Kintampo College of Health courses and cut off points 2021/2022

Kintampo College of Health courses and cut off points 2021/2022

Kintampo College of Health courses and sandwich programs have redefined the training of medical professionals in Ghana since 1969. Even though it is an affiliate of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, the school has retained autonomy to create and fund programs based on healthcare’s domestic and international needs.

Kintampo College of Health courses
A view of the Kintampo College of Health student's block. Photo: @KRHTS_1969
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Like other accredited institutions in Ghana, it follows the government’s guidelines under the Ministry of Health regarding its operations. For example, the Kintampo College of Health fees is harmonised to give all students a chance to pursue an education. The application process is also transparent, and every person has an equal opportunity.

Kintampo College of Health courses and cut off points

The college has certificate, diploma and bachelor courses. Besides offering the basic programs, the college has expanded its offerings to include the following.

1. Certificate courses and the cut off points

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The school has two certificate courses, Health Records Management and Field Technician. The two programs are open to all Ghanaians interested in pursuing health-related studies but at the primary level.

The applicant must meet the following threshold:

  • Be between 18-35 years
  • An aggregate score of 48 points in six subjects (three elective and three elective)
  • At least credits (A1-E8) in the core subjects (English, Mathematics and an Integrated Science)
  • At least passes (A1-E8) in the remaining three elective subjects.

Unfortunately, there is no Kintampo College of Health access course for those interested in pursuing Diploma programs after a certificate course. Therefore, one must practice for a specific time before applying for a higher program.

You should also look for internship opportunities and accumulate as much experience as possible. In most cases, having expertise in a specific niche helps when applying for diploma programs.

2. Diploma courses and the minimal requirements

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This faculty is the biggest in the institution regarding student populations and the programs offered. The Kintampo College of Health courses at the Diploma level are five. They include:

  • Community Health - Disease Control and Surveillance Option
  • Community Health - Specialising in Nutrition
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Community Mental Health
  • Health Promotion and Social Marketing (option)

To qualify in any diploma courses, you must meet the minimum requirements. The requirements include:

  • Be between 18-35 years.
  • At least a 36-aggregate score from three elective subjects and three core subjects.
  • Credits (A1-C6) in English, Mathematics and Integrated Science.
  • Credits (A1-C6) in any of the other three subjects.

If you are a practising professional but interested in any of these diploma courses, there is the second option. However, you must have the same qualifications as the direct applicants. You must also prove you are a practising professional to qualify for the sandwich courses at Kintampo College of Health.

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3. Degree courses offered at Kintampo College of Health and the minimal requirements

Kintampo College of Health courses
Kintampo College of Health students during a practical lesson. Photo: @KRHTS_1969
Source: Twitter

In the past years, the college has offered degree programs through its partnership with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. While the two programs are fewer than those offered at the Diploma level, the college gives them equal attention.

The two-degree courses are:

  • BSc Physician Assistantship (Dental)
  • Physician (Medical) Assistantship

Unfortunately, the college does not admit students for degree programs as other courses. Therefore, one must be a practising professional to qualify for any of the two programs. For the BSc Physician Assistantship (Dental), the applicant must be:

  • A registered Dental Surgery Assistant
  • Have at least two years of work experience in Ghana.

On the other hand, the Physician (Medical) Assistantship applicants must:

  • Have at least one year of experience
  • Submit copies of study leave
  • Have at least a year of internship with the National Service

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How to apply for the courses

Once you have confirmed that you are eligible for any of the courses highlighted above, it is time to apply. Since the college has limited slots, the process may be lengthy and competitive. Fortunately, every candidate has an equal chance, thanks to the process’s transparency. To apply for a course:

1. Purchase a voucher and fill in the form on the portal

The college allows you to buy the application codes. You can either buy the registration codes from Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) or Agricultural Development Bank (ADB). Currently, the codes are GH₵ 100.00, inclusive of all the applicable charges.

Once you have paid, ADB or GCB will give you a voucher with a unique PIN and Serial numbers. However, you must use the PIN and the Serial Numbers as soon as possible since you cannot use them in the subsequent years.

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Use the numbers to fill the form on the Kintampo College of Health admission portal. To apply:

  • Go to
  • Click on the ‘Apply’ option (on the top)
  • Enter the serial and PIN on the voucher
  • Fill in all the necessary spaces on the virtual form.
  • Print out the form and wait for the elimination process.

To add another security layer to your details during the application, you should use your primary email. In addition, the mobile number registered should be working.

Remember to attach all the relevant certificates and photos. Without the two, your application may not be successful. If you have a problem uploading any of the two, contact the college for more assistance.

Depending on your qualification, you may get a call or communication from Kintampo College regarding your application. First, however, you should check the application status on the admission portal to be sure.

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While applying for your preferred course, you may encounter some challenges. For example, the site may not be responsive. If you encounter any challenge, email for assistance. However, for faster response, call the representatives through +233 54 647 1389 or +233 54 647 1364 or +233 54 647 1374.

2. Attend the competitive interview at Kintampo

Kintampo College of Health courses
Kintampo College of Health dental surgery students posing for the camera. Photo: @KRHTS_1969
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The shortlisted candidates must appear in person for Kintampo College of Health interviews. First, however, you must confirm the invitation on the portal to reserve a spot.

The interview’s main agenda is to ascertain the authenticity of the application as well as evaluate if the candidates are the best choice or not. Like any interview, prepare adequately. Also, carry all the certificates for the panel for authenticating purposes.

Once the interview is complete, the panel will post the results on the website. If you did your ‘homework’ by preparing well, there are higher chances to pass the interview, which is friendly to all candidates.

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3. Prepare for admission

If you meet all the qualifications, start preparing for admission. All the students are expected to print out the Kintampo College of Health admission forms from the portal. So, print a copy.

You should also confirm the admission fee. The portal will have information on where you should pay the necessary admission payments. Keep all the essential documentation for the admission day.

4. Report to college

Once you have paid the fees, report on the date indicated on the portal. You are now a student at Kintampo College of Health.

The Kintampo College of Health courses and the sandwich programs are unmatched for students interested in pursuing careers in the health sector. Moreover, being one of the critical institutions under the Health Training Institution, the college has some of the best facilities for students. First, however, you must pass the college competitive application process, which attracts thousands of applicants each year.

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KNUST has, over time, become one of the most reputable universities in Ghana, offering numerous exciting courses for students. The distance learning program is one of a kind and gives students far from the institution an opportunity to pursue the degrees they desire.

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