Ghanaian fashion dresses: Top trending in 2020 (photos)

Ghanaian fashion dresses: Top trending in 2020 (photos)

Ghana is known for some of the best dresses as this top trending Ghanaian fashion dresses pictures in 2020 are anything to go by. If you want something for your friend’s wedding, an office party or something to run errands in or even enjoy a weekend looking chic, these pictures will inspire you on what to pick for yourself. Ghana is known for having one of the best fashion industries in Africa so you can always be sure of looking trendy.

Top trending Ghanaian fashion dresses in pictures 2019

Africa is rich when it comes to fashion. There are different prints, styles and fabrics that make each country’s fashion outstanding. One of the most beloved countries when it comes to fashion is Ghana with its distinctive taste in clothing. The following are pictures for some of the dresses that are trending in 2020.

Ghanaian fashion dresses in pictures - 2020

From last year’s collection, an inspiration for this year was born. This is why 2020 will see some of the best dresses in Ghana released. The pictures shown here will be categorized based on the wearer.

Trendy fashion Gh 2019

Ghanaian fashion dresses for women

African Print

Print is increasingly becoming a major part of every Ghana fashion wear. It is almost impossible to find Ghanaian fashion dresses pictures without a print dress. The traditional Ghana look is made from fabric with complex prints and bold colors.

The colors have to be complimentary to create one seamless and unique pattern. This explains why you will always find Ghana fashion dresses that stand out. Looking at this first picture you will realize that this is a dress that can be won in a multitude of functions including weddings and even red carpet events. It’s simple and sophisticated at the same time giving it a unique appeal to rock at any occasion. This is one of the dresses you cannot go wrong with.

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Casual-evening wear

This next dress is an excellent wear for casual event. It can easily be transformed and elevated into an evening wear. It can also be easily turned into an office wear because of its simple cut which makes it a formal gown. When you add some accessories you can easily turn this dress into a high end fashion wear. It is one of the best Ghana fashion design dresses that is very versatile. It is functional in a number of occasions.

Trendy African dressing styles
Top trending Ghanaian fashion dresses in pictures 2019

Neon print

This is one of the latest Ghanaian fashion dresses that is elegant and grant because of how it combines two fabric types. The traditional Ghana fabric when combined with popular fabrics such as satin turns into an exquisite fashion piece. The stylish lace turns this dress into a feminine master piece.

Top trending Ghanaian fashion dresses in pictures 2019

Full short skirt

This dress features among some of Ghana latest fashion dresses and acts as proof that with the right choice of traditional Ghana fabric, you end up with an excellent, flirty, classic and playful dress. This is not any easy mix to achieve on a dress. This dress makes it seem like pulling such a combination is a piece of cake. If you are going for the modern and youthful look then this will definitely do the trick.

Top trending Ghanaian fashion dresses in pictures 2019


Are you looking for something chic and simple enough to work for an afternoon in the beach near the ocean? If this is so then you need not worry as Ghanaian fashion wear has you covered. This fashion can be fun and light. The sundresses with authentic Ghana prints will be excellent for a stroll in the sun on a slow weekend afternoon. What’s more it goes well with all types of accessories and gives you the best opportunity to experiment with all types of makeup.

Top African print styles ladies need in 2020
Top trending Ghanaian fashion dresses in pictures 2019

Couples wear

The new Ghanaian fashion dresses are made in such a way that the ladies dress will match her man’s shirt. This is not only romantic but also shows the strong fashion sense that the couple’s have. These couple’s wear come in different styles. You can either choose to pair the dress and shirt in a matchy-matchy affair or use one simple aspect of the Ghanaian fabric. The important thing is to go for what works for the two of you. Check out the following pictures to get a feel of how both you and your partner can look great in unique attires from Ghana.

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Top trending Ghanaian fashion dresses in pictures 2019

Printed T-shirt

The African print t-shirt looks awesome when paired with a hat and a pair of shorts. You can complete the look with a pair of sneakers. While this look has been appearing in fashion shows, it will catch up with most Ghanaians this year.

Nigerian latest African dresses to rock in Ghana
Top trending Ghanaian fashion dresses in pictures 2019

Long shirt

The long shirt is growing fashion trend in Ghana that doesn’t feature the traditional Kente prints. This look can be paired with casual trouser or a pair of jeans.

Top trending Ghanaian fashion dresses in pictures 2019

Suit with traditional wear

A combination of a suit and traditional wear has been floating around for the past couple of years and in 2020, it is going to be a mainstay. This style combines western suits with an element of traditional Ghanaian wear.

Top trending Ghanaian fashion dresses in pictures 2019

Traditional suit

African styles like Senator are slowly being transformed into fitting traditional suits that can be worn as casual wear. This attire is flawless and is perfect for attending events.

Top trending Ghanaian fashion dresses in pictures 2019

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