Top trending Vybz Kartel songs

Top trending Vybz Kartel songs

Adidja Azim Palmer popularly known as Vybz Kartel is one of the best dancehall artists in Jamaican history. His work rate and quality are undeniable, and despite serving time for murder, Vybz Kartel songs are a trending topic in Jamaica and most parts of the globe. Apart from making music, Vybz Kartel is also an entrepreneur and record producer. Vybz is also known to be Born and bred in Jamaica’s Waterford district, Vybz attained Dancehall Superstardom back in 2003 with his debut album, Up 2 Di Time. He released his first single dubbed ‘Fat Women’ as a 12-year-old. In 1996, Vybz Kartel and his two friends, Escobar and Mr. Lee formed a dancehall group called Vybes Cartel. However, the group dissolved quickly, and Adidja adopted the name with few alterations.

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Vybz Kartel embarked on a solo career and would soon study the music industry under the wings of then-popular dancehall artist, Bounty Killer. As Bounty Killer’s protégé, Vybz took his shot at impressing legendary Jamaican dancehall icons by composing songs for the artists. The artists include Elephant Man, Bounty Killer, Scare Dem as well as many other members of Bounty Killer’s Alliance Management record label.

After seizing recording opportunities, the artist finally broke out in 2002 with a succession of some of best Vybz Kartel songs such as Guns like Mine, Most High featuring Wayne Marshall, and Badman. After winning the Deejay of the Year Award at the Stone Love Sound System 30th Anniversary Party, Vybz was officially a recognized Jamaican dancehall artist. His fight with fellow Jamaican artist, Ninja Man during the Sting Festival only added to his star status.

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Vibes Kartel's album called More Up 2 Di Time dropped in 2004 and in the same year, the artist was nominated for the UK’s MOBO Award. However, the nominations were quickly withdrawn as well as those of fellow Jamaican artists Beenie Man and Bounty Killer. Vybz would later drop the J.M.T album a year later, but in 2005 the artist was more famous for falling out with Bounty Killer than for his new album.

Vybz left Bounty Killer and joined the latter’s rival, Beenie Man and recorded a barrage of ‘diss’ records aimed at Bounty’s new protégé, Mavado. The Jamaican media was quick to catch onto this new beef and the next few years would be filled with diss tracks as fans chose sides. Vybz Kartel represented Gaza while Mavado represented Gully Side.

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In 2010, Vybz Kartel new song called ‘Clarks,' a single which dominated charts not only in Jamaica but in most of the globe as well. This song was the beginning of the hundreds of Vybz Kartel hit songs that most people are familiar with today. Even after achieving global success in 2010, Vybz Kartel remained a controversial artist who has given him a fair share of run-ins with the law.

However, he continues to make some of the best songs especially in 2016 where he released over 50 songs while in jail. Vybz Kartel albums are over 41 as of 2018, and the dancehall artist shows no sign of stopping even with an impending court verdict. The Vybz Kartel top songs in our list encompass the best songs written and performed by the artist since he broke out into the mainstream industry.

It also contains some of the best Vybz Kartel 2018 songs. Here are the top trending Vybz Kartel songs.

1. Colouring This Life – Vybz Kartel

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Colouring this life is one of Vybz Kartel’s best songs with over 32 million views on YouTube so far. The song is from his number one hit dancehall album titled King of the Dancehall and was released last year. It shows Vybz Kartel’s love for girls with tattoos and has a personal meaning to the artist. Before the song came out in 2016, Vybz was invited to the University of the West Indies to give a lecture dubbed ‘Pretty as a Coloring Book: My Life and My Art.’

In the lecture, Vybz said, ‘My skin marks (no pun intended) many milestones in my life and represents another form of expression for me. Example: The teardrops on my face are in memory of my close friends who have died. My sons’ names on my arms represent their birth and celebrates their life. You have the Gaza thug on my knuckles which represents the community I am from, the nickname of the community, and on my chest I have Love is Pain.’

2. Under Water – Vybz Kartel

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The Vybz Kartel songs list for 2018 contains this song as one of the artist’s best release for the year. Released three months ago as an animated video on the VybzKartelRadio YouTube channel, the video is both hilarious and full of witty lines. This song comes after Vybz Kartel disappeared from the public scene for a few weeks. This behaviour was odd considering the artist was known for releasing two or three songs every week.

However, sources close to the artist claim his silence was due to the attention his team was putting in ensuring he gets an appeal. They said, ‘The main focus now is the appeal, but the fans will be getting a major project possibly coming this summer.' Underwater is barely five months old but the song already has over five million views on YouTube.

