In Death series in order: All In Death books list and reading guide

In Death series in order: All In Death books list and reading guide

The In Death series is a future suspense novel collection written by J.D. Robb. The novel focuses on Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her wealthy husband, Roarke, in mid-21st-century New York City. The series began in 1995 and is ongoing, showing no signs of ending. How do you read the In Death series in order?

Naked In Death (1995) (L), Loyalty In Death (1999) (M), and Betrayal In Death (2001) (M)
The In Death series is a future suspense novel collection written by J.D. Robb. Photo: @sleepless_in_sa,, @imereads on Instagram (modified by author)
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The In Death series is ideal for readers who appreciate quick-paced mysteries with a hint of romance. The novels are well-written and fascinating, and it's easy to get caught up in the characters' stories. What is the In Death series timeline? The series takes place in the mid-21st century.

In the Death series reading guide

At the time of this writing, Robb has 60 volumes in the In Death series. He writes two or three novels every year. Here is an order list for the In Death series.

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1. Naked in Death (1995)

In 2058, Eve Dallas, a Lieutenant in the NYPSD murder section, is charged with locating the killer of Sharon DeBlass, a licenced partner and granddaughter of Conservative Party Senator DeBlass. As she researches DeBlass' murder, other prostitutes are killed.

2. Glory in Death (1995)

Eve discovers the corpse of Prosecuting Attorney Cicely Towers on the night of 2 May and runs into C.J. Morse, a journalist whom she despises. When she reverts to Cop Central, she discovers that Commander Whitney is close friends with Towers.

3. Immortal in Death (1996)

Eve Dallas faces a tremendous obstacle when she investigates the killing of a top model, which takes her into the realm of high-end fashion. However, Eve's closest companion is the top suspect, putting her profession and commitment to the test.

4. Rapture in Death (1996)

Eve examines three seemingly unrelated suicides, but a closer check reveals minor burns on the deceased' brains. As Eve digs deeper into the realm of virtual reality games, she realises they may hold the key to discovering the real reason reasons behind these horrible deaths.

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5. Ceremony In Death (1997)

A woman is holding the Ceremony In Death book in her hands
The Ceremony In Death is J.D. ROBB's fifth book. Photo: @pagesandpolishes
Source: Instagram

Eve is compelled to investigate the tragic passing of a fellow officer. Her research leads her to demonic cults, Wiccan religious organisations, and other deaths. Everyone Eve questions appear to be murdered, and Eve herself becomes the next target.

6. Vengeance in Death (1997)

Eve Dallas is startled by the brutality of a string of killings. The crimes are undoubtedly related, and Eve discovers a surprising connection between those affected and her spouse, Roarke. Roarke's history has returned to afflict them both.

7. Holiday in Death (1998)

Lieutenant Eve Dallas's hunt for a ritualistic serial killer who enjoys dressing up as Santa Claus has made startling findings: all of the victims have been linked to Personally Yours. As the killings escalate, Eve joins an elite group of people looking for their one true love.

7.5. Midnight in Death (1998)

Eve's name is on a Christmas list, but it's not for being bad or good. It is intended to put a serial killer in jail. The freed psychopath is now after her. With her spouse, Roarke, by her side, Eve must prevent the man from executing his murderous vengeance, or she'll die trying.

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8. Conspiracy in Death (1999)

Officers Ellen Bowers and Troy Trueheart call Eve Dallas and her aide, Delia Peabody, to a crime scene. A homeless guy is slain, and a skilled surgeon takes his heart. Dallas and Peabody are both aware that a serial killer targets downtown pavement sleepers.

9. Loyalty in Death (1999)

Eve Dallas and her helper, Delia Peabody, are summoned to the residence of millionaire J. Clarence Branson, the proprietor and co-chair of Branson Toys and Tools, by Branson's long-term girlfriend, Lisbeth Cook. There, they discover that Lisbeth killed Branson with a power tool manufactured by his firm.

