Anita Erskine biography

Anita Erskine biography

The Anita Erskine biography is an exciting write up. What gets more exciting than getting into the life of one of the greatest African media moguls, a believer in the strength of a woman, an achiever, a wife, a mother and most of all, a beautiful and bold African woman? Anita oozes confidence from the moment you meet her. What magical touch does she have that she imprints on everything she comes across? What is that Anita oomph? What makes the Anita Erskine profile that rich and makes her tick? Find out.

If you have heard of Anita, these questions must cross your mind every so often. If you haven’t, then I believe you must be such a busy person, too busy for media, because Anita Erskine has this presence that can’t go unnoticed once she is on air or the moment she walks into a room. Anita is a phenomenal woman, a modern African woman that uses her programs mainly to empower and inspire women around Africa. In the media, she is a voice to reckon with. The most beautiful thing about the biography of Anita Erskine is that she knows the power of sacrifice, the meaning of patience and persistence. Everything she has/is today, is something she worked for, something whose price she has paid.

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Although Anita Erskine has put in every success ingredient to stardom that is the skill, extra time and effort. Read on and discover more amazing facts about Anita Erskine Ghana biography.

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Anita Erskine’s personal life

anita erskine ghana biography, anita erskine husband, anita erskine starr fm
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Anita Erskine-Amaizo was born in Jerusalem on 3rd December 1978, where her parents were living and working. She was however raised in Ghana as her parents moved back into the country. Judging by her birthday, Anita Erskine age currently is 40 years. She just began her 40s and still looks young and glowing. Maybe life really begins at 40! Anita Erskine parents are Lieutenant General Emmanuel Erskine and Mrs. Rose Erskine. Anita Erskine dad is a former politician and soldier in Ghana. This only means one thing; she was raised on very proper discipline foundations. This is evident in her interactions with people and her clean media record, in a world where celebrities have all kinds of scandals on their trail.

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Anita later attended Trent University, Canada, where she acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree. She specialized in Cultural Studies after which she dived into the ever competitive world of media and keeps getting better by the day.

Anita Erskine husband of 9 years (Yes, the 9 years of Anita Erskine marriage is part of her success story!) is called Regis. Anita describes him as the best husband alive, her reality checker. On marriage, Anita advises that couples stay away from judging each other if they want to grow old together. Anita and Regis have two kids aged 8 and 7. Although young, these kids are Anita’s greatest fans and completely understand her type of work. They know that mummy has to be ways at times working. How beautiful pure, unconditional family love can be! It’s good that Regis hold the family together when Anita has to be away working, and he doesn’t complain. I think that is awesome, a heaven-sent husband he is!

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While Anita’s great works and achievements are an open book, Anita Erskine and family is a different story. Her family is her treasure, a gem that she keeps far away from the prying public eye. Sometimes when you are a public figure it’s good to draw the line, keep to the lanes as a small misinterpretation of your public life can easily break the people dear to you.

In Anita’s life, family is what keeps her going. She is quoted saying “Sometimes, I am out for more than two weeks and my husband takes care of the two children and never complains. He motivates me and always tells me to go in for the best. He is indeed heaven-sent and I love him so much.”

There are no news as to whether there has ever been an Anita Erskine wedding, but Anita is a happy wife and mother. She has experienced the joy of belonging in a complete family since her childhood and now in her own family. If having a happy close-knit family alongside a roaring career is not the utmost level of success, I don’t know what is!

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Anita Erskine career growth and development

anita erskine ghana biography, anita erskine husband, anita erskine starr fm

After her graduation from Trent University in Canada, Anita aimed directly for the sky and has been soaring at an eagle height since. Anita Erskine profile has so much to write home about. The vivacious, confident mother of two is an entrepreneur, a keynote speaker, a Master of Ceremonies (MC), a TV host and a radio presenter.

Anita Erskine first worked at Milestone Radio, in Canada. After a while she decided to get back to Ghana. Her career in Ghana started in 2006 when she made her first TV appearance. She was hosting a programme called TV3’s mentor. Later, the multi-talented Anita joined DSTV Studio where she gathered full momentum now in her media career. While at DSTV Studio, Anita presented the following shows as the main host; Pamper Your Mum, Cooking With and Making of a Mogul. She must have enjoyed the latter as she was speaking from experience, her journey into being the best and at the same time giving other people a platform to share their success stories. In 2007, she worked as a Corporate Communications Director of The Tigo Company.

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Anita has also worked with big brands like Coca cola, Nestle, Cadbury and Ghana Breweries. She has been part of these great teams.

In 2008, Anita went steps ahead to secure a good deal as The Ghanaian Correspondent for MNET’S Studio 53. Working with MNET is one of every media personalities’ dreams. It is an honor and you get to practice with the best of the best. Anita has something new for every year, it’s like she is usually set on getting a new challenge each year and once it’s done she moves to the next. In 2009, she got into producing and presented great programmes like Runs in the Family, The One Show and News and Jamming spot.

anita erskine ghana biography, anita erskine husband, anita erskine starr fm
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Every Ghanaian was happy when Bola Ray, one of Ghana’s finest announced that Anita Erskine would be joining him as a co-host in the popular Starr Drive show of Star FM. However, at some point Bola left the show and Giovanni Caleb joined to help Anita carry on with the show. Anita Erskine Starr FM story ends here, with the exit of Bola Ray from the Starr Drive show. Anita said that it was Bola she wanted to work with and exited when he opted out because the show lost its meaning to her. Many people needed to know why she had left such a great show and she said that she only got into the show to work with Bola. The two had a dream of forming the greatest force in the Ghana airwaves. His exit triggered hers. Anita was quoted saying, “When Bolanita was dissolved, my spirit went with it.”If you were a fan of Bolanita and never got answers, there you go! Bola didn’t keep his part of the deal to make something huge with Anita and it broke her heart.

