Is Diamond Platnumz dead or alive?

Is Diamond Platnumz dead or alive?

Diamond is not dead, or is he? It is possible that some have thought Diamond Platnumz dead. It is also possible that it could just be a figment of people's imagination. While you may never know the intention of people, the truth still stands and that is Diamond Platnumz is not dead. This is refreshing news especially to his fans who are looking forward to more songs from the star they cherish.

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A lot has been said about him that cannot be mentioned in a single article; ranging from the best appraisals to worst criticism statements. But is Diamond Platnumz dead? The musician is not dead, he is very much alive and in good health. In fact, he is busy working on his new album that according to his close allies will hit the music arena with a thud.

The news of Diamond Platnumz dead is the latest death hoax about a celebrity. It is far from true. When this news came up, social media bloggers could not rest. They weaved stories around this, trying to attract readers to their blogs. Diamond Platnumz, whose real name is Naseeb Abdul Juma, was born on 2nd October 1989. Not much is in the limelight concerning Diamond Platnumz family, apart from his controversial mum. He is a singer and an entrepreneur. Diamond Platnumz enjoys a successful music career with his songs playing all over Africa. The singer has released songs with top artists in the music industry, not to mention Davido and P-Square of Nigeria. This has seen his name rise high in fame and wealth possession. His recent song with Rick Ross, a US hip-hop rapper, got a lot of air play in clubs. There is alot to say about him, but is Diamond Platnumz dead or alive? Let’s establish the whole truth.

The rumor of his death got the internet users by storm. According to the rumors, Diamond Platnumz was involved in a road accident. The Tanzanian recording artist drove his Porsche into a ditch on the side of the road.

Is Diamond Platnumz dead or alive?

According to the rumor, the incident occurred minutes to 6 am and his car was the only one involved, leading to questions on what really happened. At the scene of the accident, the star was very alert and able to talk. He was not in any critical condition. Diamond Platnumz was then rushed to the nearby hospital by the police, but unfortunately, succumbed to death while being admitted at the hospital. The rumor continues to claim, that the police report, however, clearly indicated that neither drug nor alcohol appeared to be the cause of the wreck.

The above gives in a nutshell, what a report published by one of social media reporters claimed. The news was received with mixed reactions among his fans and with lots of fear, all wondering whether Diamond Platnumz dead or alive. This article serves to dispel any form of fear brought by the unfounded rumor. As much as deaths of celebrities can be revealed through social media, this Diamond Platnumz news does not hold any water.

Death hoax have become rampant in this era of internet use. They have targeted majority of celebrities who command a colossal crowd of followers on the internet. Through the creativity of the imagination, stories have been coiled to suit the purpose of imparting fear among these huge crowds. This has been well achieved thanks to how fast such teaser lines spread. They spread like a fire on a dry thicket. Diamond Platinum dead story is not the only one. Some other celebrities have suffered the same fate. Ramsey Nouah, the Nollywood actor was at one point claimed to be dead.

Is Diamond Platnumz alive? The answer is a very big YES. There is much that can be said about Naseeb Abdul Juma. You can talk about his outstanding voice, his marvelous dancing style, his controversial love life and many other things. S

Some of his fans did not receive the news well. They were shocked like the rest of people. They were receiving numerous calls from friends inquiring whether the story held some truth. Some were actually calling too to confirm these Diamond Platnumz news. They took time to allow the news to sink before going ahead to find out the authenticity of the unfolding. They say that among the ways they used was to try and reach out to the hip hop star which unfortunately they did not manage to do because the phone calls went unanswered.

They reached out to his friends and found one of his closest Peter Witse. He burst into uncontrollable laughter when they posed the question is Diamond Platnumz really dead? This left them in wonder of whether there was anything funny and laughable about the whole issue. He later confirmed that was all a lie. He went on to say that Diamond Platnumz spent his day working along with his team. Diamond had a series of shows which he is promoting and dying was not on his plan list. Peter Witse went ahead to heavily critise bloggers for what he termed as misleading the public and wishing the most successful Tanzanian singer an early death. He compares them to lions who take advantage of other animal’s misfortune to get meals. Later on, they learned that this is not the first time Diamond Platnumz dead story is coming up. He has been killed by imagination for at least two or three times with each time Peter Witse being called to confirm otherwise.

The hip hop singer too confirmed that his death claims were just a made up story that they were not true. In his social media account, he posted a picture of his mum on his Instagram and wrote about his love for him in Swahili. A Tran scripted verbatim, Friday Mubarak from my beloved mom @ mama_dangote… if you love your mother write below “I love you mom”. This appears to many as an attempt to dispel any fear from his supporters concerning the white elephant in the room. I believe there is no better proof that Diamond is alive other than this unless you believe A dead man can remain active on their social media. The post was made sometime after the horrific news were circulating.

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There was nothing like Diamond Platnumz accident, and the singer was not rushed to the hospital. We were able to establish that. After knowing the truth, again social media was jammed by messages to counter the allegations. According to a pastor from Malawi, who is also a great fan of the Musician, it not fair that people can make jokes on serious matters such as death. Diamond Platnumz is yet to say a word concerning all this. However, he recently posted on Instagram showing love to his mother. Here is the post:

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