150+ Asian female names and their meanings (with infographics)

150+ Asian female names and their meanings (with infographics)

Asia is a vast continent encompassing numerous countries. Its massive size gives it a unique blend of cultures, beliefs, and, as a result, naming systems. If you are looking to give your newborn girl a beautiful name, you may want to consider one from Asia. Most Asian female names have meanings behind them. It’s essential to understand these meanings before bestowing a name upon your child.

Asian female names
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Some Asian female names have Greek, English, French, or Latin origins. This comes from the ancient European occupation of Asian countries.

The best Asian female names to give your child

What are the best Asian girl names? Here is a look at some fantastic female Asian names with meanings.

Pretty Asian names with a Japanese origin

Japan is renowned for its vibrant economy, fantastic food, beautiful landscapes, and nice-sounding names. Here are some pretty female names from Japan.

  • Ahma: Black rain
  • Sakae: It stands for prosperity
  • Sakiya: cherry fruit blossom or growing
  • Sanako: One who belongs to Sana
  • Sato: Sugar
  • Saura: Celestial
  • Sayo: A girl born in the night
  • Seiko: Force and truth
  • Serika: It stands for a parsley flower
  • Setsuko: A temperate child
  • Shigeko: Luxuriant
  • Shima: True intention
  • Shino: Slender bamboo
  • Shirushi: Evidence
  • Shizuko: Quiet One
  • Sigu: Moral uprightness
  • Suma: One who asks
  • Sumiko: Smart One
  • Suzuki: Bell tree
  • Yutsuko: It connotes a Yutso child

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North Asian girl names

Asian girl names
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The northern side of Asia is predominantly occupied by Russia and is home to the Samoyed and Mansi people. Here are some beautiful North Asian names for women.

  • Alyona: Means torch.
  • Angelina: A blessing sent from heaven.
  • Bella: Beautiful
  • Darya: Prosperous and wealthy.
  • Esfir: Star
  • Faina: Light
  • Gala: Calm
  • Grusha: Wild and majestic.
  • Irina: Peace
  • Jekaterina: Pure
  • Karina: One who is pure
  • Lana: Light
  • Lara: Cheerful
  • Nina: Grace
  • Paulina: Little stone
  • Sanvi: Knowledge
  • Yeva: The miracle of life
  • Zarya: Sunrise

South Asian baby girl names

Southern Asia is made up of India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and a few other countries. India is the largest of the South Asian countries. The names from this side of Asia are somewhat different from those in the north. Here are some excellent South Asian baby names for your girl.

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  • Aahana: Inner light
  • Aanandi: Happy woman
  • Aashvi: Blessed and victorious
  • Aastha: Faith
  • Adya: Supreme power
  • Anushri: Gorgeous
  • Bagesri: Beauty or prosperity
  • Sarojini: Inside the lotus
  • Shresth: Best among all children
  • Sudarshini: A beautiful lady
  • Suravi: The sun
  • Ujvala: Bright
  • Upma: The best or top

Beautiful Chinese girl names

Asian names with meanings
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China is among the largest and most populous countries in Asia. The Chinese are known for their rich history and culture. Here are some nice Chinese names you can give your baby.

  • Ah Kum: Good as gold
  • Ah Lam: Peace or serenity
  • Ai: Love and affection
  • Alix: Dignified
  • Bo: Precious
  • Chang: One who is free
  • Changchang: Flourishing
  • Chao-Xing: Morning star
  • Chenguang: Morning light
  • Chow: Means summertime.
  • Chunhua: Spring flower.
  • Ehuang: Beautiful
  • Fenfang: Fragrant.
  • Huan: Happiness.
  • Hui Ying: One who is intelligent or bright.
  • Huian: The obedient one
  • Huifang: The kind one
  • Li Gui Ying: The bark tree hero
  • Li Juan: It means beautiful
  • Li Li: Gorgeous
  • Li Xia: Red clouds
  • Liu Fang: One who smells nice
  • Liu Min: It means quick
  • Qing: Green-blue colour
  • Qinyang: The sunshine of my heart
  • Sheu-fuh: elegant phoenix
  • Shihong: All red
  • Song: Pine tree
  • Suyin: Unadorned
  • Tu: The jade element
  • Yet Kwai: It means beautiful like a rose
  • Yuke: The moon
  • Zhang Yan: Glamorous

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Vietnamese girl names

Here are some nice female names of Vietnamese origin.

