Best remedial schools in Ghana 2019

Best remedial schools in Ghana 2019

Education is the key to breaking the circle of poverty and is often view as the gate pass to riches. Whether this holds some water is still debatable. However, the quest for education in the recent past has risen considerably. There are many students who want to partake of various studies yet teachers or instructors are few. For this reason a needy student may not get the attention they deserve and hence will often be disadvantaged. Remedial schools in Ghana provide this solace as the special case student is enrolled in a program to optimize their capabilities.

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Remedial schools in Ghana are centers that not only ensure that students pass their exams but do it exemplary. There are several reputable and best remedial schools in Ghana near your location you should consider enrolling a needy student. Of course they have their distinct area of specialty implying good at covering certain topics or student of a certain magnitude. Below is a list of remedial schools in Ghana of the time where performance and consistency is constant and evident.

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Top remedial schools in Ghana

If getting a merited placement at the University in Ghana is your goal, class work can be enhanced by enrolling at a good remedial school. This is because they take you through their programs helping you understand concepts in preparation for the forthcoming exams. Of all remedial schools in Ghana the following are the best and highly rated institutions:

1. Wassce remedial schools in Ghana

best remedial schools in ghana, top remedial schools in ghana, list of remedial schools in ghana

The Wassce remedial schools in Ghana were established to help lay a good educational foundation to students who for one reason or the other could not benefit maximally from concepts taught in elementary school. The motive behind was to help all student pass and get admissions at tertiary institution with ease. Ideally, this would result into improvement of the living standards, break of the vicious circle of poverty within the community, enhance intellectual capability and help people make informed decision in matters pertaining to their lives.

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Over the years, students have gone through programs at the remedial school in Ghana, Wassce to be precise and come out victorious and are currently holding strong position in the economic building activities. Wassce remedial schools in Ghana offer programs for the high school student and also for college students. In high school they are nurtured to pass remarkably and get to join university or institutions of higher learning. In college, they are groomed for international admissions in countries such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Canada just to mention but a few destinations.

It is proven that the best Wassce remedial schools in Ghana have consistently produced student with great score who have being absorbed and apparently hold envious careers in and around the country. The main subjects offered in among the Wassce high school remedial schools are English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. However, the college remedial schools in Ghana, Wassce offer Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History & Government, Geography, Economics, Christian Religious Education, English Literature, Mathematics, Financial Accounting, Principles of Cost Accounting, Business Management, Typewriting and Clerical courses.

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There are various school linked to the Wassce group such as his Majesty school Accra – one of the remedial schools in Dansoman – Sahara just behind Ecobank, Supreme International College, Adenta among many others. The latter is the best Wassce remedial school in Ghana according to the 2017/2018 remedial schools ranking. This excellence is credited to qualified pool of human resource personnel who work collectively for the good on the students guided by the school’s core values which are honesty, integrity, discipline, commitment and academic excellence.

2. Dasein Practical School Accra

best remedial schools in ghana, top remedial schools in ghana, list of remedial schools in ghana

This reputable institution makes to be in the list of best remedial schools in Ghana. It was established in 2006 as an educational centre providing pre-university and international programs in Ghana. However, as time would dictate it also became very relevant to introduce into their curriculum the remedial classes and English proficiency courses up to the graduate level.

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Dasein practical schools Accra operates under the mission which is to make students functional individuals in our society. This is achieved through provision of quality tuition education, teaching on how to be self employable especially to students with special skills and exposing them to a pool of opportunities for them to cease them. This hard work has not gone in vain as the school has grown. The first enrollment stood at 15 but now is over 200 for both the regular and part time students, subjects offered in parallel measures have also been increased alongside other timely and relevant programs.

Remedial classes are not done the ordinary way one would expect, attention is given individually to each student and they are encouraged to bring out better versions of themselves through working hard. The most outstanding and creative implementation is the Distance Learning Tutorial centre and the Mini MBA programs. They just serve to improve the learning culture in all the diverse way so long as the students benefit thereof.

