Vodafone Ghana short codes 2020

Vodafone Ghana short codes 2020

Vodafone ranks among the three best network providers in Ghana. Users get the most by using Vodafone short codes Ghana. This is the easiest way of accessing the juicy network offers for convenient services. However, if you don’t know which codes to dial in order to enjoy these services, then you will be losing out on something that is rightfully yours. For you to reap fully from this Vodafone network, it is important that you get to understand some of the Vodafone codes which are used for subscriptions and inquiries among others. If you are struggling using this network because you are unfamiliar with some of the Vodafone codes then this article will be of great help. Here in are details and proper and guidelines on the Vodafone short codes Ghana citizens can rely on when using this network. You will certainly discover much and why the networks ranks top with Airtel, TiGo and MTN. This article offers the perfect starting point for the new Vodafone customer as well.

Vodafone Ghana short codes 2019

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Vodafone Ghana codes

Here are the Vodafone Ghana shortcode that will help you maneuver your network with ease. If you want to use these services faster, use these code.

Customer care services will come in handy. They can assist you with some of the short code including Vodafone cash shortcode. So before you go any further, understand the customer care code first. To get to customer care dial 100.

Supposing you just gotten yourself a new Vodafone line and you have it in your phone and Oops! You don’t know the number. There are other means you can use to getting the number but know is faster.

  • Simply dial *127# dial it and view your number.
  • To know whether you are registered or not this is the short code *400#
  • Check talk time balance through dialing *141# or *111#

For SIM registration

  • Registration through Agent dial *145#
  • Doing the registration yourself dial *146#

Credit Services

Vodafone Ghana short codes 2019

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For the Vodafone network to function, you will need to top up credit and sometimes need to transfer some credit. After you have bought that credit, this is how you will go about it.

  • In order to top up, just dial *134*PIN# the pin should be entered as provided on the credit card. It will show whether recharge was successful or not. If you entered the right digits the definitely it will be successfully charged.

Suppose you want to call a friend but you are not sure if you have enough credit? If you want to check on your airtime balance

  • Simply dial *124# and your credit balance will be displayed to you.

In a circumstance where you have too much credit and you want to share with your friend, or probably you want credit from a friend, this is how you transfer Vodafone credit.

  • Dial *516*recipient’s number*credit*password# send then do the transferring.

With the credit transfer password, you might need to change it at some point due to security concerns. This is the code to use.

  • Dial *117*old password*new password*new password#. The password here should be in digits.
  • In cases where you want to borrow credit dial *505#
  • The Vodafone cash short code is this *110#

Vodafone bundle codes

The Vodafone bundle code gives you a prompt access to bundle services that the network provides. The bundles, as you will see comes in various packages and different prices. If you are thinking of subscribing to the internet but you just don’t how, you need not panic. You can use the following short code for Vodafone internet.

  • For an access to data bundle menu dial *700#. The shortcode for Vodafone internet bundle leads to a variety of bundle options to choose from. Normally the packages offered come in the following options; monthly, weekly and daily. Depending on your preferences or amount of money available for the bundles, you can subscribe to any of them.
  • To check on the Vodafone internet or bundle data balance use the internet bundle code *700*2#.

Sometime you get concerned of the data in your bank. You perhaps have been using it and now wish to know the internet bundle data information. On this service there are two ways to go. Feel free to use either ways.

  • Dial *126# or *111*2*2# for all Vodafone Ghana customers, whether with GPRS, 2G, 3G or 4G internet in the case of checking about bundle information. This will provide you with a lead to whichever piece of information you so desire.

That said, under this Vodafone bundle code, the following Vodafone codes should be put in consideration too.

  • *900# for broadband internet bundle and
  • *151# for roaming inquiries

They will be useful at the point where as a user you feel the need to use them.

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How to bundle Vodafone data

Vodafone Ghana short codes 2019

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Are you being bothered by how to bundle Vodafone data on your Vodafone network? Worry on more. Have a look at this;

  • In case you are a prepaid customer, you will need to dial *700# and
  • In the case of a hybrid customer, dial *5959# *528#
  • When bundling data *700# prompts you to a variety of package options to choose from. E.g.

700*65 for 20MB, *700*24# for 80MB, etc. this bundles come at different prices.

  • Bundling data for someone the short code used id *700*4# dial *700# and the choose option 4
  • You probably are having a running data bundle and you want to stop auto renewals. Simply dial *700* and choose option 3 i.e. *700*3#

How to bundle Vodafone credit

The information below provide amount in GH₵ with the bundle package equivalent. The packages come in various denominations; Daily packages, weekly packages and monthly packages

Let’s have a look at the Vodafone call bundle that are available.

Starter monthly, Chat monthly, Browser, Dual recharge, Downloader max and streamer max.

Here are the packages and how you can buy the on your Vodafone network.

Starter monthly

It goes at a price of GH₵ 10. It’s 550MB lasting for 30 days. To get them just dial *700*310#

Chat monthly

It goes at a price of GH₵ 20. It is 2048MB lasting for 30 days. In order to buy dial *700*320#


The purchase price is GH₵ 30. It is 4813MB going for 28 days. Dial *700*340# to buy the bundles

Dual recharge

The purchase price is GH₵ 50. It is 5632MB that last for 30 days. Dial *700*350# to subscribe to this offer

Downloader max

Goes for GH₵ 60. 7373MB which last for 28 days. To subscribe you will dial *700*360#

Streamer max

This is the highest bundle package with 13312MB. It is priced at GH₵ 100 and it is going for 30 days.

Vodafone Ghana MiFi packages

If you are having a Vodafone mobile, you could be in a position to share your internet connection with other mobile devises around you that are Wi-Fi enabled. This devised include personal computers, iPods, iPad, iPhone or just smartphone. This allows for flexible and secure. To power this is the Vodafone Ghana MiFi packages. In case you are wondering what this is. It is similar to the packages discussed above but has the following specific descriptions.

It is a 6GB data bundle that lasts for 30 days and it is purchased at a price of GH₵ 117

Vodafone Ghana promotion codes

This are codes Vodafone Ghana uses to promote some of its services, certain products in the market.

  • Call tunes. You can access them by dialing 585. However it was formerly 134
  • Vodafone services and products can are available through this Vodafone Ghana short code *151#
  • Blackberry offers dial *500#
  • There are crazy offers on Vodafone red. To get them the Vodafone red code is *200#

Elementary Vodafone Ghana Codes

These are code essential for the operation of this Vodafone network. Though not necessary but it doesn’t cost a dime knowing them. Let’s get to know them

  • For support text number dial 655
  • When retrieving voice mail dial the short code 109
  • In case you want to reverse your number in order to avoid losing it just dial *565#
  • Suppose you want to report SIM-box fraud, simply dial
  • For fixed prepaid, the access short code is 1080
  • Swipe the card service menu by dialing *142#
  • In order to review general new on your phone, you need to dial *127*11# and you will receive all the news whenever they occur.
  • Want to try out Vodafone live radio? Fine simply dial *313# and you are good to go.
  • In a circumstance where you are having an active Vodafone Mini packages and you want to deactivate. Go for *404#
  • To deactivate call forwarding simply dial ##002# or ##21# and you will deactivate for all conditions.

Vodafone X

As they would like it put, this is a lifestyle idea designed by Vodafone. It is made available to prepaid subscribers. The market targeted here is for the youths within the age brackets of 15 to 24 years. In order to activate Vodafone X just dial *5888# and depending on your choice and convenience you will decide on which package to subscribe to.

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