Who are the top 5 hottest weather channel female anchors in the USA in 2022?

Who are the top 5 hottest weather channel female anchors in the USA in 2022?

It is not easy to be hired as a weather channel anchor by the top media houses in the USA because of stiff competition. There are so many individuals who are more than qualified for the job, and they also offer something extra. Anchors are the face of media companies which is why looks are also considered in the hiring process. Human resource departments of these companies may refute that claim, but you only need a single glance at the hottest weather channel female anchors to get all the information you need.

hottest weather channel female anchors
Janice Villagran and Evelyn Taft. Photo: @janicevillagran, @evelyn_taft on Instagram
Source: Instagram

Media companies are in business to make money; hence they will do everything within their power to maximize profit. It is no wonder that they hire attractive weather girls because they know the strategy works well in attracting more viewership. Such personnel are often followed by their fans when they move from one organization to the next.

5 hottest weather channel female anchors

Traditionally, being a weather anchor was not something people looked up to because the role was sidelined. The significance of these experts has increased over time, and today they can command the same attention as other primetime news anchors. Below are the five hottest weather channel female anchors based on their physical attributes, among many other factors.

1. Evelyn Taft

Hottest weather channel female anchors
Evelyn Taft. Photo: @evelyn_taft on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

The hot weather girl called Evelyn Taft works at CBS2/KCAL9 as their weekend chief meteorologist. She is not a new face in the world of forecasting, but audiences can't seem to get enough of her smile. The American weather anchor is also a journalist and a news editor.

She likes to rock blonde hair and has striking hazel eyes. She is arguably the hottest female weather anchor in the USA. She has extensive field experience but has accomplished many other things.

2. Sheena Parveen

Hottest weather channel female anchors
Sheena Parveen. Photo: @sheenaparveen on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

The beauty of the American media is that it has faced all parts of the world. Sheena Parveen, who is one of the hottest weather female presenters, has Indian roots. She studied at Florida State University and earned her qualification as a meteorologist. After that, she was hired to work at NBC 4 Channel in San Diego.

Parveen is an interesting presenter due to the fascinating nature in which she includes typhoons, snowstorms, and cyclones. She is famous for giving a report on the 2013 EF5 cyclone of Moore, Oklahoma. Since then, she has displayed a mastery of her work and has been able to work for Fox13, NBC10, and WCTV. She was honoured with a CBM seal from the American Meteorological Society.

3. Jasmina Mazarita

Jasmine Mazarita is exceptionally gorgeous and never afraid to show it. As of 2022, she is an employee of the Telemundo 51 news channel in Miami. Her name quickly gives away her origin. She hails from Ecuador, which is known to be home to some of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Although she has made a name for herself as a weather forecaster, Jasmina had a degree in journalism. This has enabled her to be versatile, including being able to do entertainment and traffic news. One of the highlights of her career is captured in the documentary she did on Ecuador's devastation by earthquakes. She has had the opportunity to interview musician Julio Garcia.

4. Janice Villagran

hottest weather channel female anchors
Janice Villagran. Photo: @janicevillagran on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Janice Villagran can easily be mistaken for an hourglass because of her curvy figure. She has become a trendsetter among teens who copy her fashion styles. The beautiful weather anchor works for Estrella TV, headquartered in Burbank, California. Her style of presenting is magnetic because her deliveries are full of charisma and zeal.

She is a beauty with brains because she has papers to back her appointment. She is a graduate with a bachelor's degree in communication science. Her solid educational background has also enabled her to work as an on-air host for En Vivo USA and Testigo TV. Away from the media, Villagran also works as a surgical technologist and a medical assistant.

5. Maria Quiban

Los Angeles-based Maria Quiban is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful ladies on American television. You can catch her on KTTV, where she works as a weather anchor. She is easily recognizable thanks to her top-notch presenting skills and beauty to match her effort. She was born in the Philippines before moving to Hawaii when she was nine.

Quiban studied journalism at the University of Hawaii. She has previously worked for the NBC affiliate channel KHNL in Honolulu. After being hired by KTTV, she enrolled at Mississippi State University and graduated with a B.S. in meteorology.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Who is the prettiest weather girl? Evelyn Taft works for CBS2/KCAL9 as their weekend chief meteorologist, and she is the prettiest weather girl. However, the answer may vary from one person to another because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
  2. Who is the new girl on Weather Channel? Jennifer "Jen" Carfagno is the new girl on the weather channel. From 2013 to 2016, she anchored Weather Center Live on Thursdays and Friday.
  3. Who is the hot Latina weather girl? Yanet Garcia is the hottest and most famous Latina weather girl. She is frequently described as the "world's se*xiest weather girl," and Playboy declared that she "makes every forecast worth watching."
  4. Is Evelyn Taft married? CBS2's Evelyn Taft is a married woman. Her spouse is called Ross Ransnik, who is an entrepreneur.
  5. Who is the Telemundo 52 news weather, girl? The weather anchor for Telemundo 51 news is Jasmina Mazarita. She is famous for her documentary on Ecuador's earthquakes.
  6. Is Sheena Parveen Indian? Yes, the WCTV weather anchor is an American, but she is originally from India.
  7. Who is the weather girl on ITV's Tonight? Her name is Lucy Veracity. She is part of the ITV National Weather team and presents Good Morning Britain forecasts.

The world has always been obsessed with ranking people from different fields based on their looks. From lists of the hottest Hollywood celebrities and se*xiest men alive to miss world beauty pageants, all these looks at the outward appearance of people as the metric to rank them. The journalism industry has also not been left behind, and this explains the interest of people in the hottest weather channel female anchors.

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