Reward style review: How to join and make money on the platform

Reward style review: How to join and make money on the platform

Previously, affiliate marketing had many challenges. First, people thought of the whole concept as business to business only. Also, influencers did not understand what it was all about and how to use links to generate an income. Thirdly, affiliate managers could not understand the type of content bloggers created, and all they wanted was for a blog to put banners on their websites and receive a commission from sales. But rewardStyle came in and simplified the process.

Reward style
Reward style logo. Photo: @shopLTK
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RewardStyle is a monetisation platform for content creators. The platform focuses primarily on fashion, lifestyle, and beauty.

Reward style makes it easier for influencers to make money by creating links and giving them a commission once they sell from the links. In simple terms, rewardStyle is the middle-man between an influencer or blog and a retailer.

How rewardStyle works

RewardStyle has a simple premise. A blogger, influencer, or website owner joins the platform by sending an application (details below). Upon approval:

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  • You get an affiliate link for a product.
  • You use the affiliate link to share it on your blogging platforms, including Instagram, website, or YouTube.
  • If one of your users clicks on the link, they will go to a retailer’s website to find the item.

At this point, the user can decide to make a purchase or put the item in their basket to buy it in future.

How do you make money on rewardStyle?

RewardStyle has a simple way of making money. Generally, an influencer or blogger on the platform makes money when their followers buy the items featured in their content. They do this by posting a link provided by the retailer on their blogs or Instagram feeds. The link allows both the influencer and retailer to track a user’s purchase.

If the user buys an item, the influencer will receive a commission. rewardStyle handles all the administrative functions in the background, including processing payments from retailers to influencers. As a result, the amounts can vary significantly.

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An advantage is that rewardStyle affiliate links do not expire fast. In other words, a user on your blog clicks on one of your links but does not purchase the product immediately.

Instead, the person adds the item to their basket. The link they used to go to the retailer website will remain for between 30-60 days. If the person does not come to your website in 45 days but goes directly to the retailer’s site and buys the product in their basket, you receive a commission.

How does rewardStyle make money?

Reward style
A person viewing different products on their phone. Photo: @shopLTK
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RewardStyle makes money by taking a cut from the commissions received by the influencer. However, the platform does not reveal the amount it charges its influencers. Estimates show it is around 50-50 of the commission.

Apart from commissions, rewardStyle makes money by retaining analytical information gathered from its influencers. Once it collects the data, it charges brands or merchants an extra amount to know the success of their programmes.

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How much does rewardStyle cost?

RewardStyle does not charge users any amount to join. However, when you work with the platform, you will have to choose a per-sale commission rate. If, for example, rewardStyle refers you to a $100 sale and your commission is 10%, the platform will earn a commission from the 10%.

How do I join rewardStyle?

RewardStyle is an exclusive affiliate programme that you cannot simply walk in, create an account, and start making money. However, you have to send a request, which the platform can deny without a specific reason.

Despite being lenient in the past few years, it is still challenging to join. The good news is that once your request goes through, you will receive a commission whenever a reader on your blog uses your links. So, how do you join? Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Create an Instagram account: You must have an Instagram account to join rewardStyle. The good news is you do not require millions of followers but a decent following.
  2. Update your Instagram feed: Once you have the account, update it with a stylish feed and ensure the content is fresh every day.
  3. Get a referral from an existing member: Your chances of joining rewardStyle are much higher if a current member on the platform refers you. Therefore, consider asking for a referral before making your application.
  4. Complete your application: If you have everything in order, complete your application by visiting its website. You will have to provide details related to your personal information, posting channels, and your goals.

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Understand that you can only apply up to six times to join rewardStyle. If you fail after the sixth application, the platform will ban you forever, and you may never apply again.

Who pays more rewardStyle or Amazon?

Reward style
A woman looking at her phone. Photo: @shopLTK
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Amazon Associates pays higher than rewardStyle. Fashion bloggers and influencers receive a fee of 10% whenever they sell anything in Amazon’s private-label fashion line. rewardStyle does not share a commission rate.

It only offers its members a commission for each sale generated for a specific retailer. Depending on the retailer, the RewardStyle commission rates can be between 7% and 20%.

Amazon pays more because its revenues grow steadily every month. Furthermore, the rate of conversion on the platform is higher compared to any other online retailer. So, even if you get 20% on rewardStyle, you will generate decent revenue. But, the rate at which you will be converting sales will be slower than Amazon’s.

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Shopstyle vs rewardStyle: Which one is better?

ShopStyle and rewardStyle are two of the most popular affiliate network for interior design and fashion. When it comes to ShopStyle vs rewardStyle, you can use both as an influencer to make money.

However, rewardStyle pays more in commissions than ShopStyle. Depending on the retailer, you will receive up to 21% in commissions if you use RewardStyle. The commission on ShopStyle is a maximum of 17%.

But when it comes to other factors like overall user experience for publishers, ShopStyle is better than rewardStyle

How to apply for rewardStyle jobs

RewardStyle has a diverse network of employees scattered worldwide. You can become part of the family by applying for any of the rewardStyle jobs through the site’s careers page.

Reward style is a monetisation platform for content creators in the fashion, lifestyle, and beauty industries. Bloggers or influencers can create an account with rewardStyle, get affiliate links, and use them to generate sales for retailers. In return, website owners receive a commission that ranges from 5% to 20%. The platform also makes money by splitting the commission received.

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