10. Witness in Death (2000)

The Witness in Death book is on a blue and green background
The Witness in Death (2000) is the tenth book in the series. Photo: @imereads
Source: Instagram

Eve Dallas is dealing with a prominent celebrity killing. She is not only the chief detective but also a witness, and when the public learns that her spouse, Roarke, runs the theatre, there is more media attention than either can take.

11. Judgment in Death (2000)

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A police officer is found battered to death in an uptown strip bar. The weapon is a baseball bat. The reason behind this remains unknown. It's a case of extreme exaggeration that sends Eve Dallas over the edge. Her research reveals a secret club that is more than just a hangout. Purgatory is a final chance for atonement in which everyone is judged.

12. Betrayal in Death (2001)

At the opulent Roarke Palace Hotel, a maid enters suite 4602 for the nighttime decline - and is taken to her greatest nightmare. A murderer lays her dead, strangled by a slender silver wire. Sly Yost is a music and murder genius who works as a hitman for the privileged. Eve is well acquainted with him. However, knowing who the killer is does not help resolve the crime.

12.5. Interlude in Death (2001)

Eve Dallas has been summoned off the planet in early spring 2059 to deliver a tutorial at the year's most fabulous police conference, which will be held in a fancy resort. Her spouse, Roarke, owns the resort. Although Eve doesn't see it that way, it's intended to be a vacation.

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13. Seduction in Death (2001)

Dante had been dating his victim online for several weeks before encountering her in person. She died a few hours after consuming a few sips of alcohol. The murder weapon was a rare, typically undetectable date-assault medicine with a street worth of a quarter million dollars. Eve is playing and repeating the clues in her thoughts.

14. Reunion In Death (2002)

A birthday celebration sets the stage for Eve Dallas's terrifying reunion with an assassin from her past. Walter Pettibone got home at precisely 7:30 p.m. to more than 100 friends and family members shouting, surprise! It happened to be his birthday. Although he had been aware of the upcoming event for weeks, the genuine surprise had yet to arrive.

15. Purity in Death (2002)

The Purity in Death book is on a wooden shelf
The Purity in Death book was produced in 2002 by author J.D. ROBB. Photo: @readwithe
Source: Instagram

Officer Troy Trueheart calls in Eve Dallas and her aide, Delia Peabody after he shoots and kills a suspect called Louie Cogburn. The man, a renowned but unconvicted, typically concealed dealer of illegal substances for kids, suddenly became homicidally insane and murdered a neighbour in his apartment complex.

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16. Portrait in Death (2003)

Lt. Eve Dallas is pleased with Summerset, Roarke's majordomo, who is about to leave for vacation when he stumbles over the cat and goes down the steps, shattering his leg. While Eve and Roarke are providing him first aid, Nadine Furst directs Eve to a spot where she discovers a dead body shoved into a recycle bin.

17. Imitation in Death (2003)

A man with a cloak and top hat confronts a prostitute on a dark New York City street. The woman died a few minutes later. A note written to Lieutenant Eve Dallas was found at the site, encouraging her to play his game and reveal his true identity.

17.5. Big Jack (2010)

Someone in New York City in 2059 is looking for lost gems from a decades-old heist and is willing to murder them. Eve Dallas, sharp-witted and attractive, is accustomed to operating in the shadowy corners of the law. In the future, when crime and cutting-edge technology collide, she will seek to locate the gems and end the danger that has encircled them for years.

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18. Divided in Death (2004)

Reva Ewing, an earlier Secret Service agent and security consultant for Roarke Enterprises, is a key suspect in a double killing. She had every reason to desire to kill her spouse, acclaimed artist Blair Bissel. He was engaged in an affair with her closest pal.

19. Visions in Death (2004)

On one of the city's warmest nights, Eve Dallas is assigned to Central Park and plunged into a terrifying new investigation. The victim was discovered on the rocks just above the quiet, dark water of The Lake in Central Park. There is only one red ribbon over her neck. Her hands are poised as if in prayer.

