Ghana Police Service ranks, symbols, recruitment in 2022

Ghana Police Service ranks, symbols, recruitment in 2022

The Ghana Police Service (GPS) is among Ghana's numerous public sector organisations. However, its service is under the control of the Ghanaian Interior Ministry. Besides, the sector is highly principled and make an effort to provide valuable services.

Ghana Police Service
Ghana Police Service logo. Photo: @GhPoliceService
Source: Facebook

Ghana Police Service is the primary law enforcement agency for the country. It protects and preserves the internal security of Ghana, ensuring that citizens remain at peace. Also, it is an essential stakeholder for ARAP's anti-corruption efforts in Ghana. GPS focuses on crime prevention, detection, and even the prosecution of offenders.

History and vision of the Ghana Police Service

The British Colonial Authorities introduced professional policing to the "Gold Coast," currently the Republic of Ghana. The body was formalised in 1894 with the passing of the police ordinance and gave legal authority to form a local police force, now the Ghana Police Service.

In 1902, the civil police force was separated into four major parts: Escort, General, Mines Police, and Railways; it was legalised in 1904 by the Police (Amendment) Ordinance. Finally, in 1916, the Marine police were born but later replaced by Preventive Service and Customs excise in 1942.

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The Criminal Investigation Department started in 1921, and the fingerprint section operated entirely in 1922. Then, in 1948, after major riots in the nation, the Police Reserves Unit was born to work on the riotous mobs.

Governor of the Gold Coast, Sir Charles Noble Arden Clark, formed the wireless and Communications Unit in June 1950. As a result, a massive group of Africans were listed in the Police Force as junior officers in 1952.

However, the women section of the service came up to be ruling for juvenile offences and crimes committed by women. In 1958, Mr E. R. T. Madjitey received the first Ghanaian Police Commissioner appointment.

Vision of Ghana police service
Officers in parade. Photo: @GhPoliceService
Source: UGC

The key vision of the Ghana Police Service is to be an exceptional Police Service with the capacity of giving democratic, peaceful and also planned services up to standards of globally best practices.

Ghana Police Service ranks

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Every organised movement has levels to ensure things run smoothly. So any person serving in the force is allotted to a particular section and has a position. These ranks are divided into two, which are the superior and subordinate officers. Here is a list of the ranks in Police service in Ghana, beginning from the topmost level.

  1. Superior officers
  2. Inspector-General of Police
  3. Deputy inspector general
  4. Commissioner
  5. Deputy Commissioner
  6. Assistant commissioner
  7. Chief Superintendent
  8. Superintendent
  9. Deputy Superintendent
  10. Assistant superintendent

Subordinate police officers

  1. Chief Inspector
  2. Sergeant
  3. Corporal
  4. Lance corporal
  5. Constable

Ghana Police Service symbols

Ghana Police Service ranks
Ghana Police Service symbols for each rank. Photo:
Source: UGC

For the Ghana Police Service, every rank has a different logo. These symbols are essential for official Ghana police identification and signify a specific position. Below are descriptions of the symbols peculiar to the Ghana Police ranks and their names in the department:

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Inspector-General of Police

This is the most senior rank in the force, and every other rank reports to whoever is in this position. The distinguishing symbols of this office are a star, two eagles touching wings, and a star encircled by two laurel leaves, all arranged vertically.

Deputy Inspector General

The DIG is next in rank to the IG. The symbols that differentiate this position from other ranks are two eagles opposite each other and touching wings above a star enclosed in laurel leaves.


The Commissioner of Police is in the third-highest position in the GPS. Symbol symbols include two stars and laurel leaves encompassing another star arranged vertically.

Deputy Commissioner

The DCP is next in line to the CP, and the distinguishing symbols include a star on top of another star surrounded by laurel leaves.

Assistant Commissioner

You can identify the ACP in the force with the singular symbol of a star encircled by two laurel leaves.

