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Wode Maya

  • Real name: Berthold Kobina Winkler Ackon
  • Birthday: 8 November 1990
  • Nationality: Ghanaian
  • Star sign: Scorpio
  • Occupation: Ghanaian YouTuber
  • Net worth: $476k

Who is Wode Maya?

Wode Maya (Kobina Ackon) was born on November 8, 1990, in Ahekofi, Ghana. He is a Ghanaian YouTuber, social media influencer, and an aeronautical engineer. He is well known for his travel vlogs and inspiring content about his adventure across the continent and worldwide.

The social media personality has attracted a sizeable following due to his engaging and charismatic style. Wode Maya won Online Creator Of The Year at the Entertainment Achievement Award in 2022.

Early life and education

Wode Maya grew up in Ahekofi, Ghana, and after completing his high school education, he left Ghana in 2012. He attended Shenyang Aerospace University in China, where he graduated with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.


Wode Maya started his YouTube channel known as @WODEMAYA in 2013. He posted vlogs about his experience in a foreign country. His channel has grown over the years gaining over 3 million subscribers.

Wode’s channel grew in popularity, attracting over 3.3 million subscribers and millions of views. His vlogs focus on telling positive African stories about Africa's cultural diversity, beauty and potential. Maya has worked with other known YouTubers from the continent and helped upcoming content creators gain exposure.


Wode Maya married Miss Trudy, a Kenyan Youtuber, on 10 September 2022, in Western Kenya.

Net worth

The social media influencer earns an average of $4,000 monthly from his Youtube channel. Wode Maya's net worth is between $79.3K - $476K.

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