20. Survivor in Death (2005)

Several copies of the Survivor in Death book.
The Survivor in Death (2005) is J.D. ROBB's 20th book. Photo: @meesha_r
Source: Instagram

On the exterior, Keelie and Grant Swisher appear improbable targets for an assassin; they are an average couple living in a pleasant suburb while striving hard to provide for their two children. When Eve Dallas responds to an array of homicides at the Swisher household home, she uncovers a bloodbath.

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21. Origin in Death (2005)

Based in 2059 New York City, the number-one bestseller In Death series has given fans a chilling insight into near-future law and order. Now, as scientists strive to push the boundaries of technology, Detective Eve Dallas pursues the crafty, cold-blooded murderer of a father and son.

22. Memory in Death (2006)

Following the happenings in Origin in Death, Eve Dallas merely wants a respite as Christmas approaches, but her history is returning to haunt her. A news broadcast about her and her spouse Roarke's role in destroying the Icove Centre is aired on national television. This catches the attention of Trudy Lombard, who is in Texas and immediately travels to New York City.

22.5. Haunted in Death (2006)

Eve Dallas is not a believer in ghosts. But everyone else is terrified by the allegedly haunted deserted nightclub, where a recently deceased body has been discovered with the remains of the famed missing singer, Bobbie Bray. Radcliff C. Hopkins, the original owner's grandson, planned to reactivate the nightclub and capitalise on its popularity.

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23. Born in Death (2006)

Eve Dallas must investigate a terrible double crime after two young lovers, workers of the same famous accounting business. They are brutally murdered on the same night. Eve has little time to plan a baby shower for her best friend, Mavis.

24. Innocent in Death (2007)

Eve Dallas does not appreciate seeing innocent people killed. The killing of history instructor Craig Foster is undoubtedly a murder case. The meal that his wife had lovingly prepared was laced with lethal ricin. And, as outraged as Mr Foster's colleagues are, they, too, have some disturbing secrets.

24.5. Eternity in Death (2007)

Tiara Kent, a club-hopping lousy girl, is discovered dead in her luxury Manhattan apartment, and the murder has all the hallmarks of a vampire assault. Lieutenant Eve Dallas, who is always practical, must cope with superstitious cops wielding garlic, stakes, and the ever-hysterical media.

25. Creation in Death (2007)

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The Creation in Death book is on the table
The Creation in Death was published in 2007 by author J.D. ROBB. Photo: @me_and_my_pages
Source: Instagram

In 2060, the serial murderer known as "The Groom" reappears in New York City nine years after his initial murder. Eve Dallas is eager to bring him down finally. But his eyes are set on the most difficult challenge of his successful profession: an abduction that will put his skills to the test and guarantee him satisfaction unlike any he has ever known.

26. Strangers in Death (2008)

In 2060 New York, some crimes continue to receive more attention than others, particularly those involving a renowned businessman discovered in his Park Avenue apartment, bound to the bed and murdered with black velvet cables. Fortunately, murder cop Eve Dallas' millionaire husband Roarke owns the prime property estate.

27. Salvation In Death (2008)

A priest is performing a funeral service for an adored congregation member. But when he raises the chalice to his lips, he dies abruptly and cruelly, tainted by Christ's blood.

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27.5. Ritual in Death (2008)

When a high-society celebration is disrupted by a bare, knife-wielding, bloodied man who believes he may have murdered someone, Eve Dallas must investigate the incident and the perpetrators. Everything indicates a Satanic ritual, yet Eve does not believe in demon worship.

28. Promises in Death (2009)

When NYPSD murder investigators Eve Dallas and Delia Peabody are called in to look into a dead body, they uncover that the lady is a colleague officer, Detective Amaryllis Coltraine, who works out of another station.

29. Kindred in Death (2009)

A freshly promoted lieutenant in the NYPSD comes from a vacation with his spouse to discover his 16-year-old daughter killed and requests that Lieutenant Eve Dallas take over to investigate.

29.5. Missing In Death (2009)

A traveller on the Staten Island ferry notices something she ought not to have seen: something that needs to be kept silent. She will soon be untraceable. But where is she if she didn't leap and isn't on board? Murder detective Eve Dallas is dispatched to the site and is immediately confronted with a startling network of falsehoods.

