Kwadwo Nkansah biography

Kwadwo Nkansah biography

Kwadwo Nkansah is a prominent Ghanaian actor, singer, songwriter and comedian whose versatile acting skills have enabled him to feature in over 500 films. Popularly known as Lil Win, this Kumawood comic actor uses creativity and love for acting to come up with characters that best suit the role he is playing at the moment. By combining creativity and his own antics he has been able to give each movie a unique twist which in turn makes him and that particular film memorable to the viewers.

Kwadwo Nkansah biography
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What makes this actor one the richest in Ghana is that he is able to act in both Gallywood and Kumawood. The ability to act in both English and Twi local language has made Kwadwo Nkansah to be one of the most sought-after and highest paid actors in the Ghanaian film industry. With the money, he gets he has been able to live a lavish lifestyle and has no regrets abandoning his previous mortuary attendant job. Here is everything you need to know about Kwadwo Nkansah biography and latest news.

Kwadwo Nkansah Liwin profile

  • Born: 1988
  • Age: 29 years
  • Origin: Ghana
  • Marital status: Married
  • Occupation: Actor, musician
  • Famous for: comedy films
  • Net worth: there is no actual amount to estimate his net worth. But, he is often ranked the highest paid actor in Kumawood.
  • Facebook: Kwadwo Nkansah aka Ghana Lil Wayne
  • Twitter: Kwadwo Nkansah
  • Instagram: gh_lil_wayne

Kwadwo Nkansah Liwin biography

Kwadwo Nkansah education

Kwadwo Nkansah completed Junior High School at Kenyasi Abrem in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. He wasn’t able to continue his education because he always took the last position in class hence decided to drop out. For a long time, this famous Kumawood actor was only known to possess basic education. However, recently he shocked fans when he decided to go back to school to further his education.

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Lil win has gained admission into the Abbeam Institute of Technology at Kasoa and was more than happy to post various photos of himself wearing the University gown and a video of his matriculation. The bold move to go back to school mostly for most African actors and actresses comes from the need to diversify their acting role and command as much respect as other Nollywood actors who opt only for English roles.

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Kwadwo Nkansah career

Not much is known about the early life of Kwadwo. However, Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Wayne biography is mostly made up of his career, achievement and personal life after he started acting. His first made his debut in the film industry in a movie called Daakye Asem Nti in which he acted alongside other famous actors and actresses’ such as Vivian Jill, Agya Koo, Michael Afraine and Kwasi Boakye. Even though he wasn’t the leading actor in this movie, his exquisite performance made other directors and producers to notice and cast him in other lucrative movies.

Kwadwo Nkansah biography
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One of those Ghana directors that noticed and believed in the acting capability of Kwadwo Nkansah is Theophilus Amoabeng popularly known as Batman. It was Theophilus who introduced Kwadwo into the Kumawood film industry and featured him in the movie Daakye Asem Nti. Kwado showed his outstanding acting skills and the movie became a nationwide hit. The positive review of the movie and his acting talent served as a breakthrough for Kwadwo.

Kwadwo Nkansah movies

His first hit movie was Adiyiah where he acted alongside Kwaku Manu. This movie was an instant hit but Lilwin had previously featured in 5 other movies which were not that successful. Despite having talent in acting, Kwadwo revealed that he has acted in more than 500 movies but has only been paid for 200 movies because some producers fail to pay actors. He has not been paid a dime for more than 300 Ghanaian movies in which he has featured in.

Biography of kwadwo nkansah list his extensive success which goes to show that through perseverance Kwadwo has been able to get paying roles that have enabled him to rank amongst the most sought-after actors in Kumawood. In fact, most of the recent movies coming out of Kumasi and some in Accra tend to feature Lil win.

His popularity as a comedy actor has increased so much that he gets laudable cheers and screams from fans whenever he makes an appearance or when his name is mentioned in an award ceremony. The loud cheers are an indication of how Kwadwo Nkansah acting career has progressed and how much he has won over the hearts of many fans of Ghanaian films.