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The success credit for the excellence in academics at the Dasein goes to their students who work hard to ensure their dreams are realized. This has brought in fame and popularity to the school and their pool of alumni is always proud to be associated with the most esteemed remedial school in Accra, Ghana. In addition its staff has a large stake too in the success, and their efforts can never go unmentioned as they truly have been the steering wheel.

Dasein practical school Accra is conveniently located at the Awoshie junction that is off Kwashieman Lapaz road. Other than being among the best remedial schools in Ghana one can also takes us SHS classes, Adult education or International programs it provides. Student enjoy serene learning environment, accommodation facilities, free counseling course and the SHS courses. If you are looking to become a better individual then this is the place to shape you up.

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3. Action remedial school Ghana

best remedial schools in ghana, top remedial schools in ghana, list of remedial schools in ghana

This is one of the top remedial schools in Ghana offering remedial teaching and has remodeled the career path and lives of many students in Ghana and beyond. It is commonly known by the name Action Progressive Institute or the Action Classes. It was established in 1993 as a vocational school although three years later began offering the University entrance examination for SHS candidates. It was simultaneously running the remedial classes program for SHS. However, the University exam s did collapse leaving the institution with the only primary focus of remedial teaching. It later got register as a full time remedial school but has since then grown incorporating remedial classes of different classes but with primary focus of general arts subjects and business.

Today action remedial school Ghana is a common household name. The school has expanded and become famous thanks to the provision of quality education. This is one of all remedial schools in Ghana having been segmented into various departments to cater for all education needs; nursery, primary, junior high school, senior high school, remedial and adult education. Other than these the school also runs the JHS graduates program and computer training on regular and part time basis.

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With a student population of well over one thousand, the Action Remedial School Ghana has something to count as success. This is achieving through adherence to the excellence, hard work and devotion core values guided by the mission to excel in provision of quality education. The idea is to promote literacy and provide a learning friendly environment that will help even the needy student maximize their potential.

As one of the remedial schools in Accra, Action progressive institute has various subsidiary campuses. Their senior school is in Madina estate and Kumasi in Bantama and the same are for the basic school. Other remedial schools are along Madina new road, Takyiman, Nkawkaw, Tamale, Akyem Oda, Berekum, Wa and Sunyan, Kumasi Bantama and Nkrumah circle. The head office can be contacted through

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4. Ideal college remedial school

Ideal College, how can you fail? Is a self explanatory mantra that point to which direction this institution approaches education. At Ideal there is no room for failure as they believe everybody is an inherent genius only that some of us need a conducive environment and proper guidance to thrive. No student should fail because they are all encouraged to work hard and maximize their utilities. It celebrates the fact that they have been able to transform lives positively. This must be one of the best remedial schools in Ghana.

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The school prides in having an advances infrastructural development that equally serve to make learning environment friendly all the more. It has an ultra modern library fully stock with book and arranged as per the courses alphabetically, a modern science lab for all your experiments, and up to date computer lab for all the digital needs the world demands. Other facilities as per the course demand have the modern day technology well incorporated into them. This is one of the areas that have made the school popular and stand strong in offering quality education for all.

Ideal college remedial school has other thing it does unique from other remedial schools in Ghana. As it offers education to the student extra-curricular activities is not something that has been left unattended. The school has elaborate playground and pitches to grow a well rounded citizen, as they will grow socially, culturally, intellectually and even spiritually. This has made it receive student from neighboring countries such as Nigeria and Togo who come with a desire to flourish in their academic and the facilities just work to cultivate their interest.

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The remedial classes are offered for the following subjects’ home economics, computer, science, business and technical programs, general and visual arts among other subjects. Apparently it has a student population of about one thousand students and the number is expected to grow with the growth being experienced in the infrastructural development of the institution. Ideal college is situated in the Greater Accra Region and has two campuses one in Tema and the other in Legon. The head office is behind the Ghana Book Trust just opposite to the IPS. The school allows for online registration and application for various courses and responds to them. The Ideal College remedial schools can be reached at or one can write them an email at The school has a proven performance record further reaffirmed by the alumni it has produced since it began its operations.

