Russian President's car features

Russian President's car features

It is expected that a president will have the most sophisticated car. Well, Russia's President Vladimir Putin has taken sophistication to a new level with his latest vehicle. From the latest defense technology to systems most people can only dream of, here are is a complete description of the car's unique features.

Russian President's car

Russian President's car name is exactly what you would expect

The current Russian president’s car is a Mercedes- Benz S 600 Guard Pullman. Most people would simply call this a Mercedes. However, the russian president's car actually has its own name. Since it was revealed to the public, it has been nicknamed the Kortezh. Sounds very Russian, doesn't it?

Russian president's car features

This special car is well equipped for offence defense and life-saving measures. It’s built under the protection of the federal services.The first brand was unveiled in 2005 at Frankfurt and since then there has been major improvements. This is no ordinary vehicle because its specifications are amazing. It has seat controls and an electronic stability program.

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The vehicle can automatically sense if the path is bumpy and controls its speed. It automatically brakes, and reduces the power of its engine. Its locks are well equipped with the anti-lock braking such that the locks cannot be broken.

The Russian President Vladamir putin new car has a brake assist function that is aware in case of an emergency braking. It is able to measure the distance covered and that which is from the vehicle to the next vehicle. The car can sense the road signs. For a road that has clear instructions of 80kilometres per hour, the vehicle automatically reduces or increases its speed to 80kmph even without the efforts of the driver. This car always senses the next on-coming car and is careful to maintain a safe distance. When this car collides with another, it moves the passenger seats to a safer positions and tightens the seat belts then closes all windows and doors . It automatically brakes and all the air bags are inflated.

It has night reflectors such that when the headlights are off it opens the infrared and one can see approaching heat signals from inside. The mirrors can automatically sense a lot of light and hence dimming themselves to decrease the amount of light that gets in. The seat belts are adjustable, and this car has a very strong traction control whereby, it can be easily located in case of disappearance.

Russian President's car

Kortezh, Vladimir Putin's limo

The Russian president's car has an amazing control system . At high speed, it lowers its body downwards. It has three different filters that filter out any unclean air from getting inside. The heating system is amazing. It has a cooling and warming effect on every seat. The car can also park itself automatically. The seats adjust themselves when a person sits by deflating and inflating to ensure that the passenger is comfortable. The vehicle does not need a normal key to start, but instead a smart key is used. As long as the driver has it anywhere in the car or in close proximity, the car can start.

Once you get into that car, it filters out any noise from outside. It has a system that monitors tyre pressure and it can sense imminent danger from far. All windows are bullet-proof. They are not easily breakable and bullets cannot penetrate. The seats are made of original leather and this makes the ambiance in that car breath-taking.

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Other features include an automatic smart television, a compact disk player, entertainment packages for both the front and the back seat, and controls near all seats to change music or navigation. This car moves in one direction and can sense the lanes and keeps to one. When the car swerves, it locks itself down and puts on control measures to ensure maximum security of its passengers. This particular vehicle balances its weight so it cannot easily roll over. It can automatically sense if the driver is fatigued and readily warns him to stop driving or take a nap. Its system is very advanced, and this kind of technology is very rare. The technology applied is very advanced and the people who make such cars are an asset to the governments.

Russian president's car price

For all thos wondering how much this sophisticated machine goes for - it costs half a million Euros! This comes at no surprise since the car is modified specifically for the head of state of Russia Vladimir Putin. The car continues to be improved and probably the next president will definitely have a better model. This is the kind of car that has more safety measures than an airplane. Apart from the beast, which is the nickname of the vehicle of the American president, the Russian president’s car; Kortezh is the safest car in the world.

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