Kwadwo Nkansah is known for movies such as Azonto Ghost, Sika Kasa, Sika Kasa, Agye Nyame Bamu, Bonsam Bofo, Mogya Kronkron, Boyz Abre, Obaa Nti, Sure Banker, Amammere Fie and Okwantuni Mmobro.

Why Kwadwo Nkansah calls himself Ghana’s Lil Wayne

Kwadwo Nkansah came to be known as Ghana’s Lil Wayne because he believes his physical features resemble that of the American rapper Lil Wayne. The identical features can make people to mistake him for the American rapper. According to the Ghanaian actor, he has the same height, body size and eyeballs as Lil Wayne hence choose the name Lil Win to differentiate himself from Lil Wayne.

Kwadwo Nkansah music career

When it comes to entertaining Ghanaians, no one does it better than Kwadwo Nkansah. Apart from acting, Lil Win is also a musician. This Kumawood comic actor has released various songs including Nyame Gye Me, Akyire Asem Me, Twedie, Me Yare and Obumpa. The music video for Nyame Gye Me received a lot of media hype because it was shot in Denkyra Obuasi which is a location that was recently hit by controversial scandal. The song which features Top Kay was produced by Boss Nation Music and directed by Steve Gyamfi. The video which was released in 2017 was positively received by fans and has over half million views.

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On the other hand, Akyire Asem which means Aftermath has taken a different direction by focusing on educating the listener. The song has a deep message which applies to every human being because the main themes are societal issues and inhuman practices and how we have to account for every action we take in life. This video was directed by Steve Gyamfi and in the video clip, the CEO of Weezy Empire acts as the judge.

For a long time, Lil Win was the CEO of Boss Nation Music Record Label but recently Ray Moni has taken the position.

Kwadwo Nkansah and family

Kwadwo Nkansah facial expression alone can make you laugh. Kwadwo Nkansah funny videos have a constant source of laughter for Ghanaians who are want to feel happy. Lil Win often uses his social media platform to entertain his massive fan base by posting funny videos. However, there is more to this actor than just comedy, music and acting. He often keeps his personal life private but never fails to shower those he loves with gifts and wealth.

Kwadwo Nkansah mother is Adwoa Offe while his father is called Kojo Nkansah. Lil Wins grew up with six other siblings in a small town in Ghana. Apart from his mother and youngest sister Gifty Nkansah Cudjoe, the rest of the family members are rarely seen in the limelight. Kwadwo sister pictures often crop up on the internet, social media pages and blogs mostly because she is beautiful as compared to his brother who is perceived to be ugly. Gifty also loves fashion, modeling, and acting.

Kwadwo Nkansah biography
Source: YouTube

Kwadwo Nkansah has often talked about his looks and even went as a far as revealing that he is very happy that his son looks like the mother. Although Kwadwo doesn’t have his sister’s good looks, his success in the entertainment industry makes up for that. Lil win lost his father in 2013 after he succumbed to an illness. Kwadwo Nkansah father died at the age of 83.

Kwadwo Nkansah wife

Lil Win married Patricia Afriyie in a joyful wedding in which many fans hoped that their union would last forever. Around 2013, Lil Win and his wife welcomed a bouncing baby boy. Kwadwo Nkansah wife and son have resembling features and their photos show a loving mother-son bond. While in an interview, Kwadwo talked about how fatherhood had changed his lifestyle and that he was proud to be a father to his son.

Since his son Kwabena Ampong came, the actor has reduced the amount of time he spends partying with friends and has no regrets whatsoever of being a father. He further explained that Patricia helped him a lot and was there with him even before he became famous.

Kwadwo divorce

What appeared to be a happy union between Kwadwo Nkansah and Patricia Afriyie soon fell apart and Kwandwo’s marriage ended just after 4 years. Just like other ugly divorce proceedings, Kwadwo’s separation from his wife has been filled with scandals. Before the rumours of their split reached the media, both Kwadwo and his wife came out and boldly claimed that their marriage was doing well and that the allegations that their marriage was falling apart was fake news. However, later on, Afriyie confirmed the divorce reports.