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Chief Superintendent (CSP)

Chief Superintendent Officer in the GPS is easily identifiable by the symbol of a star atop two eagles on the opposite side of each other touching wings.

Superintendent (SP)

You can recognise an officer in this rank when you see only the symbol of two eagles on opposite sides of each other.

Deputy Superintendent

The DSP is a rank beneath the SP, and you will know an officer in this rank when you see the symbol of three stars on top of one another.

Assistant Superintendent

The ASP is a rank easily identifiable by the two stars arranged atop each other.

Chief Inspector

An officer in this position can be identified with the symbols of four black stars, each embedded in a rectangular box and arranged atop one another.


An IPO is a rank below the Chief IPO, and the difference between their symbols is the absence of one star enclosed in a rectangle, which means that instead of four, there are three black stars in this rank.

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The officers in this position in the GPS are easily recognisable by the symbol of a star on top of the Ghana Police logo, which sits atop three V-shaped stripes.


The position of the corporal comes immediately after the sergeant. It is easily distinguishable by the symbol of a star sitting on top of the Ghana Police logo, which sits atop two V-shaped stripes instead of three.

Lance Corporal

This rank is just beneath the corporal, and the symbols that differentiate them from other ranks are a star, the Ghana Police logo, and a single V-shaped stripe, all arranged atop each other.

Ghana Police Service
Members of the country's police force. Photo: @GhPoliceService
Source: Twitter


The constable is the lowest rank in the Ghana Police system, and the symbols that will help you recognise an officer in this position are a single star sitting on top of the Ghana Police logo.

How to apply for Ghana Police Service 2022

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The newsletter containing the Ghana Police Service recruitment latest news revealed that the recruitment/enlistment exercise carried out by the law enforcement agency ended on the 14th of November, 2021. Therefore, by implication, interested candidates can wait until 2022 before applying again.

Nevertheless, for the Ghana Police Service recruitment 2022 application, the interested persons will log in to the agency's official website,, and submit their request. Applicants must meet the following criteria for them to be eligible:

  • Applicants must be Ghanaian by birth;
  • Must be Ghanaian over 18 years and less than 25 years by the 1st of December, 2021;
  • Height (173 centimetres or 5 feet 8 inches for male and 165 centimetres or 5 feet 4 inches for female);
  • Well conversant with the English language; both written and spoken;
  • Be knowledgeable in basic computer applications;
  • Educational qualification as advised by the Appointment, and Promotion Advisory Board, of the Ghana Police Service;
  • Applicant must have clean records from the Criminal Records Department;
  • Must meet the standards of Ghana police service medical examination;
  • Must be of good character;
  • Should own a valid phone number and an active email account;
  • Should enrol for the Basic Police training and conform to other forms of training.

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Ghana Police Service training school

Ghana Police College was established in 1959 in Tesano, Accra. However, all senior officers were trained in the United Kingdom before its establishment. It ensures the trainees acquire the professional skills necessary to discharge their duties in full conformity.

After the training, trainees can perform their roles with minimum or no supervision. Below is the Ghana Police Service Training School address:

  • College Name: National Police Academy & Training School
  • Address: Police Depot Tesano Accra
  • Location: Accra
  • Country: Ghana
  • Telephone Number: 030 2228744

Ghana Police Service headquarters

The GPS headquarters are in the capital city of Ghana, Accra. The head of the offices is the inspector general. During emergencies, call 18555 (Vodafone/MTN Toll-free) or 191 (Toll-free for all mobile communication networks). However, its contact address is given below:

  • P. O. Box: 116, Accra.
  • Ghana Police Service contact numbers: +233 302 773906, +233 302 787373
  • Email:
  • Website:

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Thanks to the Ghana Police Service for such efforts, it seeks to strengthen international integrity and accountability. The service stays true and focused on its motto, service with integrity. It is also a crucial actor in Ghana's anti-corruption chain and one of the leading investigating and prosecuting agencies.

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