List of senior high schools in the Eastern Region of Ghana in 2024

List of senior high schools in the Eastern Region of Ghana in 2024

Secondary school education shapes students' intellectual, social, and personal development. If you are looking for good senior high schools to send your child to, the Eastern region of Ghana has some of the best institutes in the country. This article contains a list of SHS in the Eastern part of Ghana to ease your search for quality schools for your children.

List of senior high schools in the Eastern Region of Ghana
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Senior high schools in Ghana are divided into public, private, and technical schools. There are many things you should consider when choosing any of these schools for your child. For instance, research the schools' performance in the national exams and co-curriculum contests, the location of the institutes (its proximity to the child's residence), the tuition fee and other costs, etc.

List of best SHS in the Eastern region of Ghana

You can find an affordable technical, public, and private SHS in the Eastern region of Ghana for your child. Some schools exclusively accommodate boys or girls, while others enroll both boys and girls (co-educational centers).

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Private SHS in the Eastern region of Ghana

Some private SHS in the Eastern region are for day or boarding students, while others accommodate both boarding and day scholars. There are many private senior high schools in the Eastern region. Below is a list of some of the best ones:

  • Akim State College, Akim Oda
  • Akosombo International Senior High, Akosombo
  • Amuana Praso Senior High School, Praso Amuanna
  • Apedwa Presby Senior High, Apedwa
  • Bright Senior High, Kukurantumi
  • Christ Senior High School, Adukrom
  • Greater Manchester Educational Institute, Begoro
  • King David Comm College, Okwenya
  • Kingsby Methodist Girls Senior High, Koforidua
  • Klo Agogo Senior High School, Agogo
  • Learning Field Senior High School, Powum
  • Legacy Girls College, Akuse
  • Liberty Senior High, Koforidua
  • Modern Business College, Ayekotse
  • Mount Sinai Senior High School, Akropong
  • New Juaben College Of Commerce, Koforidua
  • Peace Hill Senior High School, Okoroase
  • Placid Senior High School, Akim Oda
  • Prince Boateng Mem, Snr. High, Nsawam
  • Shepherd International Academy, Akwapin South
  • Standard Senior High, Kukuruntumi
  • St. Anthony Senior High School, Amanfro
  • St. Martins Senior High School, Nsawam
  • Teachers' Senior High School, Osenase
  • Universal Girls Senior High, Koforidua
  • Winners Senior High, Nkawkaw

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SHS in the Eastern Region of Ghana
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Public SHS in the Eastern region and their categories

There are more public senior high schools in the Eastern region of Ghana than private public institutes. Ghana's public SHS are in three categories; A, B, and C, based on the WASSCE school performance rankings. Below are lists of public senior high schools in the Eastern region of Ghana:

Category A schools

Category A senior high schools get more applications from junior high school students than schools in lower categories. All public senior high schools in the A category only enroll the best-performing JHS. Category A SHS in the Eastern region of Ghana are:

  • Aburi Girls Senior High, Aburi
  • Akwatia Technical Institute, Akwatia
  • Ghana Senior High School, Koforidua
  • Koforidua SHTS, Koforidua
  • Krobo Girls Senior High School, Krobo Odumasi
  • Ofori Panin Senior High School, Tema
  • Okuapeman Senior High School, Akropong
  • St. Paul's Technical Institute, Kukurantumi
  • St. Peter's Senior High School, Nkwatia
  • St. Rose's Senior High School, Akwatia
  • Pope John Snr. High & Minor Seminary, Koforidua

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Category B schools

Category B SHS are second-best after schools in the A category. Most junior high school students choose these institutions as second options in case they miss admission into Category A schools. Nonetheless, they must still perform well in their national exams to get admitted into Category B SHS. If you are looking for a good Category B SHS in the Eastern region of Ghana, you can choose one of the following list:

  • Abetifi Presby Senior High School, Abetefi
  • Abuakwa State College, Kyebi
  • Achiase Senior High School, Akim Achiase
  • Adonten Senior High School, Aburi
  • Akwamuman Senior High School, Kpong
  • Aperade Senior High School/Tech, Akim Aperade
  • Asamankese Senior High School, Asamankese
  • Attafuah SHTS, Akim Oda
  • Benkum Senior High School, Larteh
  • Islamic Girls Senior High School, Suhum
  • Kade SHTS, Kade
  • Kibi SHTS, Kibi
  • Kwabeng Anglican SHTS, Akyem
  • Kwahu Ridge Senior High School, Obo
  • Kwahu Tafo Senior High School, Kwahu Tafo
  • Manya Krobo Senior High School, New Nuaso
  • Methodist Girls Senior High School, Mamfe
  • Mamfe Senior High School, Mamfe
  • Mpraeso Senior High School, Obomeng
  • New Juaben Senior High School, New Juaben Municipal
  • Nifa Senior High School, Adukrom
  • Nkawkaw Senior High School, Nkawkaw
  • Nkwatia Presby Senior High School, Nkwatia
  • Oda Senior High School, Akim Oda
  • Oti Boateng Senior, Koforidua
  • Oyoko Methodist Senior High School, Koforidua
  • Pentecost Senior High School, Koforidua
  • Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School, Legon
  • S.D.A Senior High School, Koforidua
  • Saviour Senior High School, Osiem
  • St. Dominic's SHTS, Pepease
  • St. Francis SHTS, Akim Oda
  • St. Martin's Senior High School, Nsawam
  • St. Michael's Senior High School, Ahenkro
  • Suhum SHTS, Suhum
  • W.B.M. Zion Senior High School, Old Tafo

