Ghana worship songs - Top 10 list

Ghana worship songs - Top 10 list

These Ghana worship songs in our top list have gained favor in Ghana, making them relate to different churches in the country. Some of the worship songs here have even been accepted beyond Ghana bounders for portraying a very powerful message for the believers. Their number of downloads, the YouTube views, and radio airplay have made us know the audience reception and impressions of the worship songs nominated in this article.

Ghana worship songs


Worship songs can really uplift one's soul when they are down. That is why a well composed worship song is worth listening to.Keep on scrolling and find beautiful worship songs to revive your playlist.

1. Joe Mettle - This is the Air I Breath

‘This is the Air I Breathe’ is among the new Ghana worship songs released in 2017 by one of the most popular gospel artist referred to as Joe Mettle, full name Joseph Oscar Mettle. It touched the hearts of many fanatics of the worship song artist making in trend to an extent of getting over 2 million YouTube views. The lyrics are friendly and the beats taking you closer to God.

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The message of the worship song revolve around how believers are desperate to have God in their lives. This is the Air I Breathe is one of the latest Ghana worship songs that have a very powerful lyric for those who believe in God and all they desire is to glorify Him. Joe Mettle proved that he can sing so flawlessly and that is among the major reasons why most of his songs are top ranked.

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2. Emmanuel Gyamfi - We Live To Worship

‘We Live To Worship’ is among the trendy worship songs in Ghana that can only be referred to as spirit-filled for having a great and powerful message to Christians. This song was release back in 2016 by Emmanuel Gyamfi who is based at United Kingdom, UK, and still viral to date. The lyrics have a message that teach his listeners the worship process. Emmanuel informs Christians that every Christian is purposed to worship God because Jesus Christ is the reason for our lives is, and we should live to worship him. The vocals, the flow of the lines, the musical instruments, and the video fits the breakout hit. Thumbs up to those who participated in making the hit song as awesome as it is.

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3. Noble Nketsiah - Woye Owuro

‘Woye Owuro’ is a Ghanaian worship song that give listeners an instant mood in worshipping. It was released in 2017 and managed to be disputed among our list of the best worship songs in Ghana for gaining acceptance from all corners of the country, Ghana. ‘Woye Owuro’ the title of the song are Ga people words that literally means that ‘You are God’. God mercies, love, and kindness to his people is boundless and believers should forever desire to glorify and magnify his name. This hit is so inspiring in that it can definitely make any Christian go into a deep worship mood for its powerful message not forgetting the soft and cool beats. It is also easy to sing and hum this trendy worship song for its simple lyrics.

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4. Joe Mettle - Come Holy Spirit

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Best Ghana worship songs such as ‘Come Holy Spirit’ by Joe Mettle seem to relentlessly stick on most Ghanaians lips. He released this song back in 2015 in his ‘The Encounter album’. The worship hit has very powerful lyrics that can easily be hummed with a message that revolve around calling out the Holy Spirit to fill the believers. Believers need the Holy Spirit to fill them so that they can walk into the right path of God. The beats are soft as well as friendly and the lyrical prowess of Joe Mettle crowing it all. Joe Mettle has released a number of Ghana worship songs in English such as ‘Lion of Judah’ and ‘Higher’ that has made him famous not only locally, but also internationally. In fact, most of his worship songs take short periods to make it to the top chart list. He has also managed to be nominated in quite a number of international awards for his great talent in singing.

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5. Odehyieba Priscilla - Aseda

‘Aseda’ is a worship song by one of the youngest worship Ghanaian artist, Odehyieba Priscilla. She released this song in 2017 in her ‘Monkae Atemuda’ album. ‘Aseda’ the title of the song, is a Twi tribe word that means Thanks. Priscilla is only 12 years with a beautiful voice that she uses to glorify God. She is truly gifted if her song ‘Aseda’ can appear in our top praise and worship songs from Ghana list. Priscilla lyrics have a message that revolve around glorifying God for all his awesome deeds into his people’s lives.

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6. Ohemaa Mercy - Thank You

‘Thank You’ is among Ghana powerful worship songs released back in 2013 by a gifted female artist, Ohemaa Mercy. This song has powerful lyrics that can definitely bring any believer to his or her knees. The message of the song is to encourage believers to appreciate God’s deeds into their lives. You should always say thank you to the almighty in all circumstances whether good or bad. Honestly, Gods love unto his people cannot be compared with anything in this world. The beats as well as Ohemaa Mercy vocals are great as they allow the listener to get into the mood of deep worship.

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7. Bro Sammy - Amen

‘Amen’ is one of the Ghana worship songs video of good quality released in 2017. Bro Sammy and his worship mates in that video will definitely make you go deep into worship. It is an inspirational song with very powerful lyrics and an awesome beat. It has a prominent message that revolves around glorifying God for his greet deeds. Bro Sammy is a very talented Ghanaian and he never disappoints when it comes to worship songs. He has released a number of his songs and his great vocals and performance crown it all.

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8. Diana Hamilton - Yehovah Bahwe

‘Yehovah Bahwe’ song has a wonderful introduction setting that gets you deep into the song. The musical instruments are well played, the beats, and the lyrics great making it accepted by Diana fanatics. ‘Yahovah Bahwe’ has one of the Ghana worship songs lyrics that can make any believer desire to worship and praise God forever. The title of the song ‘Yehovah Behwe’ translates as ‘Jehovah will take care of you.’ Diana Hamilton Mins got inspirations from a bible verse, Jeremiah 29:11, which offers believers an assurance that God has great plans for them. Good plans and not evil plans; we should all trust in God because he got the last word into our lives.

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Jeremiah 29:11 says that “gives the assurance that the Lord knows the plans He has for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Surely Jehovah will take care of you. Do not fret.”

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9. Uncle Ato - Dzi Dew

‘Dzi Dew’ translates as Rejoice, is a song released back in 2010. The message is so encouraging as well as inspiring to any believer. The lyrics are well crafted and the worship song flows beautifully. Uncle Ato used this song to preach a message to his listeners of rejoicing and glorifying God in all circumstances. Uncle Uto sings so flawlessly taking believers into a ‘throne room of grace’. In simple words, Uncle Uto tells believers that there is hope and all they should do is to keep on believing and trusting God. Ghana worship songs list such as ‘Dzi Dew’ are awesome to listen especially when you want to get into a praying mood.

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10. Pastor Kwame - Amponsah ‘Merensese Me Nyama Da

‘Amponsah ‘Merensese Me Nyama Da’ is a gospel hit that was released back in 2015 and still in most Ghanaian lips for its great everything from the vocals to the lyrics. There is no harm if we place it among the Ghana worship songs non-stop. The message is about how God will forever hold his people’s hands no matter the situation or the social class they are in the society. The gifted artist also encourages his listeners to never change their God. There some people who forgot there is God because and they commence to worship wealth while others worship power and fame. God will forever be there in good and bad times, nothing should change our belief on him.

Ghana worship songs in this article are meant to encourage and inspire any believer either from Ghana or from other continents. We believe in one God and therefore we can get blessing and preaching from gospel worship songs from any continent. Right? Ghana has amazing and gifted worship songs artist that release hits that will definitely get you deep into the mood of glorifying God. You can download the songs or view them on YouTube. If we failed to nominate your favorite trendy Ghana worship song, we will appreciate if you share with us in our comment section.

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