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5. Debest remedial school Accra

This is yet another of the remedial schools in Accra Ghana that require the mark of honor for producing some of the best professional in the economy. Remember ideally, a remedial school is a school that offers additional coaching individualized to each student so that they are able to understand concepts. It is amazing how such student they sprout out strong to become phenomenal people in the economy.

It offers different remedial classes for the various kinds of subjects. In high school subjects include arts, science, languages especially English and mathematics. In college level, the program is solely dependent on what the course is all about. Other than the subjects taught, there are special programs for the needy to make them comfortable. Everybody at Debest remedial school only needs to be give a chance in life then they will be able to keep their best foot forward.

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Elsewhere the school offers pre-university programs which are more or less the same as taking a bridging course. Students who failed to mean certain cut off point say in one or two subjects may go through the subjects all over again so that they can get enrolled at the university. The Debest remedial school Accra is in close proximity to many social amenities within the city. This is near Dansoman Estate, New Russia, Pambros Salt Ponds, Banana Inn and all other great landmarks along Awoshie road. As a matter of fact, the school is situated at the heart of the Ghanaian capital, Accra. It is affiliated with the Wassce remedial schools in Ghana and is accredited by the Ghana Education Service to provide quality diploma programs. This is one of the good remedial schools in Ghana.

6. Stream Street College

best remedial schools in ghana, top remedial schools in ghana, list of remedial schools in ghana
Source: Stream Street College

If you are looking for a good remedial school not just to boost your academic but also to grow in all other areas then, Stream Street colleges just provided you with all these you require. It makes to the list of best remedial school in Ghana. And clearly, it goes without saying it must be good in performance which it is.

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Stream street college is a Christian based institution which offers remedial teaching and is very insistent that this student be raise up to the people of high integrity with their morals remaining incorruptible. By the mere fact that this is a Christian organization school, it is expected that student adopt a culture that depletes sacredness or morally right as the bible provides. It is affiliated to WASSCE remedial schools in Ghana through which it offers or is able to administer educational excellence and some exams.

Its remedial programs are geared toward soaring high in education and also being morally upright in leadership. This has shaped many students and still continues to shape many who would have otherwise been lost or could not tell apart right from wrong. There are evening preps and dawn classes which are all an initiative to make it possible for the syllabus to be complete within one year. However, the concern here is not just to finish the syllabus but also to make sure that student understand information and concepts therein. Other popular incentives that this remedial school in Ghana provides are free student counseling course or program. Accommodation is their modern hostels and a sound environment in the lecture halls and around the school. In fact is has great infrastructure that even accommodated those abled differently.

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The Stream Street College is located along the Trinity road, in the legon area, Accra. This is one the 33 address. The postal address is LG 721 legon. The only prove that this school is nothing but the best of the best is by enrolling for its various remedial classes. Register now and get a place for learning therein.

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7. Supreme International College Accra

best remedial schools in ghana, top remedial schools in ghana, list of remedial schools in ghana

This is one of the remedial schools in Adenta established in 2012 and has about 25 employees although the number could go higher with the increased expansion and popularity standard. Supreme International College Accra is located in Adenta and is one of the best schools in the country. Students with the help of their qualified teaching staff guide them in learning giving each student individualized attention. As the staffs do their work, the students too are encouraged to study hard. The success of this school is a joint effort of all stakeholders involved in the operations of the Supreme International College Accra.

Supreme International College Accra is an associate school with the Wassce remedial schools in Ghana established under the Companies code 1963, act 179. This established it as an educational, research, academic training and consultancy centre for all matters pertaining to education and how it can be made better. It has the accreditation from the Ministry of Education, West African Examination Council, Ghana Education Service and the Association of Certified Quality Assurance.

This is one of the schools with a very elaborate structure. It has four distinct departments namely the SICA Remedial School which is the central focus in this institution, School of Film and Media studies, Center for InterContinental Education and finally the School of Business and Computer studies. Subject covered here are English language, sciences, humanities, business and mathematics.

It aims to:

  • To provide corporate training and consultancy services
  • High quality education provision for all through research and teaching
  • Encourage all people to make use of their full potential and contribute positively for the growth of the country.
  • Foster good relationships and networks within and outside the country.
  • Enhance access to local and international education even if with the Distance learning programs recently developed.

