Princess Shyngle biography, photos, age, and boyfriend

Princess Shyngle biography, photos, age, and boyfriend

To grab the attention of many people in the media and film industry takes a lot of time and commitment. Usually, the devotion of a player in the field is the source of growth. Princess Shyngle is no exception. She has not only sought to stand out in the field but also worked hard enough to build a household name.

Who is Princess Shyngle

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Princess Shyngle is a renowned actress and producer from the Gambia and Ghana. Whereas she is not a popular guest on our TV screens, she is a big player behind the scenes. But who is Princess Shyngle? We take a look at who Princess Shyngle is and why her fame keeps growing day by day. Read with us!

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Profile summary

  • Name: Princess Shyngle
  • Place of birth: Banjul, Gambia
  • Date of birth: 25th December 1990
  • Current age: 28
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Profession: Actress, Producer

Early life

Princess Shyngle was born on the 25th of December, 1990, in Banjul, Gambia. She was born to Winston Shyngle and Ramatoule Cham. While Winston, her father, was a deputy mayor of Banjul, her mother was and is still a business lady. The current Princess Shyngle age is 28.

She had both her primary and secondary education. She studied at Ndowa Comprehensive School. Later on, she went ahead to pursue a computer course before starting her career.


After her computer course, she started as an event planner. It is during this period that Cocacola Gambia spotted her. She had an exciting stint with the multinational company before considering a new path. Her path to stardom began when she took an audition for the Next Movie Star Africa competition.

While at Next Movie Star Africa, she emerged as the finalist. It is through this that she had the opportunity to highlight one of her hidden talents, being an actress.

After this audition, Princess has gone on to star in various movies in Ghana. Such was the time that she appeared on Why Should I Get Married, a film that shot her to the limelight. She has had various roles alongside other actors, including John Dumelo, Martha Ankoma, and Juliet Ibrahim.

You will also note that Beverly Naya and Princess Shyngle have acted together and are great friends too. Some of the most prominent Princess Shyngle movies include The Hidden Fantasy, Dormitory 8 Series, and The 5 Brides Series. Further, she co-produced The Will too.

Is Princess Shyngle married?

The actress is not married. One question that will always follow this is whether there is a Princess Shyngle boyfriend somewhere. Probably, this is because of her distinctive figure and beauty. She is not only beautiful but also attractive.

Well, she has a rich history when it comes to dating. She is one of the stars that has dated various prominent persons. She has previously dated Michael Essien as well as D-black. Perhaps you are wondering why she was dating a married man. Well, she claims she did not know so.

However, we cannot establish whom she is currently seeing.


Princess has never shied away from expressing herself, regardless of how others view her or feel. If you are to go through her social media, you will hardly miss controversial statements.

She once pointed out how actresses in the industry keep recycling and dating the same men. Some people thought that her progressive nature tends towards being quite daring.

Princess Shyngle photos

Nothing matches the attention that beautiful images on social media and the internet come with. As mentioned earlier, this actress is one of the most beautiful ladies in the industry.

Her seductive appeal will hardly be ignored. She has not only an attractive figure but also a youthful and distinct glow. This way, she considers herself as among the sexiest women in Africa.

One of the things people will want to talk about is the Princess Shyngle measurements. She has one of the tiniest waists yet with a voluptuous bust and hips. She attributes the change to putting on waist trainers. Feel free to compare Princess Shyngle before and after photos.

Besides, when the internet broke with the tag Princess Shyngle twerking, people could hardly resist talking about it. Feel free to go to this YouTube channel to witness.

Princess Shyngle age

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Princess Shyngle kidney issues

In 2016, she indicated that she was battling kidney disease. However, she readily dissociated the condition with her waist training. It is at this point that she highlighted that she trains her waist and has never undergone any plastic surgery. In case you are wondering whether there has been any Princess Shyngle plastic surgery, it has never been there.

Princess Shyngle net worth

Undoubtedly, Shyngle is one of the most influential as well as wealthy actresses from the Gambia. Her main source of income is the roles she plays in the film industry in Ghana. Her estimated net worth in 2018 was about 400000 US dollars. However, it is hard to establish how much she earns annually.

Princess Shyngle instagram

One of the best ways to keep in touch with the social life of your role model is through her social media pages. This actress is an active user of the Instagram platform. It is here that she updates her fans of various events coming up as well as a sneak peek of her social life. Besides, you will have the chance to see her beautiful pictures and even videos. Please do not shy away from following actress Princess Shyngle.

The life of Princess Shyngle is a fantastic journey to follow and her role in the film industry is one that prides in exceptionalism. Besides, she understands and always wears her character. This way, it has been easier for her to build a household name in the industry. Also, her journey to keep fit and gain a good body could be a great source of inspiration to many aspiring models and other ladies.

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