Latest Ghanaian music 2020

Latest Ghanaian music 2020

Ghanaian musicians have been showing consistency with the music they produce for decades now. Musicians from all genres work hard to provide their fan-bases with the content they crave. Ghanaian dancehall artistes, rappers and those that sing in a local dialect all know how to serve their audiences with records and live performances. Latest Ghanaian music is proof of how far the industry has come. The music videos are of high quality and the audios excellently produced.

Latest Ghanaian music

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The new wave of Ghanaian artistes has redefined music in Ghana. The young and relatively established artistes are not shy of taking extreme steps while producing their content. You will see them collaborate with fellow artistes, go overseas to shoot videos and even make diss tracks to create controversy and wake other content creators.

Ghanaian music sounds appealing to both Ghanaians and foreigners. Latest Ghanaian music download is possible through sites Deezer, Spotify and iTunes.

A glimpse on the top new songs in Ghana and videos August 2020

Latest Ghanaian music

The following 15 songs are some of the latest Ghanaian music you should listen to.

1. Inna Song (Gin & Lime) - Darkovibes and King Promise

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Darkovibes is known for his smooth voice and distinct sound. In this jam, the Ghanaian star is sharing the emotions he feels for a girl. He, together with King Promise, created this catchy tune that can be used to hit on a girl.

They praise the girl’s beauty and express their wish to hang out with her. The artistes’ vocals paired well with the mini-performances on the video. “Inna Song (Gin & Lime)” premiered on YouTube on 20th March 2020.

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2. Turn Up - Kuami Eugene

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“Turn Up” is a cheery jam that gets you into high spirits whenever it is played. The radio hit has wowed many Ghanaians, as Kuami Eugene uses simple lines that are easy to chant. The video of is another great thing about this track.

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You can see the energy in the artiste as he sings his lines and dances to the tune. “Turn Up” is your ultimate party song when you are out with friends. The song premiered on YouTube on 10th January 2020.

3. Commando Remix - King Promise ft Chivv

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King Promise and Chivv joined forces to create this popular hit. ‘Commando’ has been dominating radio airwaves in Ghana, given the soft elements it has. King Promises’ flow and distinct voice are some of the things that make this track exceptional.

Chivv did not disappoint either as he had a fire verse and great moves. ‘Commando’ is the type of track you sing to someone that you consider special. The video of this hit dropped on 14th February 2020.

4. African Party - Stonebwoy

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There is nothing not to like about Stonebwoy’s track. The visuals, the ladies featured, the location and clear graphics make this track a happy jam to play at any time of the day. The traditional theme adapted by the ladies and gentlemen in the video is fascinating as everyone dons African wear.

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Like the name of the track suggest, African Party is about how Africans should party. The mix of Ghana sound and a little dancehall touch are what make Stonebwoy a genius in his art. The video of the track was released on 6th March 2020.

5. No One - Becca Busiswa & DWP Academy

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You have to check out “No One” if you are looking for latest Ghanaian music videos 2020. You can only marvel at how Becca and all the ladies in the video freely dance to this lovely tune. The artistes are all glam and colorful, singing their hearts out to this happy track.

When “No One” starts playing everyone gets on their feet as this track is too sweet to not dance to it. Busiswa and the DWP Academy did not disappoint either as their presence in the video made the track even more colorful. “No One” video was officially released on 28th February 2020.

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6. Come Back - Medikal Ft. KiDi

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Medikal and KiDi collaborate in this pleasant track where they are trying to win back the heart of a girl. The acting and performance of the video are so good that one can tell the story being told in the track even without having the audio on.

Medikal is a smooth singer. KiDi knows how to blend well with Medikal and one can tell that this collaboration was a perfect idea. “Come Back” was premiered on YouTube on 22nd January 2020.

7. Enjoyment - KiDi

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KiDi is a great artiste when doing features and even more excellent when he does solo records. In this charming tune, KiDi seems to be communicating with a gorgeous girl whom he wants to spend time with. He talks of all the good things he will do to his lover and how the girl makes him feel.

