Best comments for girls pic: 150+ compliments that will flatter a girl you like

Best comments for girls pic: 150+ compliments that will flatter a girl you like

Girls love being complimented. A girl will be flattered if you tell her how attractive she looks or how the outfit she has complements her body. It is the little things that make girls' hearts go soft. Do not be shy to leave a sweet message for a girl that you have some interest in. The best comments for girls talk about how great their physique is, how they have killed the look with the charming dress, or how they radiate under the sun.

Best comments for girls

Source: UGC

When commenting on Facebook, try and be as creative as you can. Clichés under girls' posts often get overlooked. Write a short and beautifully composed message if you are determined to get a reply from her. She will appreciate your efforts and even give you a chance to take her out if you want it to go that far.

Best comments for girls pictures

Compliments and words of affirmation are some of the things to a girls' heart. Be gentle with your messages, and make sure that you have the spelling correct. No one likes bad grammar.

Best comments for Instagram

Instagram users post their pictures regularly showing how fine they look and what they are doing for the day. If the girl you have a crush on posts a photo, be sure to say something pleasant. Praise her with a compliment for her picture.

  • You are so good with makeup. It looks fantastic on your skin.
  • Girl, if you don't stop showing off, we all know you're attractive.
  • What an abundance of beauty you are. The loveliest I have seen today.
  • You are always glowing. I wonder what you be having for breakfast.
  • God was showing off when he created you. I have never seen this much beauty in one person.
  • You are one of the best-looking girls I have ever laid my eyes on. I love seeing you.
  • No one should be allowed to look that good. How do you do it?
  • I will compliment you today, tomorrow, and forever. You deserve nothing less.
  • Just like the sun, you shine on everyone you talk with.
  • Astonishingly charming natural beauty. I want to meet your mama to thank her for giving birth to you.
  • I love how carefree you dance like nobody is watching. You are such a vibe.
  • You are gorgeous and ooze tremendous charm. you are amazing
  • Hey, you look adorable in this and always—I stan a queen.
  • I always want to say hi to you. You are such a beauty.
  • This picture made my day. Please keep posting those lovely shots.
  • Are you a mandarin orange? 'Cause damn, you're a cutie.
  • You come off as that pretty, kind, and understanding girl. Mind going out with me?
Best comments for girls

Source: UGC

  • Your beauty has no boundaries. I love everything about you.
  • I'm in love. I'm totally in love! You take my breath away.
  • I would want to wake up next to you every day. Your beauty can blind me.
  • I love how expressive your eyes are. The prettiest I have ever seen.
  • Natural beauty with a golden heart. A rare combination, but here you are.
  • I saw you in the yellow dress the other day. You truly are hotter than the sun.
  • Cheerful and more than elegant! Mesmerizing. Beautiful girl with a beautiful smile.
  • Your pretty face makes me blush all the time because I don't know how to approach you.
  • Your beauty is so refreshing. Your demeanour is breathtaking, and your pictures outstanding.
  • This looks like a skincare ad. You're glowing.
  • I would do anything to bag you as my girl. You are too beautiful, not to like.
  • I love your face and booty. You are a rare one.
  • Stay winning and stay being pretty.
  • I love that you know how beautifully you are and still try to be good to everyone. The universe needs more people like you.
  • You are outstanding. You are stunning. You are adorable. Beauty cannot be measured in megapixels.
  • Your smile can light up a thousand rooms. Your smile is the best curve on you.
  • What a beautiful day it is. Woke up and the first thing I saw was your smile. I'm blessed.
  • An absolute example of perfect beauty. Your body shape, your lips, your eyes, everything is in sync.
  • I love your blue eyes, your long hair, and your lovely face. Top that with the fantastic attitude you have.
  • Perfect location for a beautiful shot. You're killing it!
  • Out of the 7 billion people in the world, I crush on you the most.
  • Thank the heavens for women like you. You make the world much more beautiful.
  • Treasury house of hotness and beauty. Is there anyone that looks as good as you?
  • I am amazed at how beautiful you get to be as you grow older. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you do.
  • My God, are you even real? That's the idol to worship if you're idle.
  • You have a fantastic voice! I never knew someone could sound that good.
  • I have never met a queen in my life, but I take you as one. You ooze royalty.
  • I was wondering if you had an extra heart. Mine was just stolen.
  • Your skin complexion is the most perfect. You are good looking and have a kind heart. I love you already.
  • I'd love it if you came with me to see the next superhero movie.
  • Your boyfriend must be the luckiest man on earth. Getting to see all this beauty every day.
  • I'm not a photographer, but I can picture you and me together.
  • Didn't I see you on the cover of Vogue? You are vogue material.
  • You have everything I'd want in my dream girl. This is me shooting my shot, will you be mine?
  • Seeing your picture as the first thing on my timeline makes me radiate with happiness. You are a cutie.
  • You're so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line.
  • Thank you for the amazing photos you share. I just felt I needed to thank you for the excellent service you provide to the online community.

