Central University College courses offered and cut-off points 2020/2021

Central University College courses offered and cut-off points 2020/2021

Central University College courses offered tend to be diverse. They cut across every sphere of our society, ranging from theology, religious studies, business marketing to architecture and civil engineering. This was among the primary reasons for its establishment when it finally came to spotlight in 1997 having undergone several phases.

Central university college courses offered and cut-off points
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The university campuses

Ever since its establishment, the institution has undergone a massive transformation not just in its different names but also in terms of development. Miotso permanent campus is one of the revelations of its immense growth and contribution to the community. Its constructed on a two hundred and forty-eight-acre plot in Miotso town-a small town near Dahwenya and approximately sixty kilometers from Accra capital city.

It was from its massive size that many administrative tasks were shifted to it from Accra, its initial location. Actually, courses offered in central university college Ghana have many of its schools and faculties in this campus including School of Applied Sciences and Central Business School. It's normally regarded as the face of the institution. Presently, there are five main campuses situated at strategic locations. They include;

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Central university college courses offered and cut-off points
  • Kumasi campus
  • Christ Temple Graduate School Campus
  • Miotso campus
  • Dansoman campus
  • Mateheko campus

Kumasi campus is regarded as an ultra-modern institution with its foundation resting on a serene environment of the well-known Charismatic Church in Aggya. Having been equipped with modern learning facilities for research, it clearly speaks volume about central university’s objective and its provision of quality education, not just for the people of Ashanti region but the whole of Ghana.

While Kumasi campus is portrayed as ultra-modern, the Dansoman campus is regarded as vintage. It was established in 1998 after the latest shift of name transformation. Its commonly known for theology and mission courses

Mateheko campus, on the other hand, is located in Accra near Kineshie.There are four campuses situated around this area that serve as lecture halls and for administrative duties. The campus houses the Central Business School and the faculty of Arts and Social Science.

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The Christ Temple Graduate School Campus is specifically meant for Masters’ students who may wish to further their learning in Business Administration course. According to central university college course outline, the program runs for eighteen calendar years before completion. It’s also believed to be having one of the ideal environment for intensive and productive studies.

Courses offered at Central University College Ghana

Courses offered by Central University College are grouped among these schools and faculties which include;

  • School of Applied Sciences
  • Central Business School
  • School of Theology and Mission
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Law
Central university college courses offered and cut-off points

School of Theology and Mission came first now that the institution first began as a pastoral training institute before opening doors for other programs. It was then followed by the central business school in 1997 and faculty of arts and social science in 2006.

School of Applied Science which is mostly offered in Miotso campus was launched afterward and faculty of law being next in line. Other than being the latest school in town, faculty of law also offers part-time and full-time classes for its program which is a privilege not enjoyed by the other schools.

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With the expansion of facilities and structural development, new courses offered in central university college have also been mushrooming. For instance, in 2008/2009 academic year pharmacy and architectural programs was introduced into the curriculum seeking both international and residential students.

The following is a list of central university college programmes offered

Central Business School

  • BSc in Marketing
  • BSc in Agribusiness
  • BSc in Accounting and Finance
  • BSc in HRM and Management

School of Applied Sciences

  • Nursing
  • Physician Assistantship
  • Pharmacy
  • Civil engineering
  • Architecture

School of Theology and Mission

  • BA in Church Administration
  • BA in Family Counselling and Theology
  • BA in Christian Education
  • BA in Biblical and Historical Studies

Faculty of Arts and Social Science

  • BA in English
  • BA in French
  • BA in Economics
  • BA in Environmental and Development
  • BA in Communication Studies

Faculty of Law

  • Bachelor of Laws (LL. B)

Graduate School of Business

Its focus is based primarily on postgraduate programs with courses that run for about nineteen calendar months. The programmes offered in this school include;

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  • Master of Business Administration
  • Foreign Language Training (French, English)
  • Personal Professional Development

Admission requirements

Central University College courses and fees are plainly posted in their well-organized website. Usually, some conditions may be stricter than others, depending on the school and faculty. But any student with ambitions of pursuing his career course at the university must not find it hard to achieve those prerequisites.