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Details of the divorce paint a picture of cheating allegations and abuse. Patricia claimed that the Kumawood actor threw her out of their matrimonial house and took back the car he bought for her. Afriyie went on to claim that Kwadwo constantly abused her psychologically and emotionally. Currently, Kwadwo is single and concentrating on his career as wellas raising his son.

Kwadwo Nkansah luxurious cars

Kumawood actor Kwadwo Nkansah doesn’t shy away from letting the world know that he has a lot of money. The money he gets from his acting career enables him to live a lavish lifestyle. His social media pages are filled with photos that show his expansive taste in cars, houses and clothes. He has even used his riches to employ a publicist and bodyguard. Recently he posted a video of his new customized Chevrolet Camaro that must have cost a ton of money.

Kwadwo Nkansah luxurious cars
Source: eTV Ghana

Additionally, he's often seen moving around town with some of the most expensive cars that showcase his status in the entertainment industry. Among the cars that he has bought include saloon cars and SUVs. With all the money he gets from music and acting, Kwadwo Nkansah house and cars are a statement of his net worth.

Kwadwo Nkansah 8 bedroom house

Gone are the days when Kwadwo used to struggle to make ends meet, nowadays he has enough money to keep him comfortable and can even spare some change to pamper his loved ones. His wealth comes from acting roles, endorsement deals and investments he has made over the years. One of the family members that he never fails to show love is his mother. Recently he gave his mother an 8 bedroom house.

Kwadwo Nkansah biography
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Although Kwadwo Nkansah new house is massive and has all the modern appliances, he gifted the house to his mothers on her 70th birthday. He handed the keys to the luxurious house in front of various friends and family members. Lil Win’s mother was all emotional as he thanked his son for the wonderful gesture. After cutting the ribbon, the mother was welcomed to the house in style and a party followed afterwards.

Kwadwo Nkansah paralyzed for almost 5 years

Kwadwo has enjoyed immense success in the Kumasi Film industry by using jargons and witty antics. While speaking to Abusa Fm, Lil Win made a shocking revelation about his past. At one time in his childhood he was paralyzed for almost 5 years and during this duration, many people thought that was the end of his dreams. He attributes his recovery and healing due to the prayers of well-wishers and his family members. His mother was particularly prayerful during this time and she always supported him.

Kwadwo Nkansah philanthropic works

The paralysis is not the only health injury that the actor has had to deal with. Kwadwo was also involved in an accident that that kept him in a wheelchair for 5 months. He got the injury while on set where he was playing the role of an armed robber. The two incidents and other life challenges have strengthened Kwadwo passion for charity works. Lil Win often gives to charity and is known for his philanthropic works.

He recently donated local foodstuffs and money to veteran movie star King Aboagye Brenya. Kwadwo also gave a donation to Kumasi Asante Kotoko Football club after an accident led to the death of one of their players. His charity works are never-ending as he also made a donation to the Tafo Central mosque.

Kwadwo Nkansah UN honor, awards and achievements

Lil Win is an accomplished entertainer who never lacks praises from his fans. Recently, the Kumawood actor was honoured by the United Nations for his campaigns against the illegal immigration in West Africa. During the event, Kwadwo was presented with a medal by Bishop Daniel Obinim. While walking on stage he thrilled the congregation by showing off some dance moves and dedicated the award to Dr Stephen Opuni. This is not the first time that Kwadwo Nkansah has received an award.

The celebrated comic actor has also received numerous awards for his outstanding performance in the Kumawood film industry. In 2014 he was nominated the Most favourite actor at the Akoben Movie Awards and best actor lead role for the movie Boys Abre. In the same year he was also nominated for best actor supporting role for his performance in the movie Had I known. This year he has also been nominated in the 2016/17 edition of the Kumawood Akoben Film Festival Awards (KAFFA).

When it comes to making business deals, Lil Win has not been left behind. He has added entrepreneur on his profile by starting a multimedia company called Weezy Empire. On his Instagram page, he called the new venture his new baby.


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