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senior high schools in the Eastern Region of Ghana
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Category C schools

Category C SHS in Ghana are as popular as those in the A and B categories. However, they are mostly the third option for most junior high school students. Some of the best Category C senior high schools in the Eastern region of Ghana are:

  • Adeiso Presby SHS, Nsawam
  • Adjena SHTS, Akosombo
  • Akim Asafo SHS, Asafo
  • Akim Swedru SHS, Akim Swedru
  • Akokoaso SHTS, Akokoaso
  • Akro SHTS, Odumase
  • Akroso SHTS, Akroso
  • Akuse Methodist SHTS, Akuse
  • Anum Apapam Comm. Day, Ayensuano
  • Anum Presby SHS, Amantana
  • Apedwa Presby SHS, Apedwa
  • Apeguso Senior High School, Bisikrom
  • Asesewa Senior High School, Asesewa
  • Asuom Senior High School, Asuom
  • Atweaman Senior High School, Akim Manso
  • Ayirebi Senior High School, Ayirebi
  • Bepong Senior High School, Mpraeso
  • Boso Senior High Technical, Dodi
  • Diaspora Girls' Senior High School, Obodan
  • Donkorkrom Agric Senior High School, Donkorkrom
  • Fodoa Comm. SHS, Kwahu West Municipal
  • H'Mount Sinai Senior High School, Akropong
  • Kraboa-Coaltar Presby SHTS, Amfahun
  • Kwaobaah Nyanoa Comm. SHS, Ayensuako
  • Kwahu Senior High School, Obo-Kwahu
  • Larteh Presby Senior High/Tech, Asempa Kanea
  • Maame Krobo Comm. Senior, Volta
  • Mampong/Akw SHTS for the Deaf, Akuapem
  • Mangoase Senior High School, Tetteh Kofi
  • Mem-Chemfre Comm. SHS, Donkorkrom
  • New Abirem/Afosu Senior High School, Nkawkaw
  • New Nsutam SHTS, Bunso
  • Nsawam Senior High School, Ayigbe Town
  • Osino Presby SHTS, Osino
  • Presby Senior High School, Mampong
  • Presby Senior High School, Suhum
  • Presby SHTS, Aburi
  • Presby SHTS, Adukrom
  • S.D.A. Senior High School, Akim Sekyere
  • Salvation Army Senior High School, Wenchi
  • St. Fidelis SHTS, Akim Wenchi
  • St. Paul's Senior High School, Kwahu Asakraka
  • St. Stephen's Presby SHTS, Asiakwa
  • St. Thomas SHTS, Asamankese
  • Somanya Sec/Tech Sch., Somanya
  • Tarkrosi Comm. Senior High School, Tarkrosi
  • Yilo Krobo Senior High School/Com, Somanya

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SHS in the Eastern Region of Ghana
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Technical SHS in the Eastern region of Ghana

Technical senior high schools offer students research and vocational training. The training uses a practical approach to make it easy for students to grasp essential skills the job market requires. Some of the top technical schools in the Eastern region of Ghana are:

  • Abetifi Secondary Technical School, Abetefi
  • Adukrom Secondary Technical School, Adukrom
  • Asafo Akyem Senior High School, Asafo
  • Boso Senior High Technical School (BOSSTECH), Boso Dodi
  • Christian Heritage Secondary Technical, Kukurantumi
  • Dei Technical Institute, Begoro
  • Kibi Secondary Technical School, Kyebi
  • Koforidua Senior High Technical School (KSTS), Koforidua
  • Koforidua Technical Institute, Koforidua
  • Kwahu Ridge Secondary Technical School, Obo
  • NAVS Senior High Technical School, Adjen Kotoku
  • Osino Presbyterian Secondary Technical, Osino
  • Presbyterian Secondary Technical School, Aburi
  • Presby Senior High Technical School, Larteh
  • Saint Paul Technical School, Akyem Kukurantumi
  • Saint Stephen's Senior High Technical School, Asiakwa
  • St. Francis Secondary Technical School (FRANSTECH), Akim Oda
  • Suhum Secondary Technical School, Suhum
  • Somanya Secondary Technical School (SOTECH)

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Which category is Benkum Senior High School?

Benkum SHS is a Presbyterian Category B school for boys and girls. The school is in Larteh Akuapem, in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Is Aburi Girls a Category A school?

Aburi Girls' Senior High School (ABUGISS) is a Category A school. The institute is in Aburi in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

What is the oldest SHS in the Upper East region?

Navrongo Senior High School is a Category A school. The school is at Janania-Navrongo of Kasena-Nankani Municipal District in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

Which region has the most SHS schools?

Ashanti Region has the highest number of senior high schools in Ghana.

What are the most stubborn SHS in the Eastern Region of Ghana?

Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School in Legon is considered one of the most stubborn SHS in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Schools in other parts Ghana that have been in the limelight because of indiscipline cases involving their students are Accra Academy, Adisadel College, Wesley Girls High School, and Mfantsipim College.

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Hope this list of SHS in the Eastern region of Ghana has helped you find a suitable senior high school for your children. Share the list with other parents to help them find the best schools for their children.

Senior high schools in the Eastern Region of Ghana
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Source: Original compiled a list of the best private senior high schools in Ghana. They are typically smaller than public schools because they have fewer students and smaller average class sizes than state-owned schools.

Additionally, private schools have a lower teacher-to-student ratio, which promotes quality teaching that culminates in high academic results.


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