What happened to the Hodgetwins? Tour, net worth, wives

What happened to the Hodgetwins? Tour, net worth, wives

The Hodgetwins, also known as the Conservative Twins, are an American stand-up comedy duo that recently branched into conservative political commentary. The pair is made up of Kevin Hodge and Keith Hodge. The Hodgetwins' YouTube channel has amassed a massive following over the years. However, it has seen a significant decline in the number of views recently. As a result, this has led to a lot of speculation about what happened to the Hodgetwins.

Kevin Hodge and Keith Hodge attend the "Dope" opening night premiere during the 2015 American Black Film Festival at SVA Theater in New York City. Photo: Jim Spellman
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Kevin and Keith Hodge started their comedy channel in 2008. The channel grew and evolved and started to include fitness and relationship advice videos, which garnered them many followers. They have four different channels on YouTube for their additional content, including Conservative Twins, Askhodgetwins, Hodgetwins Exclusive and TheHodgetwins.

The Hodgetwins' profile summary

Real nameKevin Hodge and Keith Hodge
Date of birth17 September 1975
Age47 years old (as of June 2023)
Zodiac sign Virgo
Place of birthMartinsville, Virginia, U.S.
Current residenceLas Vegas
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourDark brown
MotherChristine Hodge
Marital statusMarried
UniversityAmerican Intercontinental University
ProfessionYouTubers, comedians, and political commentators
Net worth$5 million
YouTubeHodge Twins
FacebookThe Hodgetwins

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Hodgetwins' biography

Keith and Kevin Hodge are the two brothers who took the internet by storm when they started their YouTube channel. After a long tenure, during which they had a considerable following, the numbers suddenly decreased due to their conservative political views.

Early life and education

What is the Hodgetwins' name? The boys are named Kevin and Keith Hodge. They were born on 17 September 1975 in Virginia, USA. They have two older siblings, a brother (Timmy Hodge) and a sister (Rosalyn Hodge).

After they received their high school diploma, the twins went to the American Intercontinental University, where they earned their degrees in Accounting and Finance.

Who are Hodgetwins' parents?

Little is known about the duo's parents. However, it is known that they lost their mother, Christine Hodge, in 2013.

What ethnicity are the Hodgetwins? The twins are of African American ethnicity and are American citizens. This led to them receiving backlash when their political opinions contradicted most of their community.

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Career and rise to fame

Was Hodgetwins in the Marines? Yes, the twins were once Marines. Before their YouTube fame, the Hodgetwins worked several jobs. They were enlisted in the Marine Corps, though it is unclear how long they were enlisted.

They also worked as undercover security guards, where they pretended to be customers to catch shoplifters. The twins also worked at an insurance company. It was at this time that they started their YouTube channel as a side hustle. Once the channel took off, they quit their respective jobs.

What are the Hodgetwins famous for? The Hodgetwins have gained fame and recognition for their diverse roles as YouTubers, comedians, and political commentators.

Their journey began steadily before gaining momentum and attracting a substantial viewership. Expanding their online presence, they created multiple channels, accumulating many subscribers and garnering extensive views.

They have also gone on various tours to perform. You can check out any upcoming Hodgetwins' tour or even on their official website.

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Who are the Hodgetwins married to?

The twins are married. Keith tied the knot with his wife on 31 May 2000. The couple has been blessed with two children. Kevin is also married and has kept information about his love life private.

What nationality are Hodgetwins' wives? The Conservative Twins' wives are of Mexican nationality.

How much are the Hodgetwins worth?

The Hodgetwins' net worth is estimated to be $5 million combined. Their income comes from the revenue they get from YouTube ads on their videos. They also sell their branded merchandise on their website, which has added to their overall net worth.

What happened to the Hodgetwins?

When the Hodgetwins started their YouTube channel, it was a comedy channel. However, it has grown over the years and evolved into a channel where they discuss their conservative views.

This has not gone down well with many people, and the channel has lost a lot of followers. However, they have also gained several followers who are also conservative.

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The pair is known to air conservative views on their channel, which has gotten them a lot of backlash and scrutiny from fans, especially those of African-American ethnicity.

The twins have focused on their political side of late, which has led to them neglecting their other content. This has also caused them to lose followers who were there for that content.

Keith and Kevin Hodge, dubbed the Hodgetwins, are well-known on YouTube for their comic comments on politics, current events, fitness instructions, and relationship advice. They have remained active in creating content and are regarded as one of the most famous YouTubers.

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