDweb Host is one of the most rapid growing web hosting company in Ghana. Some of the main services offered by this company include

Web hosting, domain name registration, graphic designs and web development. More services are still offered by this company on special requests.

Best web hosting in Ghana


Ultra Host Ghana

Guys looking for a cheap all internet work website, ultra-host Ghana is the best option for you. It’s among the best web hosting companies in Ghana. This company is located in Accra Ghana. Tel 0245 076 408 and its email address is It’s one of the top web hosting company in Ghana and offers variety of technology services like PHP, cPanel, among others. The owner of this website is believed to be Transcendent Business Solutions and it mainly targets clients from Ghana. More information on customer rating, and its obligations can be accessed from

Best web hosting in Ghana


Some of the main services offered by this company include the following:

High technical support, control panel for cPanel and other hosting new hosting tools, platform technical support among other high rated services.

Stormers host

This is one of the most developed web hosting companies in Ghana. It was founded by Enoch Donko. It's main obligation is to offer high web hosting services to all clients in Ghana, United states, India and United Kingdom. Stormer host is one of the best companies' in Ghana and in the other countries using its service. It offers cheap professional services which range between 35 GHS -180 GHS, e.g. WordPress web hosting and Linux web hosting among others. The company also offers backups to websites and support to website issues at any hour of the day with multiple data transfers. The company is located at Danson man Great Accra in Ghana. The contact number and email address are as follows,Tel +233244460580, It’s the best company which can handle any issue or general concerns of web services. This company accepts several means of payment including; paypal, western union, prepaid cards, debit and credit options unlike other companies in Ghana.

Best web hosting in Ghana

Source:Ghana Business Directory

Web4uGhana was designed by Spinning Web Consult and is mainly focusing on addressing limited options on websites in Ghana. Its located at Knust in Kumasi. Physical address: P.O. Box 118 up Knust, Kumasi Ghana. Web4ughana provides hosting which has various options to choose from. Clients are not limited on few basic properties of a website but have alternatives of adding more options from their home page. It was started back in 2005 has now been able to make about 41links. You can easily access links and other information on this company on Web4ughana is one of the most rapid growing companies in Ghana. It currently has very many who have great faith on services of this company.

Best web hosting in Ghana

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Web Host Ghana

Don’t spend ages in the internet looking for the best domain name registration company in Ghana. It's right here with you now. Web Host Ghana is a prominent high service company which offer services like, domain name registration and web hosting services to its clients. It is owned by Konadu Agyeman and is located in Accra, Ghana. It provides highly professional web hosting and graphic design solutions in Ghana. Web Host Ghana is the most recommended company due to easy access and its professional services. It started operating since January 2009 and it is currently having 13 links to access it.

Best web hosting in Ghana

Source:Geeks Global Technologies Ltd

Rock Ghana

This is one of the best free web hosting company in Ghana. It is owned by Rock Ghana and it's clients are mainly based in Ghana. Rock Ghana provides 24/7 services with contact help information to its clients as follows : or call 233242175865. Its currently has one link site where you can access all information about this company, Though this company is not large enough compared to the other companies in Ghana, it has attracted great attention due to its free hosting services. Probably for the few friends who may have limited cash can inquire free services from this free web hosting in Ghana. Some of the basic services offered by this company include: domain name registration, web hosting, and website management.

Ovation hall

When you need a high speed website, and instant response from the service center in case of a problem with your website, ovation hall will do you good. It’s a good company offering a fast internet web service including web hosting, domain name registration, web protection among others services. The designing and management of these websites is usually done free of charge by these company. Some more services which are unique to this company include: provision of solid state drives with faster speed compared to hard disk drives.

Best web hosting in Ghana

Source:The Sociable

Web Hosting Services in Ghana

The multiple web hosting companies in Ghana offer variety of services to their clients which make the clients faithful to them. Some common services include:

  • Domain name registration

Most web hosting companies in Ghana if not all offer domain name registration. Ghana offers a .COM.GH as their domain. It was introduced in the late 1995 and was meant to be used by all companies wishing to establish internet connection within Ghana. Domain name is a crucial part in forming a website. A website cannot exist without a domain name. There are several requirements which must be met before registering a domain name. They include: providence of a valid business name if the owner of the website is a company and providence of ID/passport if the owner is a person. These requirements must be met before a website is fully given a domain name.

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  • Web hosting

As the name suggest, this is the main service for these companies. To offer a space for websites to be built on. The space offered by these companies is usually highly secured with very limited data linkages. Crucial information about the owner of the website remain confidential to the builder.

  • Problem recovery system

All web hosting companies have problem recovery system server which help to rectify any abnormal issue in the website. Some of the most common problems reported include: low internet coverage, unusual behavior on a website, among other frequently reported problems.

  • Web creation

Web hosting companies have professionals who can develop very strong websites for their clients. Websites developed by company personnel are known to be stronger in terms of network coverage and the rest.

  • Graphic designing

Graphic designs on website are usually done by the mother server of a website.

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