Central university college courses offered and cut-off points

For instance, at the School of Applied Sciences under civil engineering programme, any prospective student should have passes in the three core subjects either at the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE) or West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

The core subjects normally comprise of English language, Integrated Science, and Mathematics. Three passes should also be reflected in three elective subjects at SSSCE/WASSCE level which include Chemistry, Elective Mathematics, and Physics.

An aggregate score should not be any less than twenty-four in the SSSCE or thirty-six in WASSCE. Similarly, the grade should also not be any less than D or C6 in SSSCE and WASSCE respectively.

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As for General Certificate Education (GCE), prospective students should have credits in at least five of their subjects in ‘O’ level, with mathematics, English language and Science subjects included in that criteria. At the ‘A’ level two passes are required in either Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics subjects. All of this should be accompanied by a pass in General Paper.

Mature applicants, those in twenty-five years and above, are also given a chance to apply. They should, however, have credits in five GCE ordinary level subjects including Mathematics, English language, and Science subjects. Must also have three years working experience in a relevant field. Candidates will have to sit for an examination conducted by the Department to show how well they are versed in this course followed by an intensive interview.

School of Applied Sciences is often considered sophisticated which explains the reasons for assessments and interviews. Interestingly, unlike other schools and faculties, it’s the only school whose courses have their own unique form of rules that may differ from one to another. Other faculties have rules applicable in all the programs that range within their sphere irrespective of their number.

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For example, at School of Theology and Mission, conditions for Church Administrations course are still applicable in Christian Education, Biblical and Historical studies programme as well as the Family Counselling and Theology.

All in all, prerequisites for School of Theology and Missions include passes in core English, Mathematics and Science and their correspondent elective subjects in the Senior secondary school certificate.

An aggregate of not less than twenty-four in the West African Examination Council (WAEC) or thirty-six in the West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) must also be reflected before considered qualified. The grades should also not be any less than D in SSSCE and C6 in WASSCE.

In General Certificate Education (GSE), applicants are required to have, at minimum capacity, credit-level passes in five subjects with Mathematics and English language included at the ordinary level and also two passes in the advanced level. Either one of the passes at the advanced level must not be less than grade D. To sum it up, there should be a pass in General Paper.

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In professional qualifications, an authentic Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) with not less than three credits and two passes, all awarded by the Technical Examination Unit of GES is required

As for applicants without formal academic qualifications, with twenty-five years and above, who are also seeking admission to the university, can only do so if they meet the set standards. Conditions simply include proving that they have relevant professional experience in such a course. One of the ways to demonstrate this is by passing an examination conducted by the department. An interview may also be part of the assessments.

Graduate entry requirement also has similar rules as undergraduate stipulations, but in addition to that, applicants should have a Diploma in Theology or Religious Studies which is accredited and from a recognized institution with a grade not less ‘B' average.

Masters applicants are required to have a degree in relevant field with an at least 2nd class lower division. Applicants are advised to try out their luck and see if they gain admission.You can increase your chances by knowing what central university college Ghana courses offered, cutoff points are.

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Hostel services

The central university college is well known for comfortable hostels that fosters a progressive learning atmosphere for its students. They are meant for both Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians students.

Due to the expansive number of students, some of the hostels are situated far from the school compound but not really from the vicinity. They are fitted with essential amenities to make students' stay as comfortable as their learning sessions. The amenities basically comprise of; bed, mattress, study room, kitchen, with toilet and bathroom fitted in every room.

Central university college courses offered and cut-off points

The fees for the hostels may vary according to the number of occupants. For example, a room with four occupants is charged one thousand dollars for each one of them per year. The minimum payment before allocation of the room, each student is required to pay seven hundred US dollars.

As for two occupants in a room, unless otherwise, the fee will automatically be higher. Each student is charged one thousand five hundred US dollars with a minimum fee of nine hundred US dollars before allocation of the room.

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The fees should be paid in a specified local bank well indicated on the website. But then, keep in mind that the charge rate in dollars in mainly for the international students who may not have the local currency with them.

In conclusion, applicants are always advised to constantly check the deadline for enrollment so as not to be cut out. An application can be done online on your computer or even smartphone. You can simply fill the form and submit it without breaking a sweat. There are some simple guidelines that you may have to follow for the process to be effective.

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