Who is Post Malone dating? Everything you should know about her

Who is Post Malone dating? Everything you should know about her

Austin Richard Post, popularly known as Post Malone, is one of the most discussed celebrities in the entertainment scene. His views on music, culture and relationships often make headlines. However, Post Malone dating stories seems to have overshadowed his career from the beginning of 2020.

Post Malone dating
Post Malone arrives at the 2019 GQ Men Of The Year event at The West Hollywood Edition. Photo: Morgan Lieberman
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Is Post Malone married? No. The rapper is not yet married. But he has been dating since he became popular a decade ago. Post Malone girlfriends list consist of rappers, music managers, and social media influencers. Unlike some rappers such as J Cole and Kendrick Lamar, he is open about his relationships, even when they fail.

Who is Post Malone dating in 2021?

The rapper is dating MLMA, a visual artist and rapper from Korea. Although they have not officially confirmed their relationship, Post Malone and MLMA have shared cosy pictures on the Seoul-born rapper's social media pages.

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Post Malone previous relationships

Before MLMA, the rapper has been in several public relationships. Some of the known ones include:

Relationship with Ashlen Diaz

The rapper’s relationship with Diaz was, arguably, his most public affair as a mainstream artist. Unlike most relationships, he spoke candidly about the relationship on different platforms such as on The Breakfast Club.

However, Post Malone and Ashlen Diaz relationship had many challenges. For example, the two did not follow each other on social media, raising many doubts about them. Although they toured together, they were on and off the relationship.

According to the rapper, there was no specific cause for their rocky relationship. The rapper’s statement put an end to the cheating rumours. However, being defensive did not save the rapper's relationship. The two broke up after dating more than two years.

Until this day, many people still believe that Diaz was Post Malone ex-wife. However, she was just an ex-girlfriend. Nonetheless, she has since moved on with her life. Also, she is in the music business as a promoter and talent scout, where she works closely with the Malone’s record label.

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Relationship with a “mysterious girl"

Before Post Malone was a star, he was in a relationship. Different publications such as TheThings have tried to uncover the mysterious girl. Although less is known about her, pictures of the two have surfaced. The talented rapper does not have his signature tattoos in the picture, making it hard to identify him.

Besides the pictures, the rapper has sung about his ex-girlfriend in some of his songs. For example, in his first album, he references a failing relationship, which commentators believe the mentions were about his ex-girlfriend. Judging by lyrics, it is also possible that the lady in question cheated on the rapper.

However, the rapper has never expounded on his past relationship in any of his interviews. It seems like the award-winning rapper views it as a closed chapter in his life.

Post Malone and MLMA breakup rumours

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Post Malone dating
MLMA doing her make-up. Photo: @melovemealot
Source: Instagram

In January 2021’s Famous Celebrity Beer Pong, he was asked whether he is dating. Interestingly, Post Malone said no. His answer was unexpected, especially to millions of fans who idolised his new relationship. It was also shocking to the show’s guests, who expected a different response from the artist.

However, some entertainment commentators, especially Reddit, believe that the answer was incorrect. The rapper is known for giving incorrect or misleading responses to gain traction. The marketing gimmick works for the rapper most of the time. Therefore, it is not enough to believe his words, especially when releasing an album.

Besides, MLMA still posts pictures and videos of her and the rapper on her Instagram stories. Therefore, the possibility of the couple being together is high.

Quick facts about Post Malone girlfriend

Before Post Malone, the young artist was less known, especially in the mainstream media. Here are some fun facts about her.

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MLMA’s real name is a mystery

The visual artist is not ready to reveal her name. In a couple of interviews, she blushes off questions about her real name. Instead, she is fond of discussing her story and how she got into visual arts and music. While the decision to hide her name is normal among Instagram celebrities, she has attracted more attacks from mainstream media, terming her as “not serious.”

She was already a celebrity before she met the rapper

Even though dating Post Malone has given her brand more visibility, the young rapper was already an Instagram celebrity. She was among the first self-made influencers to get 500,000 followers on Instagram. However, her relationship with the record producer helped her reach the one million followers mark on Instagram and millions of others on TikTok and Snapchat.

MLMA has recorded music with Post Malone

Post Malone dating
Post Malone backed by Sublime With Rome headlines Bud Light's Dive Bar Tour In New York City. Photo: Rich Fury
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When the two started dating, MLMA shared pictures of them in a studio recording music. She also shared similar pictures in mid-2020 during the quarantine period. Although she later deleted the photos, it was clear that they worked on either a joint project or a single.

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Unfortunately, the release date of their project is unknown for two main reasons. First, Post Malone is on a record label that dictates the release date of all his projects. Second, MLMA has not discussed the issue since then.

She has a similar passion for eccentric art as her boyfriend

Even though she is not yet the official Post Malone’s wife, MLMA spends a lot of time with the rapper, thanks to their mutual love for arts. They have many shared interests, from music to contemporary art.

Their approaches to creating art and music are almost similar. MLMA, for example, believes in blending different aspects from different cultures to create masterpieces. Her approach is virtually identical to the rapper’s musical journey for the past eight years.

The two also have face tattoos. Although they are not the first celebrities to have face tattoos in the music industry, they popularised the trend, especially among the suburban non-black populations.

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Post Malone dating stories have become part of his big brand. Even with a fantastic discography in less than ten years, his love life is hard to ignore, thanks to his openness. However, he has also used his fans’ curiousness to a create lot of buzz on the internet. Any publicity around his name is a perfect way to sell more records.

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