Nancy Jones: What really happened to George Jones' wife?

Nancy Jones: What really happened to George Jones' wife?

George Jones' wife, Nancy Jones was the musician's saviour after three failed marriages. She married George in 1983 and helped him tackle his demons, until his unfortunate death from hypoxic respiratory failure on April 26, 2013. Nancy Sepulvado was a significant part of George's life and gained popularity for being his spouse. Do you want to know what the widow of a country music legend is up to today? What happened to her?

Nancy Jones
Nancy Sepulvado receives an award on behalf of George Jones during the 49th annual CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on November 4, 2015, in Nashville, Tennessee. Photo: @Jason Davis
Source: Getty Images

Fame, earned, or achieved can instantly disappear. Sometimes, like George Jones' wife, people become popular for being associated with a famous personality, and when the known individual perishes, the fame dwindles.

It seems like that is what happened to Nancy Sepulvado considering her absence from the limelight. Is George Jones wife Nancy still alive?

Who is Nancy Jones?

George Jones had a troubled past with self-destructive tendencies and a severe drinking and drug problem. After going through three failed marriages, he met the lovely Nancy Jones that helped him repair his shattered life and career. Nancy Jones believes that God sent her to save the artist. So, who is the strong-willed lady?

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Nancy Jones is an American actress and renowned for being the famous singer and songwriter George Jones' wife. She is also recognized for her role in a romantic movie called Bollywood and Vines (2004). Nancy Jones is 73 years old as of 2021.

She is termed as the super wife that helped George Jones recover from his bad habits. Nancy helped him correct his messy finances, address his drinking and drug problems.

At that time in George Jones’ career, he was very unpredictable and even got the nickname No Show Jones because of missing studio sessions. George Jones’ wife helped the musician get back on track and revive his plummeting singing career.

Nancy undergoes critical surgery

In 2017, on what would have been George Jones’ 86th birthday, Nancy Jones was heading into the operating room to correct her eyesight. She updated her fans on George Jones' official Facebook account with a picture of the musician's gravesite filled with flowers. Nancy requested fans to pray for her as she went for the surgery.

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According to the Facebook post, George Jones’ wife was undergoing surgery to fix the blindness in her left eye. It was a great surprise to many people that were not aware that she was facing the problem. The Facebook post read:

Please keep Nancy in your prayers today as she undergoes eye surgery to restore sight in her left eye. Although she will not be able to visit the gravesite today, she was able to have the fall flowers done a day early and encourages everyone to visit.”

The Nashville mural

In 2019, Nancy Jones expressed her displeasure with a mural in Nashville that depicted an infamous scene from her life. The mural portrayed her late husband, George Jones riding a lawnmower to the liquor store, a legendary tale in the country's music circles. She wasn't shy of expressing her disapproval and stated:

Have you seen that thing?? It is plumb ugly! George was a great writer, a great singer, and a proper mural should be about him and his music, not a mischaracterisation of him on a lawnmower!

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The mural was created by Nashville-based artist Shawn Catz, who got inspiration from the animated show, Tales from the Tour Bus. George Jones was a regular client at the building with the mural, Colonial Liquors on Franklin Pike during his unstable drinking days.

Nancy Jones net worth

Nancy Jones
Nancy Sepulvado receives an award on behalf of George Jones during the 49th annual CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on November 4, 2015, in Nashville, Tennessee. Photo: @Frederick Breedon
Source: Getty Images

Nancy Jones has an estimated net worth of between $1 million to $5 million as of 2021. She is a former Hollywood actress and was married to one of country music's legendary musicians who increased her net worth. George Jones had an estimated net worth of $35 million when he died in 2013.

Nancy Jones sold her husband’s intellectual property rights and assets to Concord Music for a reported $30 million.

Where does Nancy Jones live now?

If you wonder whether Nancy Jones is alive, you will be glad to know that she hasn't died yet. Therefore, you will not find Nancy Jones obituary, and if you find one, it is a hoax and false representation of facts. Where does she live now?

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Nancy sold their 9,651-square-foot mansion in 2015 for $1.98 million to Nathan and Patrician Overton of Dickson, Tenn. Therefore, she doesn't live in the house that she shared with her husband.

Today, it is speculated that she is living in Woodville, Texas, in the United States. Nancy has a very low profile, and it is hard knowing what she is up to unless she shares with the public.

Nancy Jones, the loving wife of George Jones that persevered through the tumultuous times certainly deserves an award. Although many have probably forgotten about the music legend George Jones's story, Nancy keeps his memory alive in various ways. Fans will always remember her for playing a significant role in reviving the country music giant’s career.

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