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30. Fantasy in Death (2010)

A person is holding a Fantasy in Death book
Fantasy in Death is the 30th book of J.D. ROBB, produced in 2010. Photo:
Source: Instagram

NYPSD Captain Eve Dallas is having as much difficulty determining how Bart Minnock died as she is determining who committed the crime. The victim's fiancée seemed deeply saddened, and his eccentric but intelligent coworkers at U-Play appeared similarly taken aback. Nobody seemed to have an issue with the eager, upbeat millionaire.

31. Indulgence in Death (2010)

A crossbow was used to shoot a limo driver in the neck. Then, a high-end escort is discovered stabbed in the heart with a bayonet. Eve begins to believe that she has encountered the most dangerous criminals, a thrill-seeker with a taste for the most significant things in life and death.

31.5. Possession in Death (2012)

Despite her better judgment, Eve believes the older woman's spirit is inside her, and she will not rest until she finds her great-granddaughter, who went missing two months ago. Eve, eager to return to normalcy, discovers that a group of young ladies have gone missing, and if she does not find them, no one will.

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32. Treachery in Death (2011)

Eve Dallas and her colleague, Peabody, are investigating a terrible, senseless murder involving an old store owner who was murdered by three stoned rebels for nothing else than fun and food. Peabody is now the principal investigator on the case for the first time, which requires her to adjust to a new level of power and responsibility.

33. New York to Dallas (2011)

Eve Dallas was a rookie New York cop when her senses led her to Isaac McQueen's apartment, where she proved him to be a twisted killer and pervert who was locking up young girls. Eve becomes a murder Lieutenant and one of the city's most respected officers—until she discovers that McQueen has been released from jail.

33.5. Chaos in Death (2013)

Eve Dallas' current case is beginning out a little stranger than usual: a police sketch of a killer, according to eyewitness testimony, shows him with green skin, goblin ears, bulging red eyes, and a misaligned jaw structure that contradicts human nature.

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34. Celebrity in Death (2012)

Lieutenant Eve Dallas isn't a party girl, but she's having a fine time at the celebrity-packed reception for The Icove Agenda, a movie inspired by one of her renowned cases.

35. Delusion in Death (2012)

Delusion in Death book is on a bed
Delusion in Death is the 35th book produced in 2012. Photo: @the_sahba_store
Source: Instagram

Officer Eve Dallas must disrupt a terrorist plan in this thrilling instalment of the In Death series. It was a regular after-work celebration at a downtown bar until the chaos ensued. After a dozen minutes of destruction and violence, over eighty individuals were killed.

36. Calculated in Death (2013)

A woman is found dead on the stairs of an abandoned office in New York's financial district on a freezing night. It appears to be a burglary gone wrong, but Eve Dallas quickly learns that the body was left at the recently refurbished property. She now needs to figure out why.

37. Thankless in Death (2013)

Captain Eve Dallas has much to be thankful for, particularly Roarke's large Irish household, a welcome change from her sad past. Other couples aren't that lucky. The Reinholds, for instance, are nearly unrecognisable after being stabbed and battered in their home. Those who encounter them are surprised and horrified by the proof that their son murdered them.

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37.5. Taken in Death (2013)

Two small children vanish from their East Side house in New York City, with their nanny murdered in cold blood. As Detective Eve Dallas investigates the crime scene and searches for the kids, she is lured into the warped psyche of an abductor who will cease at nothing to exact revenge.

38. Concealed in Death (2014)

Captain Eve Dallas' husband leads the razing of a long-empty New York property that had held a temporary refuge for troubled teens, uncovering two skeletons shrouded in plastic. When Eve finishes investigating the crime scene, she has twelve murders to solve. All the victims are young females.

39. Festive in Death (2014)

Lieutenant Eve Dallas is looking into the tragic murder of a narcissistic fitness instructor who left a trail of shattered hearts in his wake. She is balancing seasonal responsibilities such as her husband's approaching holiday gala.