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Anita once worked at Viasat 1, hosting The One Show. During this time, there were rumors that she was not getting along well with colleague Joselyn Dumas. It was alleged that these two even used to have heated arguments in the office. This was so widely spread that when Anita left Viasat 1, word went round that it was because she could not blend with Joselyn. Anita has, however, denied these claims at past times, saying although they are not exactly best friends, they have no fight between them. “I was tough on Joselyn Dumas and she will testify to that because she had huge potential. We have best of respect for each other. I can never understand where I and Joselyn Dumas having an issue came from,” she said.

In the course of her work, Anita Erskine has won an award of radio and TV personality and also the Female Presenter of the year in 2017. Her efforts could not go unnoticed.

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Currently, Anita is the owner of Reverbgy, a strategic development company. She is also a Master of Ceremonies and a keynote speaker, gracing many important occasions especially those involving girl and women empowerment seminars. Did I mention that Anita Erskine can also act? Well, she truly is multi-talented as Anita acts at times, and very well at that. She has featured in one movie produced by Yvonne Nelson dubbed “Singles and married”. She even got awarded for the role she played in this movie. According to Anita however, acting is not in her bucketlist. It is not a business she plans to do as it needs lots of time and commitment which she never has. While being interviewed at one time she said, “I will leave that to the professionals because serious as I see acting, you need people who will commit all their time and attention to it.” The popular media personality says she might consider doing music at some point. Nobody saw this coming! Well, I suppose it’s still not a surprise as Anita Erskine can be so many things. Come to think of it, her outspoken nature and ability to communicate well to large audiences can qualify her to be a musician. She once said she is a collection of many dreams in one person, and it’s so true. We are far from getting Anita Erskine’s final profile update. Like her father she fights on and never gives up.

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In the spirit of empowerment, Anita hosts The One Show and also +233 Discovery where she hosts celebrities with inspirational stories. That is how much this beautiful African woman has surrounded herself with positive energy! The media personality believes that you are who you surround yourself with. That sounds like her customized version of “Your network is your net worth.” Put either way, the truth can’t get better than this.

Anita Erskine’s take on modern woman empowerment

anita erskine ghana biography, anita erskine husband, anita erskine starr fm

Over the years, this fabulous TV host and entrepreneur has embraced the beauty of an African woman, choosing to have a curveous body as opposed to the popular slim for celebrities. It also can’t pass unnoticed that Anita prefers to darn African print attires and jewelry, which always brings out the best in her. From her shows, associations and involvements, it is obvious she has a special attachment to the African girl and woman empowerment. As if her shows were not enough to advocate this agenda, Anita has taken it upon herself to visit lady forums and directly talk to women on how to explore their full potential. At some point when she was called to work with Starr FM, people whispered that it was her women advocacy spirit the station was looking for. To this she said; “It has nothing to do with women empowerment, though I still can cascade my views through should any such need arises. What this is all about is me and what I have to offer. “The mogul has been named the black Messiah of African women and she unapologetically wears this tittle with confidence and pride. She loves being there for women, doing what she can to help no matter how small.

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About African women and the current ‘look good’ trends like eating healthy, keeping fit and dressing elegantly at all times, she says it’s a good thing and men should be happy when they see women trying to put their best foot forward. Anita is liberal minded and anything good for the progress of a woman is good for the entire generation.

Anita Erskine net worth

“At the moment I will not say I am rich but very comfortable where I am now but in five years’ time I can call myself a very rich woman." This was Anita’s response when asked if she would consider herself rich in an interview. If you asked me, I would say The One Show presenter is very rich. The response clearly shows her potential to rake in more money hence most people would consider her super rich. Well, not to this super ambitious lady who is a go getter. She is headed for the stars and will stop at nothing less. With her businesses doing that well, Africa’s richest women won’t be mentioned without Anita’s name as part of the list in five years’ time. That is her dream in fact and we can only wish her the very best.

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Anita Erskine’s success has not been without sacrifices, sometimes as big as letting go of beautiful friendships. Besides her husband whom she praises as everything she ever needed, very good friends have walked out of Anita’s life and never came back because she was too busy for them. She would miss events that meant the world to these friends and felt bad every time it happened but could do nothing about it.“I could not make it because work came along and I could not ignore that. As a result, I have received very bad text messages from friends who just did not want to know anymore. I have lost a lot of very good friends and attempts to make it up to them has proved futile,” she says in an interview. It is not easy losing a childhood friend and having to live with the guilt of choosing your job over them.However, Anita knows what she wants and is ready to pay the price for it.At the end of the day, those really meant to be her friends shall still be there, although few but true.

Anita Erskine Ghana biography tells it all, she is an African woman with a vision and on a mission. She selects her battles wisely and can keep up the fight. She is a modern African woman that believes she should be given opportunities not because she is a woman, but because she is capable. Such faith in one’s ability! That is exactly what Ghana needs; more women like Anita Erskine.

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