What happened to Frances Conroy's eye?

What happened to Frances Conroy's eye?

Frances Conroy is no new name in Hollywood. She is a renowned TV, stage, film, and voice actress. She came into the limelight after featuring in the TV series Six Feet Under as Ruth Fisher, which aired from 2001 and 2005. Since then, she has skyrocketed in her career, and today, she is a respected actress in Hollywood. If you look closely at the actress, you will notice that one of her eyes is slightly smaller than the other. So, what happened to Frances Conroy's eye?

Frances Conroy's eye

Frances Conroy holding her Golden Globe. Photo: @kbaileyjava2
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The actress has been featured in various horror films. For instance, the American Horror Story between 2011 and 2018. Since then, she has featured in more than 100 movies and TV titles. Frances has won many titles and awards to her name, including a Golden Globe Award for her work on Six Feet Under. Is Frances Conroy blind? Learn everything about the prominent actress.

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So, what happened to Frances Conroy eye?

Most people have been wondering, "How was Frances Conroy before eye injury?" Frances Conroy eyes have always been normal. This was until she was allegedly involved in a car accident. She underwent eye surgery, but the damage to the cornea of her right eye left it discolored.

Frances Conroy's eye

Frances Conroy looking all gorgeous. Photo: @ahszone
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When did Frances Conroy car accident happen?

It is believed that the accident occurred in the '90s. However, it certainly left an impact on her life. Most of her fans have been asking, "Does Frances Conroy have a glass eye?" No, the actress does not have a glass eye, though it looks like she has one. However, she sometimes wears colored contact lenses.


The actress commenced her acting career in the '70s, where she appeared in theater groups, precisely, The Acting Company. In the 1980s, she made her breakthrough in the entertainment industry by playing in Othello. She also made appearances in The Lady from Dubuque, Our Town, A Bright Room Called Day, The Little Foxes, and The Ride Down Mt. Morgan.

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Frances Conroy's eye

Frances Conroy during the filming of an episode of Ring of Fire (2013). Photo: @sadbutchhours
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After spending about two decades of her career life on stage, she had her debut after featuring in the television series Six Feet Under, which aired from 2001 and 2005. The series became immensely popular, leading to her fame. That did not deter her focus and success; she created a name for herself by appearing in more films such as the romantic drama film known as Bloodworth in 2010 and the American Horror Story, where she was the main star.

Frances Conroy net worth

The actress is believed to have a net worth of about $4 million. This is mainly from her successful acting career, which she started in the 70s to date.

With a clear glimpse of what happened to Frances Conroy's eye, fans no longer have to speculate about it. The actress continues to amaze many through her legendary acting skills and talent, which remains admirable.

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