Best technical school in Ghana

Best technical school in Ghana

Being a hub for quality education in West African Region, the country prides itself on having the best institutions, not only in the sub-Saharan but in the whole of Africa. Likewise, within its borders, competition among schools is quite stiff, no wonder position for the best technical school in Ghana is not really dominated by one institution.

Best technical school in Ghana

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Top Technical schools

In an industrious country-with, steady and fast-growing economy-technical schools in Ghana receive quite a large chunk of admission letters on yearly basis. With the increase in admission letters, consequently comes the expansion of schools and emergence of new once. Currently, the number of technical institutions, ranging from public to private is so enormous that it becomes overwhelming in choosing the ideal one. Nonetheless, this review shades light on the best schools that our country has to offer.

Koforidua Senior High Technical school

This is one institution whose reputation has traversed far and beyond. It’s known to be an academic giant, brushing shoulders with other big names in Ghana. It belongs in Class A institutions and no doubt the best technical school in Ghana 2018.

In 2011, this institution set an extraordinary record by attaining the highest number of passes in Western African Senior High School Council Examination (WASHSCE) with over two hundred students scoring A+ in all eight examinations. Actually, in a class of four hundred and eighty-eight students, four hundred and eighty-five of them had passed with flying colors. This made ‘sech-tech’ as commonly known, to be in the second position in Eastern Region. In 2012, it was again in limelight after producing sixteen A’s in the WASSCE examinations. It has been retaining this trend in the education sector for quite a while now.

Best technical school in Ghana

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Aside from Academics, ‘sech-tech' also performs marvelously in sports and entertainment. It has scooped so many awards in various field like basketball, football, and dancing competitions. For instance, in 2011, in an event organized by Coca-Cola, KSTS emerged victorious in the dancing competition. As for basketball games, it was ranked second nationwide in the Milo and Sprite competition.

Indeed, the school is well-devoted in enhancing talents and that is why it also organizes ‘frik'. Frik is a term coined to refer to the Symposium and Funfair the school conducts and also invites other neighboring schools for an entertainment show. The show basically includes dancing and singing among others.

All in all, Koforidua technical school mainly focuses on science and technical courses. The science related courses usually involve Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Information Technology. As for technical courses, it's mainly about technical drawing, Building Construction, Metalworks, Applied Electricity, Woodworks and Auto mechanics.

Nonetheless, there are also other two courses General arts and Visual arts. General Arts incorporate Akan language, Literature, Economics, Geography, Government, Christian Religious Studies. Visual Arts, on the other hand, include; General Knowledge in Art (GKA), Graphic design, Picture Making, Economics, and Leatherworks.

The history of the school is also as interesting as its performance. It was established in 1967 by then the president of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. It was initially referred to as Ghana Secondary Technical School, similar to an institution opened in Takoradi. During this time, it was opening it is for male students only. Later on, in 2000’s it was again referred to as Koforidua Secondary Technical school. It was not until 2012, that the school adopted its current name and also admitted girls into the school system.


St. Joseph’s Technical School-Saboba

This is a school with a high pass rate in the Western Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE). It also prides itself on becoming the top position in Secondary/Technical Category, during National Best School Award ceremony in 2015. Just like KSTS, it also has a wonderful reputation and definitely one of the best technical institutes in Ghana.

Best technical school in Ghana

Taking into account that it is among country’s public schools, the institution’s motto is ‘step by step’. It has a mission of training competent and vocational graduates, with proper morals for either self or formal employment, using effective and sustainable techniques.

With its motto and mission, the school envisions itself having an economical and sustainable Technical Vocational Education and Training System (TVET). Through this, its intending to accomplish its goals of imparting knowledge, skills and Gospel values to our youth which will lead them to have a responsible life.

It’s with such objectives, that this school offers seven primary courses including; Home economics, Agriculture, Core subjects, Business, Visual Arts, General Science and General Arts. It is also equipped with necessary facilities to ensure it fosters effective learning. It has several classrooms as well as workshops, Library and Computer lab.

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In as much as it’s a public school, it was initially established by SVD Missionaries of Catholic Arch-Dioceses of Tamale way back in 1967. It was not until 1984 that the government intervened and offered its management assistance. Later on, in 2002 it finally gained boarding status.

With very few teachers, the initial programmes were mainly Block-laying and Concreting as well as Carpentry and Joinery. Presently, those two categories of courses are referred to as Building Construction Technology and Wood Construction Technology respectively. You can contact through The following; College Name: St. Joseph's Technical School, Saboba. Address: P. O. Box 3, Saboba. Location: Saboba. Country: Ghana. Telephone Number: 0242266173

Don Bosco Technical Institute-Odumase

This is a government assisted school located in Odumase, the suburb area of Sunyani town in Brong-Ahafo. Its mixed school offering both day and boarding curriculum. Other than having a high WASSCE pass rate, in 2015 it came to limelight for emerging the best Technical Institution in Brong Ahafo that was after having participated in various national

Best technical school in Ghana

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activities such as Lady Chief Justice mentoring programme in 2014 and School Business Plan Prize Challenge in 2012. Being one of the schools offering TVET system of learning, it also has a mission of training graduates to be valuable and marketable in the industry. You can use these contact details to reach out: Salesians of Don Bosco - P.O. Box 1679 - Sunyani (Brong Ahafo Region) - Ghana - West Africa

Brakwa Senior/Technical school

If there is a school with a promising future and has already witnessed positivity in the Academic atmosphere, is Brakwa school. This is one school that even though has not even lasted a decade, it is proud to record a steady improvement in overall performance.

