Criss Waddle's Biography

Criss Waddle's Biography

Criss Waddle has several achievements since his entry into Ghana's entertainment industry. Despite his humble roots as a mere plumber, the rapper and CEO is making serious moves which put him on the list of Ghanaian celebrities to watch out for.

Criss Waddle

Why Criss Waddle's Bio is all the inspiration you need

He has quickly become one of most sensational artists in Ghana. This has not only brought popularity for him but has also enabled him to maintain an affluent life. For more information, check out the biography of Criss Waddle below.

Criss Waddle's age will surprise you!

Criss Waddle is only 23 years old! Born in 1994 in Tema, Ghana this young man serves as great isnpiration for Ghana's growing millenial population. Criss Waddle real name is Criss Kwaku Waddle. He is known for his expertise in rapping and is also the Chief Executive Officer of the AMG Business, a record label firm in Ghana. Imagine all these achievements at such a tender age! Lucky for him, he has always had the support of older musicians such as Sarkodie who are more seasoned.

Criss Waddle

Criss Waddle thanks Sarkodie and Dkb Ghana for their support

Criss Waddle's family

Since he was born Criss Waddle was exposed to music and this has created a strong background upon which his career is built. Criss Waddle father, Nana Kweku Addai, who performed under the stage name Agyaaku, was a popular musician in Ghana. Additionally, Criss Waddle’s brother, Kwaisey Pee, is a known artist in the country. It is therefore not strange that Criss Waddle has the skills and talent to keep his fans entertained.

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Criss Waddle's education

Even though Criss Waddle is a public figure, he barely provides every little detail about his life. In an interview, he revealed that people disappoint him by asking about other achievements that he has made apart from music. Criss Waddle prefers being asked about his music career only. Facts about his education background requires in depth research. However, one thing for sure is that he studied about plumbing, a career he pursued before becoming a musician.

Criss Waddle's career

Criss Waddle's career as a rapper did not start easily. In the past, he has confessed that he started as a plumber in his home town. His transformation to becoming an affluent person happened when he signed a contract to work overseas. Criss Waddle was also a member of R2Bees, a music group that was also quite popular. He later separated from the group to start his business. This seems to have been a smart decision for his career. Since then, he has been able to produce several hit songs such as Bie Gya, Forgetti Obiaa and Ayi among others.

Criss waddle's house and cars are quite impressive

Criss Waddle has an amazing fleet of cars. He has a Mercedes, a 2013 Camaro and others which he refers to as "little" cars. Criss Waddle's new Audi that he bought recently has been the talk all over the social media. It is clear that he loves cars and has the means to fund such a lavish lifestyle. Criss says that he owes such achievements to God.

Criss Waddle's Camaro

Criss Waddle's Camaro

Criss Waddle's house in USA is a mansion which proves the extent of luxurious life led by this artist. It is safe to say that Criss Waddle is among the richest musicians in the country. However, Criss Waddle's net worth for 2017 has been kept a secret. On several occasions, Criss has stated that he prefers his fans knowing about his music career rather than his wealth. The fleet of cars that Criss Waddle owns, his mansion and his AMG Business depict an impeccable net worth even though the artist has refused to come out clear about it.

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