40. Obsession in Death (2015)

The cover page of the Obsession in Death book
The Obsession in Death book was produced in 2015. Photo: @poetryfreak38
Source: Instagram

Eve Dallas is accustomed to unwelcome attention. She is well-known for her notable incidents and marriage to wealthy businessman Roarke and was forced to handle severe media scrutiny. However, Eve has become the target of a unique and lethal obsession. She has an 'admirer' who constantly thinks about her and believes they share a special bond.

41. Devoted in Death (2015)

It's a new year in New York City, and a pair of lovebirds have recently discovered a lifelong passion for murder. Eve Dallas has seen some heinous crimes over her long tenure, and she understands how dark things may become on the streets.

41.5. Wonderment in Death (2016)

When Detective Eve Dallas investigates what looks to be a regular murder, things get complicated. Eve investigates more when Darlene and Marcus Fitzwilliams' acquaintances swear that Darlene will never harm her brother. Eve discovers that Darlene sought assistance from sensitivity, psychics, and paranormal researchers in an attempt to reach her deceased parents.

42. Brotherhood in Death (2016)

Eve Dallas becomes embroiled in a plot while investigating the vanishing of a retired U.S. Senator. Dennis Mira is going to face his cousin Edward about selling their grandfather's West Village house when he receives a shock: Edward stands in front of him, wounded and bloody, and all goes black.

43. Apprentice in Death (2016)

The rounds were swift, silent, and deadly accurate. Three persons were killed within seconds at Central Park's ice skating rink. The victims included a brilliant young skater, a teacher, and a doctor. As unpredictable as it can be. Eve Dallas has seen many killers throughout her career with the NYPSD, but never one like this.

44. Echoes in Death (2017)

Eve Dallas and her millionaire spouse Roarke are driving home when a young woman, bewildered, naked, and bloodied, falls out in front of them. Roarke slaps the brakes, and Eve jumps into action.

45. Secrets in Death (2017

The Secrets in Death book on a patterned background
The Secrets in Death is J.D ROBB's 45th book. Photo: @hachettenz
Source: Instagram

When a lady who trades in other people's secrets is silenced, Eve Dallas must distinguish between rumours and truth. The stylish Manhattan nightspot Du Vin is not the establishment Eve Dallas would often humiliate, nor is it the type of bar where a lot of blood is spilt. But that is what happens on a frigid February evening.

46. Dark in Death (2018)

On a freezing February night, after a psycho showing in midtown, somebody sunk an ice pick into Chanel Rylan's neck before disappearing silently into the masses of intoxicated people and tourists in Times Square. Chanel's closest companion, who had just left the theatre for a moment to take a phone call, found it as surreal as the antique black-and-white film on the screen.

47. Leverage in Death (2018)

Eve Dallas investigates a weird murder bombing in a Wall Street office block. The nine a.m. conference would be a significant milestone for airline officials working on a merger that would make headlines in the corporate world. However, when marketing VP Paul Rogan entered the opulent conference room armed with explosives, the headlines spoke of murder and destruction.

48. Connections in Death (2019)

Eve Dallas, a murder detective, and her wealthy husband, Roarke, are developing an entirely new school and youth refuge. This latest project aims to guide children from perilous crossroads caused by difficult life circumstances.

49. Vendetta in Death (2019)

In Vendetta in Death, a new criminal emerges, and she outperforms Batman. Her title is Lady Justice, and the "justice" she administers is exceptionally harsh. Lady Justice targets predators—men who have exploited and harmed women in some way.

50. Golden In Death (2020)

J.D. ROBB is holding the Golden In Death book
The Golden In Death book is the 50th in the series. Photo: @amazonkindle
Source: Instagram

Eve Dallas is investigating a killing with a mystery motive—and a deadly weapon. Kent Abner, a paediatrician, got the box on a gorgeous April morning. Inside was a cheap souvenir, a golden egg that could be divided into two pieces. When he pulled it apart, incredibly deadly airborne vapours entered his body, killing him.

51. Shadows in Death (2020)

Eve Dallas prepares to confront her husband's terrible history. While Eve investigates a new corpse in Washington Square Park, her spouse, Roarke, notices a man among those watching. He has known him since his childhood on Dublin's streets.

