Who is Mikhaila Peterson's ex-husband? Interesting facts about Andrey Korikov

Who is Mikhaila Peterson's ex-husband? Interesting facts about Andrey Korikov

Andrey Korikov is the CEO & Co-Founder of Veritas Creative Media. Apart from being a successful digital marketer, he is famous for being Mikhaila Peterson's ex-husband. What is his story?

Mikhaila Peterson's husband
Andrey Korikov posing for the camera. Photo: @andreykorikov
Source: Instagram


Mikhaila is the famous Jordan Peterson daughter, a Canadian psychologist, YouTuber, author, and influential leader. She is also a social media star who runs a blog named Don't Eat That.

Many people have developed a great interest in her life, considering her popularity. "The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast provides a platform whereby she hosts different experts discussing different topics. So, how much do you know about Andrey Korikov, renowned for being her ex-husband?

Andrey Korikov profile summary

  • Name: Andrey Korikov
  • Nationality: Russian
  • Profession: digital marketer, entrepreneur (founder of Veritas Creative MediaVeritas Creative Media)
  • Height: 5 ft 7 inches
  • Spouse: Mikhaila Peterson (divorced)
  • Daughter: Elizabeth Scarlett Peterson Korikova

Facts about Andrey Korikov, famous as Mikhaila Peterson's ex-husband

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Who is Andrey Korikov? He is a successful entrepreneur and career man specialising in digital marketing. In addition, he has a bachelor’s degree in commerce and Business Technology Management from Ryerson University. How much do you know about him?

1. Andrey was born in Russia

How old is Mikhaila Peterson's husband? Unfortunately, there is not much known about his formative years, only that he grew up in Russia, then called the Soviet Union.

2. He has worked in various firms

Mikhaila Peterson's husband, Andrey Korikov, as most people know him, has several years of experience in different consultancy industries. He is experienced in both the process and data flow areas.

So, where is Mikhaila Peterson's husband? Andrey has worked in various firms under different positions as follows:

  • Business process analyst at the Northbridge Financial Corporation
  • Business and process analyst at the Menkes Developments Limited
  • Business consultant at the Husky Injection Molding Systems
  • Senior business consultant at the Sabre Corporation
  • Principal Consultant, Business Process Engineering Competency Lead at the Ontario Securities Commission
  • Principal Consultant, Business Process Engineering Practice Lead at the Toronto-Dominion Bank in Toronto, Canada Area
  • Senior Business Consultant at the Toronto-Dominion Bank in Toronto, Canada Area
  • Principal Consultant, Business Process Engineering Practice Lead in Adastra Company in Toronto, Canada Area
  • Principal Consultant, Change Manager at the BMO Capital Markets in Toronto, Canada Area
  • The Founder of Companion Advisory Service Inc in Toronto, Canada Area

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3. He gives back to the community through voluntary services

The accomplished consultant loves giving back to the community through various acts of charity. He has close to five years of volunteer experience as a mixed martial arts instructor at the Cabbagetown Youth Center.

He instructs free martial arts classes for teens and adults at the local community centre. He teaches the following:

  • Aiki Jiu-Jitsu
  • Northern Jiu-Jitsu
  • Kenjitsu
  • Laido

4. Andrey Korikov is the husband of Mikhaila Peterson

The talented rower was happily married to Mikhaila Peterson until recently when the popular podcaster and daughter of famous public speaker and psychologist Jordan Peterson announced their divorce. Her father is an influential leader and one of the best-selling authors.

She's currently married to her second husband Jordan Fuller.

Andrey's ex-wife is a social media star who has walked in the footsteps of his father. She owns and runs a blog known as Don't Eat That. She publishes the results of her diet experiments in blog posts. In addition, she is a personalised diet and exercise consultant.

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The duo first met at Ryerson University. She once stated that she was initially scared of him through her Instagram posts.

He told me he'd been shot at as a kid. He has black belts. He practices sword work. He scared me. He told me he had a demon in him named Igor – it didn't seem like a joke. He wasn't like anyone I'd met, and I didn't know what to make of it.

They dated for a while before she got pregnant. Finally, they tied the knot on July 16 2017, despite resistance from his family and relatives.

Mikhaila’s recent revelation that she divorced her husband shocked many people as she prefers to keep her relationship life away from the public. However, she felt like she needed to address the situation with her fans.

Mikhaila stated that the past five years of her married life were absurd given her autoimmune disease, fame, and the declining health of her parents. Also, she has stated that her divorce has made her happy more than before. So now, they will no longer be referred to as Mikhaila Peterson and husband, but rather ex-husband considering the new circumstances.

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5. Andrey was once separated from his wife

Is Mikhaila Peterson still married? They are currently not married, as Mikhaila has recently announced their separation. And the most exciting thing is that it is not the first time they have separated.

A year after the birth of their daughter, his wife left him. They stayed away from each other for one and a half years.

Right after the reunion, Andrey helped facilitate the treatment process of his wife's father in Russia. His friendship and diplomacy came in handy in negotiating the treatment process.

6. Andrey is an incredible dad of one girl

Mikhaila Peterson's husband
Andrey Korikov with her daughter posing. Photo: @andreykorikov
Source: Instagram

He is the father of a beautiful baby girl named Scarlet Jordan Peterson; the daughter was born on August 6 2017. She is three years old as of 2021. Mikhaila describes Andrey as an incredible father to their kid.

On the other hand, she also takes excellent care of her daughter by being the best mom. She is majorly cautious of what her daughter eats, even though she never forces her to take carnivorous diets.

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I'm going to be that crazy mom who doesn't let their kid have sugar or grains – she'll have to sneak it at school or something. But no, I'm not going to keep her restricted like me. I do think, though, my experience as a kid would have been better had I not eaten certain foods – probably sugar, gluten and dairy.

Andrey Korikov, who most people know as Mikhaila Peterson's husband, is a successful marketer. His life was based in his hometown until his union with the love of his life, but things have gone south recently. He currently works in Miami, Florida and is a caring father.

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