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Deborah Vanessa - Sister Derby

  • Real name: Deborah Vanessa Owusu-Bonsu
  • Nicknames: Sister Derby, Sister Deborah
  • Date of birth: August 25, 1984
  • Nationality: Ghanaian, Romanian
  • Occupations: Singer, Model, TV presenter

Who is Deborah Vanessa?

Deborah Vanessa Owusu-Bonsu, also known as Sister Deborah or Sister Derby, is a multi-talented Ghanaian-Romanian personality. She is a famous musician, model, and TV presenter. With her unique sense of style and captivating personality, she has become a popular figure in the entertainment industry.

Origins and background

She was born on August 25, 1984, to a Ghanaian father and a Romanian mother, who loved world music and art. She is the sister of hiplife musician 'Wanlov the Kubolor'. Deborah speaks English, Twi, Ga, and Romanian languages.


Deborah went to Christ the King International School and Wesley Girls' High School in Ghana.

She obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Publishing Studies from Ghana's Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

She also got a Master’s Degree in Book/Journal Publishing from the University of the Arts London in the UK.


  • Deborah has worked as a model, a television presenter, a musician, an academic, and a graphic artist.
  • She has worked as a model with top companies like CFAO Motors, Mic Yorny's Look Me Video, Fab Magazine, Picos Ltd. (cosmetic product 'Dodo'), Tebazile (Jewellery) Accra Launch 2010, Europcar Ghana, and more.
  • As a television presenter, she hosted The Late Nite Celebrity Show on e.TV Ghana from 2012 to 2015. She later moved to GHOne Television where she hosted Gliterrati for a brief period before handing over to Berla Mundi.
  • As a musician, she has recorded and released several singles, such as Uncle Obama, Kikoliko, Sampanana, and Pure Water. She is known for her quirky and controversial lyrics and style.
  • As an academic, she has published papers on topics such as publishing in Africa, digital media, and cultural studies.
  • As a graphic artist, she has designed logos, flyers, posters, and album covers for various clients and projects.


Deborah actively utilizes her music to engage in sanitation and recycling initiatives.

In 2018, she urged the Ghanaian government to implement a ban on plastic bags.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Deborah and her brother creatively crafted nose masks from recycled second-hand clothing, contributing to the reduction of clothing waste in landfills and the sea.

Deborah Vanessa is a strong advocate for the rights of LGBT+ individuals in Ghana. In 2021, she openly opposed the anti-LGBT bill in Ghana and the closure of the LGBT+ Rights Ghana office.

Love life

In 2018, Deborah Vanessa broke up with Ghanaian hip-hop singer Medikal, after dating for three years. Deborah has not revealed any details about her current relationship status or plans.

In November 2021, she posted a picture of a man who appeared to be her boyfriend on Instagram but did not disclose his identity. There are also reports that her new boyfriend is a father. It is interesting to mention that she once dated rapper Joey B even before her romance with Medikal.

Top 10 best Deborah Vanessa songs

  1. Uncle Obama (feat. FOKN Bois) - 2012
  2. Kakalika Love (feat. Efo Chameleon) - 2018
  3. Sampanana (feat. Medikal) - 2017
  4. Ghana Jollof - 2016
  5. Pure Water (feat. Efya) - 2018
  6. Sweet Ex - 2020
  7. Boral - 2014
  8. Tile Be Moni (feat. Strongman & Eno Barony) - 2021
  9. Kikoliko (feat. Joey B) - 2015
  10. Libilibi (feat. Yaa Pono) - 2019

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