3. Fever – Vybz Kartel

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Released in 2016, Fever already has over 22 million views on YouTube alone. The melodic song features women from different ethnicity dancing to the song seeing the artist was in jail when the song was released. However, being in prison has not stopped Vybz Kartel from dominating dancehall charts throughout the world. Even American superstar Cardi B released a video of herself singing and dancing to this song.

4. Conjugal Visit - Vybz Kartel and Spice

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This was released in November 2014, a few months after the Jamaican artist was sent to prison. At the time, he was the dominant force in the dancehall scene. Vybz continued to release songs while in prison such as this song featuring Jamaican dancehall diva Spice. Vybz Kartel’s imprisonment came as a shock to many of his fans across the world. However, it was Vybz Kartel’s girlfriend Spice who felt worse hit by the incarceration of her man.

Considering Vybz Kartel is not eligible for release until he is 73 years old, the two teamed up to make a song that addresses their personal needs. In the video, Spice wakes up in a big bed only to remember that her man is incarcerated. A simple conjugal visit means everything to Spice, and her husband shares her sexual appetite. It's not clear who represents Kartel in the video considering he resembles the superstar completely, but he does a good job.

5. You and Him Deh - Vybz Kartel feat. Sheba

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Ever had the feeling that your girl is doing something very suspicious behind your back? Some of the best Vybz Kartel songs might be in Jamaican dialect, but he makes non-patois speakers understand everything through his videos. Kartel confronts Sheba over a man that has been texting her and claims the two are dating.

In the opening line, Sheba tells Kartel he is not seeing the other guy named Terry, and if the artist is in doubt, he can ask their friend Kerry. To which Vybz replies, Kerry already pinged him on his blackberry after Terry gave her the story. The video was released in 2011 back when Vybz Kartel was still a free Jamaican, and it’s not easy to see why the dancehall artist is considered one of the most talented among his peers.

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6. Jeans and Fitted – Vybz Kartel ft. Russian

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Artists receive so much money from fashion gurus to wear their clothes or mention them in their songs to increase the brand’s popularity. Some artists have grabbed this opportunity and released their own clothing lines, and most have been successful in this endeavour. He might not have a clothing line of his own, but Vybz Kartel changed the Jamaican fashion industry after releasing this song.

Everybody in the video has fitted jeans with either a black or white t-shirt to complete the look. The video depicts how people from both the ghetto and well-off places in Jamaica don this simple but classy look on a daily basis. Russian, officially known as Tarik Johnson is a music producer and the founder of Head Concussion Records, a studio located in Kingston, Jamaica.

7. Summertime – Vybz Kartel

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When summertime hit the airwave in July 2011, Vybz Kartel was on the headlines for allegedly bleaching his skin. The allegations were confirmed in the video where the artist looks different from the darker Vybz Kartel most people are used to seeing. However, his looks were a thing to quickly disregard considering the song was the perfect celebration song for the starting summer.

The song talks about the summer and features everything that happens during the season. People are swimming and having fun while playing with the water while Vybz Kartel sits with two beautiful ladies with an umbrella covering his bleached skin. Summertime has over 61 million views and is one of Kartel’s biggest songs.

8. Life We Living – Vybz Kartel

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A lot of youth in the ghetto wake up not knowing whether they are going to see the end of the day or meet their demise. The situation has improved just a little bit since Kartel released this song back in 2009, but some of the things he talks about are still relevant a decade later. Most people are hiding from the landlord due to pending arrears and can’t afford to give their kids the kind of toys and clothes they need.

Lack of employment is a norm in the ghetto as more people finish school only for their degrees to decorate their houses. As such, most people result to robbing and maiming to earn their daily keep. Those who work hard and are honest in their dealings have it hard as shown by Vybz Kartel in this song.

9. Pressure – Vybz Kartel

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Pressure was released in 2015 when Kartel's incarceration news had already hit home with all his fans, and the only hope was an appeal. The song talks about some of the things the youth have to go through to earn their keep and maintain that status. It comes with a lot of pressure but like Kartel says, when you're used to it you can walk on tar barefoot like a hot steeper. As expected, he is not in the video, but the visual was released through his channel.

10. Mhm Hm – Vybz Kartel

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This was released in October 2017 and already has over 4 million views. Most people are still surprised how Vybz Kartel can be in jail and make better songs than some of the artists on the outside. His talent is limitless and as it seems, cannot be shackled by jail bars. This song is more fun than educational and talks about choosing the right girl as your wife.