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How to compliment a beautiful girl picture

The first thing to do when posting a comment on a beautiful girl's photo is to take your time. Being the first to comment may not be a plus as rushed comments may have errors and unclear words. You can also use song lyrics for beautiful girl comments if you think she will like.

  • I love you, baby. I don't know if you know this, but I do. I dream of that pretty face too often not to tell you about it.
  • Come and let us go for a drive. You have worn the perfect shorts for a road trip.
  • You are my queen. I will always comment on your pictures because your beauty is astonishing.
  • What a wonderful soul with an even more attractive face. I would be the happiest if I bagged you.
  • When Beyonce said she woke up flawless, she was drawing her inspiration from you.
  • Classy shot and excellent background too. Your page is the best thing on my feed.
  • You are a glorious mess. A mess I would not mind to be involved in.
  • I need to call heaven because they just lost an angel!
  • Can't scroll, stuck on your Instagram profile. You are so cute 'I don't wanna leave.
  • If you were a drink, you would be my favourite cocktail. I would name the drink sunshine, just like you.
  • Aside from being a cutie pie? What do you do for a living?
  • Gorgeous and glamorous queen! Be mine already.
  • I often come to your page for wardrobe tips. Your style is elegant.
  • Sorry if this is extra cheesy, but you have a pizza, my heart.
  • You are made of the best material baby girl. Elegance, and brains. What a fantastic combination.
  • No one makes me happier than you. You don't know me, but I see you on my feed often.
  • We all are blessed to see your beauty. Keep posting and keep pushing. Life can be rewarding.
  • My morning is all my day when I see the pictures you upload online.
  • You are good looking, God-fearing, and have a kind heart. You are the perfect package.
  • I like saving the pictures you share. Your beauty is unmatched, and I want to keep staring at that good looking face.
  • Beauty is just a word. You justify better. You are the best thing on my timeline.
  • I have seen beautiful girls before, but nothing comes close to your beauty. What an angel.
  • I check your Instagram page every day because I know the content is always excellent.
  • It has been a pleasure to see beauty. You are a gem, a ray of sunshine, the star I have been looking for.
Best comments for girls

Source: UGC

  • I would never make you cry if you became my girlfriend. A pretty and kind girl like you deserves all the happiness in the world.
  • I love Instagram because I get to see how finer you get every day. I have had a crush on you for ages.
  • People praise beauty. I praise your beauty and personality. My favourite girl on Facebook.
  • I see so many posts on Instagram, but nothing comes close to this. I think this is the best I've seen in a long time.
  • Please stop looking so hot every time. You'll burn me with the heat.
  • I will always remind you that you have been my longtime crush. You look dazzling.
  • In a thousand bursts of sunshine, I would choose you as you glow the brightest.
  • Hey, I know this is super spontaneous, but I'm going out for drinks tonight. Want to join me? I want to experience your beauty in person.
  • I like your dress. It must be made out of girlfriend material.
  • Always rocking with your cuteness. You are such a view.
  • How does it feel being this hot? I enjoy looking at your adorable little face.
  • I would not mind taking care of you for the rest of my life if you agreed to be my girlfriend.
  • Just when I couldn't love you more. You posted this pic, and my jaw drops to the floor.
  • You are a very sexy, very stunning and gorgeous woman.
  • You look like my next girlfriend. You are Just an icon of beauty.
  • Necessity is the mother of invention. You are the mother of beauty.
  • I love the dress and the wearer. I think it's booty-full.
  • Damn girl, just flawless. Wardrobe check, makeup check, pretty face, check.
  • I would leave my life to come to start one with you. You are the shining star I have been looking for.
  • Hotshot n honey trapped inside you and the Meaning of Sweetness lies in you.
  • My life is complex but looking at your pictures makes things seem so smooth.
  • You always choose the best locations for your pictures. Simply iconic, I'm in love.
  • Million-dollar smile from a girl that looks like a million bucks. You are beautiful.
  • The stars, the moon, and the sun are minor to me because you shine brighter than all of them.
  • Why so cute? I love seeing all this beauty but damn girl, you are God's favourite.
  • The picture you just posted is a killer. That's hot enough to beat the winters.
  • You look so stunning. I wonder if that dress was specifically made for you.
  • This is called a perfect shot. Your body has the perfect shape. Your life looks perfect.
  • OK, I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure it's illegal to look this good.
  • Oh boy, don't I love it when I come across your pictures? I wish I could like this twice.