The chorus is pretty easy to sing to and the verses sweet to listen to. The visuals to this track make ‘Enjoyment’ one of the finest latest Ghanaian music videos. This Ghanaian banger was released on 30th January 2020.

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8. Take Care of You - Adina Thembi Ft. Stonebwoy

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The lovely Adina featured talented Stonebwoy in this delightful song where they sing in turns. The chemistry the duo display is great as they are in-sync with everything they do. Adina’s high pitched voice is impossible not to love.

“Take care of You” is a nice jam if you are looking for a track that has all the right words for the person you love. The dramatization of events in the track is entertaining to watch. The track was released on 27th March 2020.

9. Dream Big - Yaa Pono Ft. Jebedie

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Yaa Pono and Jebedie came together to give their fans this reassuring song. The song which was released on 27th February 2020 talks about setting goals and staying focused. Everyone should dream big as they have potential.

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The two artistes encourage their listeners to not pay attention to distractors and enemies as all they can do is confuse you. It is great seeing artistes sing inspiring tracks even as they go on to entertain their fans.

10. Turn on The Lights - Kwesi Arthur

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"Turn On The Lights" may give one the impression of a hype jam, but it is a lonely song. Kwesi Arthur sings as a desperate man who is looking for a girl. He sings that he is tired of being single and is looking for a girl to make her his boo. The lyrics are soft and gentle to the years. The official video to this song is not yet out but Arthur Kwesi shared a captivating lyric video. ‘Turn on the Lights’ audio premiered on YouTube on 3rd April 2020.

11. Good Morning - Stonebwoy, Chivv and Spanker

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The three artistes blessed their fans with this feel-good music on 5th March 2020. The setting of the video automatically gets one in a party mood. All of the artistes have smooth lines as they exchange verses and joyfully sing the chorus. You can also see all of them showing their dance moves.

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The shooting of the track was truly a fun experience. “Good Morning” is one of the most entertaining Ghana latest music clips. “Good Morning” is a chill, happy track that everyone should play when they want to uplift their spirits.

12. Little Tip - Shatta Wale

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Shatta Wale has been taking the Ghanaian music industry by storm ever since he released his debut single. The popular musician released "Little Tip" on 1st March 2020. Like many Shatta Wale songs, the storytelling in this track is superb and the voice variations commendable.

“Little Tip” is assumed to be a Sarkodie diss, something Shatta Wale likes doing when looking for that competing spirit from other artistes. The song is sweet to the ears and one that needs a response from Sarkodie.

13. Strongman - Pilolo Ft. KelvynBoy

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‘Strongman’ is the type of jam you play when you experience heartbreak or are going through a rough patch in your relationship. The video was creatively made with images signifying different things.

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We can see a burning car which symbolizes the broken relationship, the red lights and darkroom showing how the man is in thought and the lady in the video who has played a role in breaking the heart of the man. KelvynBoy’s rapping skills need a special mention. The video of Strongman was released on 12th March 2020.

14. Favour - Nanky Ft. Sarkodie

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Both Nanky and Sarkodie are huge names in the Ghanaian music scene. In the song ‘Favour’, the duo talk about working hard and getting God’s blessings. The location the video was shot brings a crisp feeling even as you digest the lyrics of the song.

Sarkodie is a versatile artist, and this can be attested through the many styles he has tried. His rapping is great as usual, making the track more enjoyable. Nanky wrote a beautiful track and chose the right artiste to feature. ‘Favour’ was released on 8th January 2020.

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15. Prove them Wrong - Cabum Ft. Fameye

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Cabum and Fameye have a few words to naysayer and distracters. In this collaboration, the two Ghanaian artistes talk about working hard and proving the enemies wrong. This song is all about keeping the negative energy away as you work to achieve your targets.

Cabum and Fameye dropped this track in January, the perfect time to have one prepare for their new year resolutions and work towards achieving them.

The beauty of music is that you do not have to understand the language to enjoy the content. The beats, catchy choruses, and musical tunes are what makes music a universal language. Ghanaian artistes have shown once again that they are committed to their craft through the latest Ghanaian music videos. The commitment and dedication to go the extra mile to perfect their records are what makes the artiste amass a massive following.

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