  • Hwei-ru: Wise and intelligent.
  • Jia: Beautiful
  • Jiahui: One who is good
  • Jun: Obedient and truthful.
  • Thanh: Bright blue
  • Thao: Respectful
  • Trang: Intelligent or knowledgeable
  • Tuyen: It means snow
  • Xuan: It stands for springtime

Unique Asian girl names

pretty Asian names
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Do you want your cute baby to stand out from the crowd with her name always? Then, consider giving her a name that is not common.

  • Akira: This Japanese name means bright
  • Chika: Japanese for one with a lot of wisdom
  • Hisa: Long-lasting
  • Kasumi: Mystical
  • Mei: A charming girl
  • Ting: This Chinese name means a slim person
  • U: It means gentle
  • Vanna: Golden
  • Yeo: Mild
  • Yon: Korean for lotus blossom

Common Asian female names

If you are looking to give your child a beautiful yet unmistakably Asian name, here are some excellent common Asian names for girls

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  • Aanya/Anya: One who shines bright
  • Aileen: Shining light
  • Aisling: Dream
  • Alannah: Darling baby
  • Alina/Aalina/Elina: These names mean beautiful and bright
  • Amber: Honey-coloured gemstone
  • Beatha: Life
  • Ciarraí: Dusky
  • Dechen: One who brings much happiness
  • Deirdre: Brokenhearted
  • Dolores: Born in sorrow
  • Dubheasa: Dark beauty
  • Ealga: the noble isle
  • Eeshana/Ishana: It has an Arabic origin and stands for exemplary
  • Eireann: Ireland
  • Gurmeet: A friend of the guru
  • Harsha: Happiness
  • Iona: The blessed one
  • Iseult: A fair-skinned lady
  • Kaoru: Japanese for fragrant
  • Kayleigh: Slim
  • Kiran: A beam of light
  • Meabh: Intoxicating
  • Mealla: Lightning
  • Molly: Star of the sea
  • Morrígan: The great queen
  • Nuala: The fair one
  • Ríona: Queen
  • Roisin: Little rose
  • Ruth: Friend
  • Saoirse: Freedom
  • Siún: Peaceful
  • Sukhi: Always at peace
  • Tuathla: Princess of the people
  • Uasal: One who is noble

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Beautiful Asian girl names

Asian baby names
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Some names are remarkably beautiful regardless of the regions they are associated with. When naming a child, some people place a lot of weight on how nice the name sounds. Here is a collection of beautiful Asian names you can give your child.

  • Bai: Means pure
  • Bethsheba: Means oath
  • Bi: Jade
  • Billi: Helmet
  • Caihong: A rainbow in the sky
  • Chu: Precious jewel
  • Cui: Princess or ruler
  • Da Xia: Long summer
  • Diu: One who is down to earth
  • Genji: highly valuable
  • Gho: Responsible or inspirational
  • Guo: A wall surrounding a city
  • Hee: A lotus
  • Heng: Steady and persistent
  • Hien: Gentle and persevering
  • Holea: Holy
  • Ju: Daisy
  • Julissa: Unique and sweet
  • Lian: One who is graceful like a willow
  • Lien: A flowery beauty

The best Asian female names come from different countries in the vast continent. Some of those with some amazing names include Japan, India, Korea, China, and Vietnam. Due to the different cultures and languages in Asian countries, the names carry different meanings.

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