The video starts with women walking down a street with a few men minding their business a few steps ahead. They then start dancing provocatively once the beat drops as scenes change from the street to different part of Kartel's neighbourhood in Gaza. Kartel also gives the ingredients to some of the things you need to make a healthy baby if you listen carefully.

11. Yabba Dabba Doo – Vybz Kartel

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Speaking of instructions, at the beginning of the year, Vybz Kartel released Yabba Dabba Doo, a song giving bleaching instructions. The artists mimic the popular Flintstones cartoon in the video while riding the same type of car the cartoon characters use. Vybz Kartel even mentions the names of some of the creams he uses in the lyrics while making fun of the people that bleach without reading the instructions.

Some of the lyrics he says, ‘you're clean like a cheddar, don't too walk out inna sunny weather, tell your little friend go get herself together, face white, body black, rasclaat! It's a zebra.’

12. Real Bad Gal – Vybz Kartel

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The new Vybz Kartel is barely a month old seeing it was released on August 2, 2018. The song has a touch of old-school dancehall beats merged with the same writing patterns used by dancehall artists that dominated the scene a decade ago. However, it has a faster tempo and Kartel delivers as usual with amazing lyrics that motivate girls from all over the globe.

The song talks about strong women who defend what they say with facts due to the authenticity of their statements. The video stars a girl from one of the Jamaican ghettos waking up in the village and performing her duties before freshening up and heading out in the evening. Kartel was trying to encouraging strong girls to enjoy life regardless of the situation they might be in and appreciate their unique nature.

Vybz Kartel songs list

Vybz Kartel songs download options vary depending on your location on the globe and the type of device you use. However, most songs are available on popular platforms such as YouTube and a variety of streaming platforms such as Spotify, Mdundo, Deezer, and iTunes to mention a few. Below is a list of Vybz Kartel songs to help you with the download. Vybz Kartel new album called Vybz Kartel Choices Remastered is also out as well as a new EP called Back to Basics.

Vybz Kartel has over 500 songs, so we're going to list his most common songs, the rest can be found in his discography.

Vybz Kartel top 50 songs

  1. Yuh Love
  2. Beyonce Wine
  3. Sweet To The Belly
  4. Life Sweet
  5. Summer Time
  6. Badda Dan Dem
  7. Picture This
  8. Clarks
  9. Up to the Sky
  10. Money Fi Spend
  11. Marie
  12. Sen On
  13. Tekk
  14. Bicycle
  15. Slow Motion
  16. Go Go Wine
  17. Last Man Standing
  18. Fever
  19. Good Buddy
  20. Jeans and Fitted
  21. Romping Shop
  22. My Crew
  23. Ben Over
  24. Go Go Club
  25. Virginity
  26. Get Wild
  27. Life We Living
  28. Nah Let Go
  29. Jamaica
  30. Benz Punnany
  31. Wine Mi Gyal
  32. Come Breed Me
  33. Tic Toc
  34. Tek Gunshot
  35. Summertime
  36. Fast Life
  37. Whine Pon You
  38. Bruk Out
  39. Love the Girls
  40. Weed Partner
  41. Realest Thing
  42. Dollar Sign
  43. Mamma
  44. Cake Soap
  45. Beautiful Girl
  46. Ghetto Youth
  47. Real Badman
  48. Empire Army
  49. Fashionable Girl
  50. Mr. Officer

Vybz Kartel latest news

Vybz Kartel’s team is in a tense mood at the moment even with the artist releasing a new song a few days ago. They await the court of appeal’s verdict regarding the artist's case, but hopes are high up after the court shamed the prosecution. It cited a biased approach from the trial angle and contamination of evidence. Defence attorney Robert Fletcher who also represents Kahira Jones, one of the co-convicts alongside Kartel said, ‘The contamination was acknowledged, accepted, and unexplained, ask the jurors to determine whether it (the telephonic evidence) was contaminated.’

Vybz is serving life for the alleged murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams. The police say, the artist and his entourage beat Mr. Williams on August 16, 2011, and left him for dead. However, the defence attorney says the prosecution conjured the evidence and tampered with phone messages to secure a favourable conviction. Kartel's lawyers have since changed their request to the judges from a new trial to a full acquittal.

The Court of Appeal judges are yet to deliver their final verdict on the matter. However three things are certain; a retrial, imprisonment, or Vybz Kartel’s official release. In the meantime, Vybz Kartel's songs continue dominating the charts as he maintains his title as the king of dancehall. The verdict will not take long considering the judges at the Supreme Court have acknowledged the case as one with great public interest.

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