Sonnie Badu biography

Sonnie Badu biography

Sonnie Badu is a UK based international gospel musician, who keeps making Ghana proud with his ministry and his songs. He was born on 9th November in the United Kingdom. Check out Sonnie Badu biography and find out more information about this famous gospel musician.

Sonnie Badu biography

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Sonnie Badu profile

  1. E-mail: Info@Sonniebadu.Com
  2. Website:
  3. Telephone: +1 800-309-2850

Sonnie Badu biography

Sonnie Badu is a famous gospel singer in Ghana. He achieved many things in his life at this age. Today he holds the post of a CEO in ten companies. He is also represented as the UN ambassador, holding honorary position in Brooklyn city. He has three amazing albums under his record and also has written around 15 books.

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Sonnie Badu education

According to the official website of Sonnie Badu, he is recently pursuing Master’s degree and PhD in Fine Art and Religion.

Sonnie Badu career

Sonnie Badu is one of the multiple award-winning Gospel singers, producer, songwriter, author, TV presenter, and philanthropist. He started his career in music at a very tender age. He is good at playing football even he wants to become a professional football player but his fate had another plan for him. He became ill when his age was around 18 years. No one could find out what had happened to Sonnie Badu and he was vanishing by the time. When there was no hope left than he prayed to God and decided to contribute his entire life to Him and become Worshipper if God let to live his life. God listened to his prayers and he was fine.

Sonnie Badu has released his first gospel song/album named “Lost in Glory” on 1st December 2007. That day he started his profession as a well-known gospel artist and a worship leader. He is also identified as the Apostle of Worship. For his ability to move his audience and his amazing voice, he has been dubbed as The Worshipper.

Throughout his career, he scores a lot of awards for giving best gospel album/songs or for being the best gospel artist. In 2017, his recorded songs were categorized as the Best African Gospel of the Year and he won the award “National Gospel Music Award”. Sonnie Badu is also a fashion designer and a bestselling author. He is the sole writer of different kinds of admirable books which include - The Ultimate Guide to Praise and Worship and the five-book Worship Guide series. Clothing line of Sonnie Badu is named as Just Badu and The Worshipper’s Garment. Apart from all these, Sonnie Badu is also the CEO of few companies. For example, Sonnie Badu is in-charge of Dizney Daycare, Eagle Eye Football Agency, Private Jet Consulting, The Word and Worships Radio, Badu Homes, iWorship Magazine, Four24 Records and many more companies.

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Sonnie Badu family


His father's name is Agyeman Prempeh and his mother's name is Julia Agyemang. After Sonnie Badu was born, he and his family moved to Accra, Ghana. His father was a pastor. He belongs to a Christian family that Worshipped God.


The name of his wife is Ann-Marie Davis. On 23rd August 2014, they both got married in London, United Kingdom. Ann-Marie Davis does not appear frequently in midst of the public. Even her social media accounts are kept private. You can see her in the posts of Sonnie Badu. In Sonnie Badu’s track called “Still You Reign”, you can hear the beautiful voice of Ann-Marie Davis.


The couple has two daughters and one son. Son was from Annie’s earlier relationship. The eldest daughter of Sonnie Badu was born on 7th December 2002. Sonnie Badu celebrated his daughter's 13th birthday in a luxurious way in Paris. The younger daughter was born on 19th July 2015 and she has been kept away from the public eye. Stepson of Sonnie Badu is obviously a significant part of his family but in the family pictures he does not appear often.

Sonnie Badu cars

Sonnie Badu bought an expensive Porsche car for his wife on her birthday.

Sonnie Badu songs

Sonnie Badu is a UK Based Ghanaian Gospel Minister. Sonnie Badu songs list has been given below:

  1. My Soul Says Yes- To download the song click sonnie badu my soul says yes. YouTube link:
  2. Yahweh- To download the song click sonnie badu yahweh. YouTube link:
  3. Let it Rain- To download the song click sonnie badu let it rain. YouTube link:
  4. Still You Reign- To download the song click sonnie badu still you reign. YouTube link:
  5. Eshe Oluwa- To download the song click sonnie badu eshe oluwa. Youtube link:
  6. Amazing God- To download the song click sonie badu amazing god. YouTube link:
  7. Covenant Keeping God- To download the song click sonnie badu covenant keeping god. YouTube link:
  8. Baba- To download the song click sonnie badu baba. YouTube link:
  9. Arabaribiti- To download the song click sonnie badu arabaribiti. YouTube link:
  10. Not By Power- To download the song click sonnie badu not by power. YouTube link:

A few other Sonnie Badu worship songs have been given below:

  1. Okokroko- To listen click on this youtube link sonnie badu okokroko.
  2. Wonder God- To listen to this song click sonnie badu wonder god.
  3. Angels Cry- Download this song by clicking on Sonnie Badu Angels Cry.
  4. The Worshipper's Cry- To listen to this song click sonnie badu the worshipper's cry.
  5. New Worship Medley- To listen to this song click sonnie badu new worship medley.

To download Sonnie Badu songs, follow the links which are given above in this article.

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Sonnie Badu awards

Many awards have been scored by Sonnie Badu. In Italy, at the Gospel Music Awards show, he received three awards under three different categories which are - "Best Worship Artist" of the year, Best Gospel Artist in Europe and also awarded for ‘Covenant Keeping God’ as the Best Worship song. He also got BEFFTA (Black Entertainment Fashion and Film Award) in the category of the Best Gospel Artist. At the British Gospel Music Awards, he was also awarded as the Best Gospel Male. In 2010, he received almost two awards in one month: at 2010 African Music Awards (AMA), he received Best Gospel Artist which was held on 15th October 2010 at Wembley Arena in London and Best Musician at the GUBA Awards which was held on 24th October 2010 in London. He was also nominated for the 2017 African Gospel Music & Media Awards (AGMMA).

Sonnie Badu best photos

Sonnie Badu biography

Sonnie Badu

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Sonnie Badu latest news

Recently Sonnie Badu entered into a partnership with the Badu Foundation. To know more details about the news click here.

On 21st June 2017, Sonnie Badu launches 24/7 radio station. To know more click here.

Sonnie Badu was honored with doctorate degree on 3rd May 2017. To know the details about this news click here.

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