52. Faithless in Death (2021)

The setting in the West Village studio appeared to be an established crime of passion: two wineglasses by the bed, music blaring, and a young artist called Ariel Byrd with the rear of her head battered in. However, when Dallas hunts down the wealthy Upper East Side woman who rang 911, the facts don't add up.

53. Forgotten In Death (2021)

In Forgotten in Death, murder detective Eve Dallas searches through the ruins of the past for an assailant. The victim, a woman with no definite address who offered paper flowers in exchange for spare change and kept the cops aware of any crimes she spotted on the street, had her body dumped in a skip like so much rubbish.

54. Abandoned in Death (2022)

Three young ladies have gone missing. They're all attractive and in their mid-twenties; someone has a type. But no one connects with their whereabouts until the first, Lauren Elder, is discovered lying calmly on a seat in a children's playground. She is clothed neatly, with a big black velvet ribbon covering the precise slit in her neck.

55. Desperation in Death (2022)

A person is holding the Desperation in Death book
The Desperation in Death book was published in 2022. Photo: @deebibliophilia
Source: Instagram

New York, 2061: The Pleasure Academy is an existential nightmare in which abducted girls are held and taught for a life of abject slavery while their souls are gradually but steadily destroyed. Dorian, a thirteen-year-old fugitive incarcerated there, might not have made it out if it hadn't been for her fellow prisoner, Mina, who devised the escape plot.

56. Encore in Death (2023)

It was a magnificent affair attended by A-list celebrities, hosted by Brant Fitzhugh and Eliza Lane, a celebrity couple who had conquered Hollywood and Broadway. Eve Dallas has arrived, but not as an invitee. Fitzhugh collapsed and perished after lifting a toast, with physical indicators indicating cyanide poisoning, and the authorities raided the celebration.

57. Payback in Death (2023)

When an ex-cop is discovered shot to death in his house, Eve and the squad are sent to investigate. Martin Greenleaf, an earlier Internal Affairs Captain, is the victim. At first sight, it appears to be self-murder, but Eve believes there is more to this beautifully planned scene than strikes the eye.

58. Random in Death (2024)

Jenna's parents had finally caved, and she was at a New York bar with her closest friends, watching the famed band Avenue A while lugging her demo in the hopes of getting it to the guitar player, Jake Kincade. Jake smiled as he looked at her from the stage. It was the most memorable night of her life—her final night of life.

59. Passions in Death (2024)

On a sweltering August night, Lieutenant Eve Dallas is sent to a downtown club, where a shared bachelorette celebration full of affection, camaraderie, and laughter has turned darker and resulted in a murder scene. One of the brides was garroted in a secluded room and is now lifeless in a pool of blood.

60. Bonded in Death (2025)

Detective Eve Dallas is frustrated with the Rossi case. She has an old victim who has just come from Rome, a widow who has no idea why he departed, an unidentified weapon, and no findings from facial recognition. But when she discovers a link to the Urban Wars of the 2020s, she believes Summerset might know anything from his time as a physician in Europe.

How to read the In Death series in order?

You can read the series in order of production, that is, from 1995 to 2025. Can you read the In Death series out of order? The In Death volumes do not have to be followed in order, but character interactions develop throughout the series.

Is the In Death series ending?

The series, first published in 1995, is still going strong, with 60 volumes as of 2024. The author claims that the series will never include any of Eve and Roarke's kids, as it will conclude with Eve's impending pregnancy.

Above is the In Death series in order of release. This futuristic suspense novel collection contains 60 books as of 2024. The first book was published in 1995, and the author continues to write. According to her, the book production will end with Eve's pregnancy. recently released a fantastic list of Steampunk movies and shows. If you enjoy science fiction films and television shows, you are familiar with steampunk.

Fans worldwide have expressed a strong interest in steampunk. The genre's premise of steam-powered futuristic technology amid the Victorian or Wild West eras has made it a fan favourite with a global cult following. Read the article for more about the genre.


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