Jalen Green's tattoos: How many does he have and what do they mean?

Jalen Green's tattoos: How many does he have and what do they mean?

Jalen Romande Green is a professional basketball player for the National Basketball Association's Houston Rockets (NBA) from the United States. According to ESPN, he was a unanimous five-star recruit and the highest-scoring guard in the 2020 class. Jaleen, like the majority of NBA players, has several tattoos. So, what are the most famous Jalen Green's tattoos?

Jalen Green's tattoos
Jalen Green has several tattoos. Photo: @jalen on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Jalen Green was born in the California town of Merced and raised in Livingston, California. He returned to Fresno, California, with his household in third grade. By the time he was in sixth grade, he was playing in the Amateur Athletic Union basketball and putting in five hours of practice per day. Apart from his illustrious career, many of his fans like his tattoos. And do you know what Jalen Green's tattoos mean?

Jalen Green's profile summary

Full nameJalen Romande Green
Date of birth9 February 2002
Age21 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signAquarius
Place of birthMerced, California, USA
Current residenceFresno, California, USA
Height in feet6’4’’
Height in centimetres193
Weight in pounds 185
Weight in kilograms 84
Body measurements in inches40-30-14
Body measurements in centimetres101-76-35
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Dark brown
Relationship status Dating
GirlfriendBreah Hicks
FatherMarcus Green
MotherBree Puruganan
SiblingsRaquel Purganan, Jurnee Tyra
Education San Joaquin Memorial
ProfessionBasketball player
Net worth$1 million

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List of Jalen Green's tattoos

Does Jalen Green have a tattoo? The professional basketball player is known to have 13 tattoos. See the list below for more about his body arts and their meanings.

1. Peace symbol

Jalen Green's tattoos
The Peace symbol design. Photo: @bodyartguru
Source: UGC

Jalen Green wears a dark-coloured' Peace logo across his right hand. Peace tattoos have become a component of the artwork world and a cultural globalisation that values corporate well-being over personal gratification. It intends to convey the body art wearer's belief in being grounded, heartfelt, humble, and considerate.

2. Three men on the cross

Jalen Green's tattoos
Three men on the cross. Photo: @bodyartguru
Source: UGC

He has a body art of three gentlemen on three crosses on his left thigh. A three-cross art is regarded as a masterpiece with two meanings, depending on one's beliefs. According to Christian beliefs, it represents three significant men: "The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit."

However, it also represents Jesus Christ, and the two others crucified alongside him at Golgotha. Individuals get this body art to symbolise their strong faith in their religious practice, notably Christianity, and to recollect Jesus' sacrifice to save humanity.

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3. Butterfly and ladybird

Jalen Green's tattoos
Butterfly and ladybird's tattoos. Photo: @bodyartguru
Source: UGC

Jalen possesses a green butterfly and a ladybug inked on his upper left thigh, marginally to the left. According to ancient beliefs, the ladybird is a positive sign, which is why people get body art. Tattoos of butterflies, on the other hand, are associated with romance because they are thought to represent young love. The green butterfly is one of Jalen Green's joker tattoos.

4. Date on the arm

Jalen Green's tattoos
Date on the arm design. Photo: @bodyartguru
Source: UGC

On his left forehand is a date inked, read as '8.3.19'. However, there isn't any evidence that Jalen has publicly disclosed any information regarding the date on his hand.

5. Portrait of grandfather

Jalen Green's tattoos
The grandfather design. Photo: @bodyartguru
Source: UGC

Jalen has a body art of his grandfather's picture on the outside of his left forearm. Jalen's granddad and mother are both Filipino, and he has disclosed that he's extremely close to them. This Jalen Green's hand tattoo symbolises his love for his grandfather.

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6. God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers tattoo

Jalen Green's tattoos
God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers design. Photo: @bodyartguru
Source: UGC

'Jalen has a quote inked on his left thigh that can be translated as God gives his strongest battles to his strongest soldiers.' Being regarded as one of the "strongest soldiers" means that you have the power to fight and win and that you can take on a more challenging task compared to the other "weaker" soldiers out there.

7. Stars on the arm

Jalen Green's tattoos
Jalen's stars on the arm tattoo. Photo: @bodyartguru
Source: UGC

Jalen has an ink of a star on his left forearm. Stars are a sign of direction, guidance, and factuality, and they are intended to symbolise attracting strength and optimism to the individual, particularly during difficult times.

8. Wolf

Jalen Green's tattoos
The Wolf tatt. Photo: @bodyartguru
Source: UGC

An image of a wolf is inked on the left side of his left knee. The wolf art symbolises divine protection, authority, loyalty, and legitimate character. They can also mean family, devotion, love, and luck.

9. '559' tattoo

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Jalen Green's tattoos
The '559' tattoo. Photo: @bodyartguru
Source: UGC

He has the number '559' inked vertically on his left leg. The figure represents Jalen's birth city, Fresno, and its area code, 559. Jalen was born in the California city of Fresno.

10. Be yourself

Jalen Green's tattoos
Be yourself tattoo. Photo: @bodyartguru
Source: UGC

The baseball player has a 'be yourself' design on his left wrist. Whereas the tatt is self-explanatory, this Jalen Green's hand tattoo has no apparent meaning.

11. ‘2000, 12:27' on thigh tattoo

Jalen Green's tattoos
2000, 12:27 on thigh tattoo Photo: @bodyartguru
Source: UGC

On the player's left thigh is a tatt that reads '12:27′ inked horizontally on the leg, and on its bottom is a design that reads'2002' inked vertically. The body art is a permanent reminder of his birth date and year. Jalen was born on 9 February 2002, and the time reflects his birth time, which is 12:27.

12. All-seeing eye

Jalen Green's tattoos
All-seeing eye tattoo. Photo: @bodyartguru
Source: UGC

Jalen's left knee is inked with the 'All seeing eye,' the most prevalent body art with various beliefs. The eye image is often encircled by sunrays or encapsulated in a triangle. The body art reflects the reality that God is a single being and watches over everyone from above. As a result, people should exercise caution in their behaviour and conduct.

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13. Stay true

Jalen Green's tattoos
The "Stay true" knuckles tattoo. Photo: @bodyartguru
Source: UGC

Jalen has another intriguing ink across his knuckles that assert, 'STAY TRUE,' inked on his right and left hand, respectively. The American celebrity is yet to reveal the meaning of body art.


  1. Who has the best tattoos in NBA? Austin Rivers, LeBron James, J.J. Redick, Jeremy Lamb, DeMar DeRozan, Mike Muscala, and J.R. Smith are some of the NBA players with the best designs.
  2. What NBA player has lots of tattoos? Lebron James. He has over 20 body tats, each with a unique meaning.
  3. Who is the king of tattoos? George Burchett. He was an English tattoo artist widely recognised as the King of Tattooists.
  4. Which NBA player does not have a tattoo? Dwyane Wade, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and Dwight Howard are some NBA players with no ink on their bodies.
  5. What is the tattoo rule in the NBA? During NBA games, a player should not showcase any promotional, commercial, or charitable mark, title, logo, or any other identifiers, along with, but not restricted to, in his hair, on his body, or otherwise.
  6. Who is the most tattooed boy? Lucky Diamond Rich. He retains the world's Guinness records of the most inked individual.
  7. Who is the most respected tattoo artist? Mark Mahoney is one of the world's most prominent and highly regarded celebrity tattoo artists.

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Above are some of the currently known Jalen Green's tattoos and their meanings. Jalen is an American professional basketball player for the National Basketball Association's Houston Rockets (NBA). Many of his body arts are stunning and convey important messages.

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