The Supreme International College Accra is located along the Dodowa Road in Adenta just opposite Fidelity Bank. It is of course popular as these are not just plain praises but an illustration of the exact look of the school. If you desire to enroll in one of the good remedial schools in Ghana, then Supreme International College Accra is your needed destination.

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8. James Alexander College

Ideally most of the remedial schools in Ghana started off as small center where student could gather up for some learning session. As nature would have it some of these schools have expanded. The notable thing is the scope of the topics, student population, Social and learning amenities among other thing. I doubt this should not be celebrated because the student population has grown and may have continuously express interest in joining in the pool.

The remedial classes offered are many, you need to check out on their official website portal for the many subject however the common ones language and mathematics is where most people fail to pass. At James Alexander College there are no allowances for failure, however, failure is not condemned as this would make the student get doomed forever, they are taken through the learning process solely until they get back on their feet all over again.

Pre–university programs similarly is offered at James Alexander College in excess of the ordinary remedial classes. The school prides in being listed of best remedial schools in Ghana. Register now to join the next class.

9. Methodist University College Ghana

best remedial schools in ghana, top remedial schools in ghana, list of remedial schools in ghana
Source: Methodist University College Ghana

This is a private church held organization that motivation is excellence morality service. It was established in 2000 by Prof. Akwasi Asabere, located within the Greater Accra region which is around Dansoman. It is accredited by the national accreditation board to provide education solution to the people.

As an institution of higher learning, Methodist University College Ghana offers certificates, diploma, degree and postgraduate studies in a rational manner such that students are groomed to be earth movers once they storm out of their classrooms and into the world. MUCG has three campuses, the Dansoman Campus, Wenchi Campus and the Tema Campus. It offers higher education under the following faculties; Business Administration, Social Studies, Informatics & Mathematical sciences, Arts & General studies, Social Studies and Applied sciences.

Methodist University College Ghana’s remedial classes cover all the topics. The school is located in Ghana and Accra to be precise since the main campus; Dansoman is in the Accra suburbs. If you live around the areas and is looking for good, reputable and performing remedial schools in Ghana this is one you should consider being enrolled at.

10. Ascent Kollege Remedial School

This is yet another, last but not the least of the top remedial schools in Ghana. It was established in 2011 just a few years ago by Francis Kwarteng Crentsil who is an alumnus of the University of Ghana alongside his other three colleagues. It seems remedial school is a needed product today as all the remedial schools I know have massive influx of student with a desire to take up the course. Of course the market could not be searching for something that has insignificant interest for them.

One year after Ascent Kollege was established the student number stood at 88, however, apparently, they have over 400 student s per year. This means in the short period the ascent college has produced many alumni and many more interested parties keep coming for enquiries, I would nonetheless advise that we be keen least we dilute the quality of education due to burnout, ignorance or arrogance.

Just like most remedial schools in Ghana, the Ascent Kollege Remedial School is linked to the Wassce and the University of Ghana. The two in the past have helped the student obtain quality education from successfully qualified teachers and instructors who have been taught how to impact people with knowledge. In fact the success of this institution is given to the hardworking and determines students and the tirelessly working teachers who desire to see the best come out even from one perceived “weak or disadvantaged of’.

These schools are located in the Grater Accra region one of the rapidly developing areas in Ghana. It has two branches in Adabraka and North Kaneshi with remedial programs running on regular or part time basis. Other than the elaborate remedial classes in Ascent Kollege this institution is known for having the Adult Education and English language proficiency.

The above are some of the best remedial schools in Ghana one can enroll at. Their significance is gradually taking shape as it has come to the people’s realization that getting a placement t at the university or other tertiary institution is not easy. For this reason, students have to go for extra classes especially where learning is customized for the instructor to understand the areas of weakness and work towards developing them. Reported, the remedial schools in Ghana have helped many join the university seamlessly and as a result placement is done on merit. To fully appreciate the role of the remedial school in education, you need to register with any of the above schools.

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