20 interesting things to talk about with your crush to strike a meaningful conversation

20 interesting things to talk about with your crush to strike a meaningful conversation

Getting your crush’s attention is the most difficult thing in the world until you have it. You have to find ways to ensure that whatever you say makes their day. This may be an unattainable goal, but hey, you gotta try. Coming up with interesting topics and questions doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. Here are some things to talk about with your crush to help you initiate a meaningful conversation.

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things to talk about with your crush
Things to talk about with your crush. Photo: @andres-ayrton, pexels.com
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Are you trying to make a great impression on your crush? A good conversation is one of the best ways to ensure that you are not easily forgotten. Once they notice how smooth you are with your words, all you have left to do is charm them with your personality.

What you talk about with your crush will depend on their mood and how well you know each other. The trick to killing it is making sure that you have some conversation starters to have more interesting and funny conversations with them.

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20 interesting things to talk about with your crush

How do you keep a conversation with your crush? Once you have all of these fun prompts at your fingertips, you can go on your date. The key to ensuring a smooth presentation is picking ideas that develop linearly to keep the conversation flowing. Always remember to be flexible. Here are 20 things you could try:

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1. Date activities they enjoy

If you are looking for good questions to ask the person you are obsessed with, then this one should top your list. If you intend to ask your crush out at some point in the future, then you should know what they like to do on dates. This could be catching a movie or even getting breakfast together. Knowing this will ensure that your first date is a resounding success.

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2. Their family

Having a meaningful conversation when you just met someone is not easy, especially when you have a crush on them. One of the safest areas of conversation is about their family. Once you get them talking about family, you can build up the conversation from there and maybe even talk about your own family.

3. Favourite things about themselves

It is important to know your interest's best feature or attribute. This way, you will know exactly what compliments to give them later to get into their good graces. This question also lets you know more about your crush’s personality.

4. Who knows them the best

What are some deep topics to talk about with your crush? Once you are ready to get into deeper conversations with him or her, you can start with this question. It offers them the opportunity to discuss their inner circle. This will give you the chance to learn about who is important to them.

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5. Their pet peeves

things to talk about with your crush
Two lovebirds pose for a picture. Photo: @elsimage, pexels.com
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Since you have a crush on this person, you may want to stay on their good side. The best way to ensure that you do this is to learn their pet peeves early in advance. Once you know them, you can steer clear of them or maybe use them in some playful teasing to strengthen your bond.

6. Their turn offs

If you are looking to date this person at some point in the future, then you should know what turns them off. This way, you can stay perfect in their eyes as you build your relationships to newer levels.

7. What would their parents be surprised to learn about them

Everyone has a secret side to them that others do not know about. This question allows you to know what skeletons your crush is hiding in their closet. Sharing this private part of their lives with you could also make your bond grow stronger.

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8. What do they like doing for fun?

Do you want to know what to talk about with your crush over text? It is normal to be at a loss over what to text on those first days after you get your crush’s number. One of the safest ways to get through this period without getting bored is by having them tell you what they do for fun. This information could come in handy if you find yourself planning dates later.

9. Their first impression of you

They say first impressions are important. Use this question as an opportunity to see how you came across your crush when they first saw you. You can also use this question as a segue into how their first impression has changed as they have gotten to know you.

10. Their favourite animals

Asking about favourite animals is one of the funny things to talk about with your crush over text. While it may not give you any insight into their personality, you will have lots to talk about as you explore the animal kingdom.

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11. Ask about their hometown

One way to get to know someone well is to find out where they came from. Getting your crush talking about their hometown will give you all sorts of insights into who they are as a person. It is also a great conversation starter.

12. Their favourite sport

What is your crush’s favourite sport? Once you know what the answer to this question is, you can be sure always to have something to talk about with your crush. If their answer is a sport you are unfamiliar with, you can ask more questions about it for a deep conversation. Who knows, your new crush may even be into running.

13. Their favourite music

Nothing connects people as music does. Asking this question will show your new love interest that you are genuinely interested in their taste. You could even get lucky and discover a cool new artist from this conversation.

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14. Favourite TV shows

TV shows are great areas of conversation. Find out which movies your crush loves watching and talk about them. You could also plan to see one together if you find out that your tastes are compatible.

15. What is their favourite meal?

things to talk about with your crush
A couple having a tender moment on camera. Photo: @shawnee_d, unsplash.com
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As you get to know your crush better, their food preferences will have to come up at some point. Having this information will make it easier for you if you ever get to plan a date for the two of you.

16. Any book recommendations

Are you looking for deep conversation starters for your crush? Then ask them if they have any book recommendations for you. Whatever their answer is will generate further things to talk about. You could also recommend a few books yourself.

17. Their bucket list

You should save this question for those late-night conversations with your crush. A bucket list is a list of things a person wishes to do before they die. It is a great conversation starter as you delve into the items on the list. This information could come in handy if you ever get into a relationship with them.

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18. Ask whether they like cooking

Does your crush like cooking? If they do, you could ask about how they started and their favourite recipes. If they do not, you could ask why. The answer will surely be interesting.

19. What is their dream destination?

What should I talk about with my crush over text? How about you ask them what their dream travel destination is? Their answer will reveal a lot about who they are. The answer could range from visiting islands to taking a staycation right in your city.

20. What is their love language?

There are five love languages that speak to how people like to give and receive love. Knowing your crush’s love language will clue you in on how to further secure their attention.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How do you keep a conversation with your crush? To keep up a conversation with your crush, all you need is a list of things to talk about that will guide the conversation, such as their hobbies, dislikes, and favourite destinations.
  2. What do you talk about with your crush over text? When texting your crush, keep it light and interesting with questions about their favourite songs and TV shows.
  3. What should I talk about with my crush every day? A great tip is to ask about their day. This will give you new stuff to talk about daily.
  4. What are some good deep conversation starters? Some good conversation starters include asking them about their family, friends, their favourite date activities, e.t.c.
  5. What are some good questions to ask your crush? Some good questions include their dream travel destinations, their favourite sports, and even their favourite animals.
  6. How do I strike a meaningful conversation with my crush? To strike a meaningful conversation with your crush, you can ask them to tell you all about themselves, their likes, fears, e.t.c.
  7. What are some funny things to talk about with my crush? Some funny things to talk about with your crush include their pet peeves, their turn-offs, and what their parents would be shocked to learn about them.

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Are you looking for interesting things to talk about with your crush for an interesting conversation? Look no further. These 20 ideas will give you a plethora of options to choose from.

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