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Best comment on girl pic to impress her

Girls will get many comments under their pics a day but will only notice a few. Don't be reckless with words if you want to have the best comment for pic on FB. The girl you have a crush on will only notice the nice comments.

  • There are two things I like about this picture. I like the caption and you.
  • I loved your photo three times. I would double-tap it ten times if Instagram allowed.
  • You are God's gift to social media. Keep posting, baby girl. I enjoy looking at you.
  • You're an incredibly sensational an beautiful.
  • You are the true definition of natural beauty. Are you even real?
  • The best things in the world are not free. I know this because it would cost me an arm and a leg to take you out.
  • I know I will pass out if you ever think of breathing in my direction.
  • What a lovely girl you are. Your parents must be proud of the beautiful offspring they brought to this world.
  • I am not even going to hide it anymore. You drive me crazy every time you upload your cute little pictures.
  • I know a place that is missing you, my house. Come and let me treat you like a queen.
  • You are such a gorgeous girl. I am willing to leave my family for you.
  • I'm not even trippin' if I tell you I'd worship the ground you walk on.
  • Please accept my compliments. I have nothing more to offer.
  • I go through so many FB profiles, but I always end up on your wall. Cutie pie!
  • Usually, people get wrinkles as they age, but you are becoming finer like wine.
  • Nothing is better than a beautiful heart with a true soul. You check both boxes.
  • I'm running out of words to fix your beauty well. Have you met yourself? You are the best.
  • I am jealous of your mirror, and it's not even a lie. Your mirror gets to see you every day.
  • Are you a driver Because you're driving me crazy with those looks.
  • I said 360 degrees. I saw nothing better than you.
  • I asked Google to direct me to the most beautiful girl in the world, and alas! I'm on your Instagram profile.
Best comments for girls

Source: UGC

  • That confusing moment in which you do not know what to comment on because you know what you write would not be enough.
  • With pretty girls like you around, I would not mind living forever.
  • You are a sight to behold. I love you, yet I have never met you.
  • If there is a word to praise you, it would be Infinite.
  • I only came to your page to wish you a happy day. Girls like you deserve daily wishes.
  • If you ever accept my offer to take you out, I will tell the whole world how lucky I am. I dream of sitting next to you on a date.
  • Your beauty is irresistible! I want to have a meal with you, and probably have you as a meal.
  • I woke up feeling gloomy but looking at this pic, totally the inspiration I needed in my life.
  • It's always a treat to see your pictures. You don't know how much you brighten my timeline.
  • Can't take my eyes off you. Why are you so stunning?
  • You seem to be growing when it comes to beauty, which is amazing.
  • I think this is your fab look. You are looking gorgeous.
  • You have a fantastic figure. That figure that drives all men nuts.
  • I am convinced that angels walk amongst humans on earth. Just divinely gorgeous.
  • I get so excited when I see you post these stunning and wondrous photos. You look great.
  • Girl, what did you have in mind with that outfit? Done kill people by that look.
  • Your beauty is full of endless possibilities. I'd love to meet you someday.
  • Thanks for posting your cute pictures on the regular. They spread positivity.
  • You always look perfect in every dress. I would buy you all dresses in the world if it meant looking at you daily.
  • You are more than a goddess. You look so good the heavens should bow down as you walk along the streets.
  • Not many good looking women have a heart big as yours. You are truly a gem.
  • Would you like to grab a burger and some mango juice for brunch? I've always wanted to take you out.
  • I saw you dancing earlier on and would want to hit the club with you.
  • I almost broke my neck the other day checking you out. I hope you are having a great day.
  • I enjoy looking at beautiful women. I spend a good amount o my time admiring you, cutie.
  • You must be a camera because you make me smile!
  • You are one hot babe I wonder what God had in mind when he was making you. Stay pretty.
  • I would buy the whole world for you if you accepted my offer to be your boyfriend. You look incredibly gorgeous.
  • Do you bathe in sugar? Because you are sweet!
  • Where did you get today's outfit? Great sense of fashion plus a lovely face equals a win.
  • I love your style and how great of a dresser you are. Your looks complement your wardrobe.
  • You are so pretty I wonder what the angels used to make you. I love how you walk and talk.
  • Those jeans you have on are tightly hugging your body they make me jealous.
  • Your fashion sense is out of this world. You deserve to be featured in several fashion magazines.
  • You are my favourite girl on Instagram. Never stop posting. I will always like your pictures.
  • You are a wondrous and marvellous girl. You are attractive. Too pretty.

When sending the beautiful messages and compliments, do not spam her profile with dozens of words. A compliment a day is enough. Sending many compliments makes you look desperate and hopeless, which is a turn off for many girls. Best comments for girls should also not be filled with lies.

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