The ratio of students performing excellently in six out of eight subjects in the West Africa Senior Secondary School has been encouraging. The performance ever since 2015 to date has been inclining steadily with some students qualifying for admission to distinguished universities. The Head of the school has started on a high note by putting more emphasis on discipline and academic performance.

Best technical school in Ghana

Source:Brakwa Senior/Technical School

It’s a public school having been established in 2011 through the collaboration of Government of Ghana and the public members, particular people of Brakwa. It actually began as a Community Day School until 2015 when government chipped in and assisted in its day to day management. It’s located at Asomdwoekrom, Brakwa District in Central Region of Ghana.

Courses offered are basically more or less similar to other technical institutes and therefore have all the facilities needed to accomplish its goal. Well, its goal is to simply create a conducive environment for the second cycle education in the area and beyond.

Cape Coast Technical Institute

This is yet another technical school that is proud to be regarded as the best in Ghana, having being declared ‘most resourced’ in Central Region, during the 2014/2015 academic year. It was in the same academic year that it again was rendered best in overall performance throughout Central Region. This was after being in the limelight the previous year for winning Babson National Entrepreneurship Competition.

As if that was not enough, Cape Coast Technical School emerged sixth and third in 2015 and 2016 respectively in the National Science, Technology, Mathematics and Innovation Education (STMIE) competition.

The school was established in 1955 by the late Joseph Kadesh Abraham. It was initially being referred to as The College of Architecture. However, this name did not last long as it, later on, got renamed to Cape Coast Polytechnic. In 1976, it got absorbed by the government and hence got its name current name. Just like the names, its location has also been changing from time to time as it initially began in Amanful before proceeding to Aquarium then finally settling in Abura.

In as much as it has been spotting a low pass rate in present years, a small hitch does render it off the list as still envisions itself being among the best technical institutes in Africa. You can contact them through the addressP. O. Box A15,. Cape Coast. C/R. Ghana - West Africa. Tel: +233-423-2203/5469 Fax: +233-423-5469. Website:

Kumasi Technical Institute

When we mention best technical schools in Kumasi, this institution always pops up. With over three decades in existence, it has firm roots buried deep in the community. It was actually established in 1976 by the government of Ghana with a helping hand from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

It now rests on a forty-acre plot of land provided by the Asantehene, Otumfuo Opuku Ware, the second, with two main departments overseeing the programmes offered. The departments are basically categorized into mechanical and Building. The building department is Block laying and Concreting, Plumbing and Gasfitting, Welding and fabrication among others. On the other hand, the Mechanical department focuses on Industrial mechanics, Motor vehicles mechanics, Diesel and Heavy Duty Mechanics, Auto body repairs, Refrigeration, and Air- Condition Mechanics.

Best technical school in Ghana

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With a mission of equipping students with necessary skills and knowledge for the betterment of the economy as well as themselves, this institution truly conforms with its motto ‘training for industry’. You can contact through the Address: Yaa Asantewaa Rd., Amakom. Postal address: PMB. City: Kumasi. Region: Ashanti. Telephone: 032 2022276.

Website -

Asuansi Technical Institute

We cannot talk about best technical schools and fail to highlight the rich history of Asuansi technical institute. It is well reputed for being the first technical school in west Africa. It was established on 12th August 1917 as Rural School focusing mainly on reading, writing, and arithmetic up to standard three. This went on until 1922 when it was changed to Trade School simply with intentions of boosting Vocational Education in Agriculture, Carpentry, Metal Work, and Masonry.

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It was in 1963 that it got renamed to Asuansi Technical Institute to offer craft courses. Currently, courses offered include Agriculture, Home Economics, Visual Art, Business, General Arts, General Science and Core subjects

Best technical school in Ghana

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It is part of the forty-five vocational training institutions aimed to fill the gap in market needed for economic development. Apart from the conventional three-year Technical Vocational Education and Training programmes (TVET), Asuansi also offers short courses which include Training of Master Craftsmen, traditional apprenticeship training as well as people in trade Associations. These courses are mostly demanded by individuals from informal sectors who would like to upgrade their skills.

Even though it has been recording low pass rate in WASSCE exams in recent years, its academic records ranged from forty percent to one hundred percent in 2015. It also emerged third in Regional Cultural Dance/Choreography Competition in 2015/2016 academic year held in Cape Coast. In addition to all that, its fashion department emerged victorious for the best Fashion Exhibition (Clothes/Dressmaking) in the same academic year.You can contact through Address: Cape Coast. Postal address: 162. City: Cape Coast. Region: Central. Telephone: 033 2133791. Website -

Private technical schools in Ghana

Private Technical Schools in Ghana have also not been left behind in the academic sector, as they also compete for a slice of its pie. That is why it no surprise that the number of private schools is almost as close as public even though their fee is relatively higher.

Best technical school in Ghana

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Below is a list of reputed private schools in our country;

  • Royal Technical College-Accra Metropolitan
  • National Technical Engineering College- Accra Metropolitan
  • Samonya Tech Institute- Akatsi
  • St. Anne Vocational Institute-Yilo Krobo
  • St. Vitus Technical Institute- Sunyani
  • Abutia Community Secondary/Technical School- Volta, Ho
  • Dokta Electrical Works-Kwebere East
  • Catholic Technical Institute-Kumasi Metropolitan
  • Adventist Secondary/Technical School- Techiman
  • Young Women Christian Association.

In conclusion, before applying for any technical schools in Accra, Tamale or any other region in Ghana ensure they are certified and well recognized by the government. The last thing you may hope for is enrolling in school whose certifications is invalid. The prospective school should be operating in a curriculum that conforms with the state’s laws.

Aside from that, keep in mind that best technical in Ghana does not necessarily guarantee an easy pass to university. As a student, hard work, commitment and discipline are the three main values that will positively influence your performance.

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