KFC Ghana menu: prices, delivery, branches

KFC Ghana menu: prices, delivery, branches

KFC is a fast food restaurant with 22,621 outlets spread across 136 countries in the world. Ghana is among the countries that have been enjoying the services of KFC for some time now. Their menu is one of the best, and its prices are reasonable. What is more, nowadays, a customer can order its dishes, and it will be delivered right to their doorstep in the shortest time possible.

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The restaurant boasts of a large percentage of customers in Ghana. Unlike when it started, nowadays, it is gaining more customers as more people embrace fast foods in the country. Perhaps, it is because of its irresistible menu and welcoming customer services. Currently, they have many outlets in Ghana where its customers can eat or order takeaway fried chicken.

What is the correct KFC meaning?

Often, most people do not know what the initials stand for. Well, the initials stand for Kentucky Fried Chicken. However, most people seem okay with the initials because they find it best that way. Besides, not so many people will remember the full name.

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KFC Ghana menu

Overall, KFC’s unique cuisine is the reason behind its massive success in Ghana and other African countries. Normally, its prices vary according to the type of meal one orders. One can have a special treat with family or friends without having to break a bank. For example, one can make an order of as low as GHS 2.0 at KFC East Legon using Eziban food deliveries.

KFC menu is divided into several categories. The categories include value, burger, burger meal, twister, sharing, snacks, treats, and sides. Here are the specific meals to find under each category.

Note: The prices are estimated based on three major online delivery stores in the country; Jumia food, Menufinderafrica, and Eziban.


Usually, these meals entail fries, rice, and chicken.

  • Streetwise 1 – ₵11.00
  • Streetwise 2 – Between ₵16.00 and ₵18.00
  • Streetwise 3 – Between ₵22.00 and ₵24.00
  • All Star Special (regular) – ₵13.00

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Below are the estimated regular prices for each:

kfc ghana menu
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  • Colonel Burger – Between ₵17.00 and ₵22:00
  • Zinger Cheese Burger – Between ₵19.00 and ₵27.00
  • Colonel Cheese Burger – Between ₵19.00 and ₵27.00
  • Zinger Burger – Between ₵17.00 and ₵22.00

Burger meal

  • Fully Loaded Box Meal – Between ₵36.00 and ₵40.00
  • Wicked Zinger Box Meal – Between ₵44.00 and ₵57
  • Colonel Burger Meal – 27.00 cedis
  • Zinger Burger Meal – Between 27.00 and 32.00 cedis


These are the meals you can order under this category:

  • Colonel Cheese Twisters – Between GHS 19 and GHS 26.00
  • Twister Meal – Between GHS 27.00 and GHS 29.00
  • Zinger Twisters – Between GHS 17 and GHS 22.00
  • Zinger Cheese Twisters – Between GHS 17 and GHS 25.00
  • Box Master – Between GHS 20.00 and GHS 25.00


  • Krusher Berry – Between GHS 10.00 and GHS 11.00
  • KitKat Krushers – 8.50 cedis
  • Krusher Oreo – 10.00 cedis
  • Soft Twirl – 4.00 cedis
  • Chocolate Sundae – 7.00 cedis

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  • 18 pcs Bucket – Between GHS 99 and GHS 125.00
  • Variety Bucket – Between GHS 89 and GHS 100.00
  • Family Treat – Between 85 and GHS 99.00
  • 9 pcs Bucket – Between GHS 59.00 and GHS 67.00
  • 12 pcs Bucket – Between GHS 75.00 and GHS 90.00
  • 15 pcs Bucket – GHS 89.00 and GHS 110.00


kfc menu
Image: facebook.com, @KFCGhana
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If you are a fan of snacks, then this is the place to order them. The prices are courtesy of Menufinderafrica.

  • 6pc Chx Strips – ₵19.00
  • 8 Piece Lime & Chilli Hot Wings – ₵29.00
  • 3pc Chx Strips – ₵10.00
  • 4 Piece Lime & Chilli Hot Wings – ₵16.00
  • Regular Chx Popcorn – 9.00 cedis
  • Large Chx Popcorn – 13.00 cedis


The prices vary depending on the company doing the delivery. These prices are courtesy of Jumia Food.

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  • 1 pc Chicken – ₵8.00
  • 2 pcs Chicken – ₵15.00
  • French Fries – ₵8.00
  • Coleslaw – ₵4.00
  • KFC Rice – ₵9.00

They also sell all types of carbonated drinks and water at a relatively low price. Remember to order one too when making your order. With Kentucky Fried Chicken, you get what you pay for. The delicacies will leave you licking your fingers all day long.

KFC Ghana branches

In Ghana, there over twenty known branches where you can enjoy the sweet fried chicken alone or with family and friends. Most of them are spread across the country, especially in urban centers. Some of its branches include:

kfc ghana branches
Image: facebook.com, @KFCGhana
Source: Facebook

1. KFC Dansoman

  • Location: Asoredanho Mataheko JN, Dansoman Rd
  • Phone: +233 30 393 4323

2. KFC East Legon

  • Location: 47 Lagos Ave, Accra
  • Phone: +233 50 664 3860

3. KFC Osu

  • Location address: F739/2 Oxford St, Accra
  • Phone: +233 30 296 3086

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4. KFC Tema Shell – Hospital Road, Community 11

  • Location address: Hospital Rd, Tema
  • Phone: +233 55 696 3080

5. KFC Marina Mall

  • Location address: 2nd floor, Airport Bypass Road Marina Mall Shopping center
  • Phone: +233 26 169 6710

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6. KFC Adenta

  • Location address: Adenta Municipality
  • Phone: +233 30 290 6093

7. KFC Sakumono

  • Location address: Comunity junction 18, Spintex Rd, Accra
  • Phone: +233 24 575 0586

8. KFC Haatso Agbogba

  • Location address: MR96+4J North Legon, Accra
  • Phone: +233 30 290 3598

9. KFC, Achimota Mall

  • Location: Achimota mall, Nsawam Road
  • Phone: +233 30 396 7975

10. KFC NIA - Melcom

  • Location: Melcolm Plus Mall, Otublohum Rd
  • Phone: +233 30 294 5547

11. KFC Takoradi

  • Location address: Obetsebi Lamptey Rd, Takoradi
  • Phone: +233 31 229 2276

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12. KFC Bekwai

  • Location address: Bekwai Roundabout, Kumasi
  • Phone: +233 36 219 3743

13. KFC Asokwa Shell Service Station

  • Location address: 133 Lake Rd, Kumasi
  • Phone: +233 32 239 7788

14. KFC Tamale

kfc ghana branches
Image: facebook.com, @KFCGhana
Source: Facebook
  • Location address: Salaga Rd, Tamale
  • Phone: +233 50 435 8881

15. KFC Sunyani

  • Location address: Sunyani - Berekum Rd, Sunyani
  • Phone: +233 20 243 9368

No doubt, Ghanaians seem to have liked its services. Nine outlets in a single country is a huge success.

KFC delivery Ghana online stores

Well, if you cannot make it to one of its outlets, you can seek the help of online delivery companies. For instance, Jumia Food is one of them. Still, you can order from Menufinderafrica and Eziban. However, if these are not your favorite, you are free to seek the services of another provider.

Indeed, KFC has proven to be among the best chicken restaurant in Ghana over time. Its unique fried chicken makes people yearning for more. Unlike some providers, it offers reasonable prices on all its dishes. Also, they are available in over twenty locations in the country. If you enjoy its meal, you can make your way to one of the outlets or, better yet, make your order online and it will be delivered to your home in the shortest time possible.

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